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Date a woman from Canada. Well what does one say here that is new and unique? I'm an honest, down to earth girl who likes to have fun. I love my job, especially having the summers off (although it can get kind of boring)! My family is very important to me and we are all very close and love to have fun. I'm a gemini and definetely have many sides...I'm pretty shy at first but I also like to goof around and have a quirky sense of humour :o)
I'm looking for someone to spend quite nights at home with, but also someone who will surprise me with interesting adventures. I would love a guy who can make me laugh and who I could just goof around with ;o)

Meet someone special from Canada. Really not good at describing myself, still new to this site and would write more about me as time goes on. I would love to find a man who shares my values and interests. Whatever you need to know about me, just ask :).

Date a soulmate from Canada. "Some people come into you life as a blessing and others come into your life as a lesson."
I'm a down to earth kind of girl who enjoys spending time with my family and close friends. I enjoy the simple things in life. I'm an old fashioned kind of girl, but in the right ways. My friends describe me as Loyal, kind and sweet, caring, reliable, sincere, trustworthy, honest and a good listiner. I'm looking for my other half, someone who completes me in every way possible. Kind warm hearted person. A respectful classy guy. Someone who thinks positive, is spontaneous, sociable and motivated in life. A man who is socially and morally educated. A man who says what they mean and mean what they say. A man of actions, not just words. Someone who is family oriented as family is very important to me. I'm looking for a serious mature relationship that in time it will lead into something more. I will tell you this. If you happen to be the one for me and if u happen to be worth it...I will treat u like a king that u deserve to be.
There's no such thing as the perfect person, BUT there is a such thing as a person who's perfect for me.

Meet a woman from Hamilton, Canada. im a nice guy that treats his lady like a queen ... i like to go out and have a drink and watch the game and sit at home and watch a good movie... i love to swim and rollerblade and i only ask that the girl of my dreams treats me with respect and is truthful cause i will do the same

Date someone special from Hamilton, Canada. I am a down to earth, confident, ambitious girl who lives life for the moment and tries not to take life too seriously. I believe that a balanced life is important; I work hard but play hard as well. The type of guy who catches my eye is someone who is thoughtful, driven, has a great sense of humour and values the importance of friends and family.

Meet a soulmate from Hamilton, Canada. Hi,
I'm a single mom of one awesome girl, yes, that comes first. She's my wannabe rockstar/actress/gymnast.....
I love to relax outdoors, camping, hiking, biking, just sitting watching the stars....
Hobbies include arts and crafts, wine making, hot tubbing (ok leisure is important!), bbq
I have a great job that I generally enjoy very much, and it pays the bills so I'm not one to complain!
Life is great.... it's just missing that someone great to share it with.....
I have a good sense of humour.....
About you: funny class-clown type, tall, bald is nice (and you hated losing your hair? shave it baby!!!!), a job you love or at least on the path, like to try new things, can cook (ok, definitely not a necessity but it would be fun to do together!)

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. so not much need to feel a little bit of luck, confidence and friendship, ohh and a few small feel like the luckiest man in the world with this unique man to each new day requested to life something new

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. goes nothing. So, first time user here, not really sure what to expect. I'm fun, outgoing, always up to try something new. I love animals...I have a dog and a cat, and always get stuck dogsitting for I love to travel, but who doesn't?! I pretty much live at the beach (when I can) in the summer. I like to go out and have drinks, apps, even get my dance on sometimes :) If you want to know more just send me a soon :)

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I`m a kind, single mom. I seem quiet at first until you get to know me. I love my job, and love hanging out with my family. I am looking for someone who can make me laugh and who enjoys life. The glass is always half full...

. im looking for someone i can trust that wont abuse me in enyway thats smart funny romantic good lover healty shap likes going for walks on beaches relaxing drives must drive.loves kids understanding pachenite charming.

