Date women from Canada / Ontario / Ilderton, 31 year old

Date a woman from Canada. I'm known as "The Little Ray of Sunshine"! I am positive, energetic, and have an overall zest for life!
I consider myself so lucky as I have a wonderful loving family, great friends, and a job that I love to go to! Now, I just need that special person to share all of these aspects of my life with. I want my partner to be my best friend, biggest support, and appreciate me for exactly what and who I am (even my adorable quirks!:P).
I am coming to a point in my life where I am starting to think about my future: where do I want to live, what exactly do I want to do, I would like to flirt with the idea of starting a family...
It's almost a bit overwhelming right now because I currently have no ties or set obligations/responsibilities to anything/anyone so I can move anywhere in the world and I can do whatever I like! I strongly feel that when that special person comes into my life, everything will just kinda happen how it was supposed to, and fall into place!
I am passionate about my sport (I am a dedicated and competitive triathlete), and training is how I spend a big bulk of my time. My partner does not need to have the same life style choices, but as long as we support each other in our hobbies and passions it's all good!
I have very simple needs, but huge goals (I can get a bit complex this way, as sometimes I set my goals a bit unrealistically high). It doesn't take much to make me happy. I have a strong adventurous side, and I am so excited to have more opportunity to travel and see the world. I feel strongly about animal rights (I am vegan), and preserving the environment. Family means the world to me, and I am very lucky to have a family as close, loving, and supportive as mine. I would like to find this same closeness in a family of my own one day soon!
After a long day of training and studying, there is nothing better than kickin' back and watching a hockey/football game or an episode of Hell's Kitchen :P (haha, I'm an in-the-closet Bachelor and America's Next Top Model fan also).
I have a positive outlook on life, love, and relationships and can find the sunny-side of things (I have a tattoo of a sun on my back, and a lotus flower on my wrist representing that even when things are murky and swampy, beautiful things can grow out of them) and I really do have a glass-half-full (haha, and maybe over-flowing) mentality.
I'm a people person! I'm not shy (until it comes to asking guys out :P), and very easy-going. I've been known to be the centre of attention, and I can hold my own in a conversation with just about anyone. I have a big sense of humour and I really do believe that laughter is the best sound in the world and the ultimate "healer"! Make me giggle! I dare ya! :P
Hummmm....Sound good? Want more? Just ask!!