. If I looked at you but didn't say hi it doesn't mean i'm not interested. If you think we might get along, take a chance and say hi. :)
NOTE: Hamilton/Ancaster sucks.. I will be moving somewhere in southern ontario within in the next month or two.. just trying to pick where exactly :)
I own a Web company. It gives me lots of free time for travel and family. Also I am a super geek. I regularly spend Friday night playing xbox, Rooted my Android within 2 hours of having it, and code in several languages. Yes... I am that geeky. I am also pretty social and like having a pint with friends, going camping, or running the board of some kind of charity event. This mix of sides causes dating delemas.. perhaps Mr Awesome-Social-Geeky-Hawt-Guy is out there. Perhaps he is you.
Since a few have asked a bit more of "What I'm Looking For"... These tend to be the thinks that make me swoon... If you don't match all this.. Message anyway! Just giving you something to work with here eh? Its not a REQUIRED list or nothing.
• You read (Playboy and Men's Health do not count... ;) )
• Play some kind of sport (but hopefully not every night)
• Have traveled outside of Canada at least once (hopefully lots!).
• You like drinking a beer on the patio, don't smoke, and haven't touched drugs since "back in the day"/ever.
• You are as tall as me (hopefully if I'm in heels)
• Still have your hair, which you take 2 mins to style. (although messy look is hot and some shaved heads work)
• You have a selection of cologne and realize that it shouldn't just be used for "special occasions". (people at the bank and standing line like you smelling good too)
• You are involved in tech/it, play video games, or at the VERY least know how to change your clock from blinking 12. :|
• You've been single for awhile, have no kids and didn't end up getting married to Miss Perfect.. to later find out she was really Miss Psycho.
Random things I've Done
Crowd surfed at a Tool, Smashing Pumpkins and Greenday concert
Traveled to most provinces, 30 something states and 5 countries
Made a very complicated origami rose one time.. just cause.
Bought a house at 23
Attended Dragon*con :)
Can cook hundreds of dishes that taste really damn good
Partied until the sun came up in Vegas
Sang on stage in front of hundreds of people
Made really good money in a career I hated, so quit and became self employed instead
Likes: Travel, Dvds, self employment, rain on pavement, cats, summer time, video games, Xbox Achievements, Left4dead(2), mashed potato and gravy, BBQ Ribs, understand what MIRC is, being romantic and affectionate, Halloween, sunshine, playing instruments, my car, cheese, trying new restaurants, learning peoples life stories, growing as a person, reading great books(currently david copperfield - no.. not the illusionist)
Dislikes: Canadian Winters, If you spell things with U and UR Don't message me. (Its 2 letters and we don't t9 anymore people), People asking you to get naked before they know your name, cut and paste POF letters you sent to 50 other women(yes we can tell), asking how my weekend was, watching sports 24/7, pofusernames that have '69' in them(all class), sitcoms or ANY tv for that matter, correcting spelling mistakes, drugs(YES, weed is a drug), half body tattoos and call waiting(just hang up with me already)

. I am a fun loving person looking for someone who is easy going and enjoys life with a smile and is able to handle what life throws at them. Family and friends are very important to me....they give me the strength and support I need. I am attracted to someone with a really good sense of humor. My greatest accomplishment in life would have to be my two sons...that give me a reason to strive for more each and every day. My work and circle of friends help keep a good balance between work and fun.

. I am a down to earth kady, looking for nothing serious at the moment. I have a baby girl and am just contemplating getting back into the dating world. I am university and college educated, and work in the customer service / administration field. I love going out to try new things, foods, I love reading, great movies, hot yoga, and having dinner parties.

. I am Funny and full of life. I love to enjoy life. dy traveling and having fun. I want the other to do and want the same and have time for this. Not boring and to busy guys.

. Hi Im new to this What im looking for in a man... a man that will sit and talk about there day with me over a nice home cooked dinner, and to hold me while watching a movie, I love to camp so it would be great if you did to also you must like kids I like to let loose sometimes and go dancing at clubs i like most sports and lve to go fo walks and hikes
Hoping to hear from you soon