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Date a soulmate from Canada. Hey, I live in Kitchener, and work in Cambridge. I have no idea what else I'm supposed to say! Lol...shoot me a message, and we'll see what's up! I'm pretty sarcastic, and have a great sense of humor. I enjoy all sports, and exercise, and recently got into yoga. Umm, yep...that's it

Meet a man from Canada. I am quite witty
I enjoy the finer things in life
I want to attract the same
Looking for mutual good times
Spend a lot of time working
Enjoy fitness
Hard to describe all in these formats

Date people from Canada. I always find it difficult to talk about myself, but here we go. Im a chef so i work a lot and my career is very important to me. On my down time i like to read, watch movies, go to the gym, have drinks with friends. I've been described as quiet and reserved until i come out of my shell, but im told i can be a lot of fun. Im looking for a women who is funny and honest. Someone who is just as comfortable going out partying on a friday night as they are lounging on the couch watching a movie

Meet men and women from Canada. my friends would call me .but they would call me very friendly and easy looking for someone who likes to hang out and try new things.i enjoy almost everything and there is nothing i wouldnt try at least once.

Date someone special from Canada. About me: Hi i am Frank live out in the country with one german shepherd.I would say i am very easy going ,down to earth,up for anything kind of person. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor ,even make fun of myself just to make someone else laugh..Not a liar, polite,have respect for others,always willing to help just have a very hard time saying no, that would be one of mine weaknesses. I like the nature and anything to do with being outdoors riding atvs,exploring,fishing, camping,4x4 offroading,motocross,snowmobiling just to name a few. Sorry but not into dance clubs & bars.
Most of my friends went their different ways or have kids to take care of so they dont have the time to hang out anymore,damn I find doing things bymyself a little boring and not so interesting anymore so i would like to find somebody to hang out with and see where it goes.

Meet single man from Canada. Obviously attraction is what will make people meet on this site, then they get to know each other... Im pretty chill, if I look like someone you wanna get to know messge me. K, it wont let me type just that.. Im the type of person who doesnt take alot of things in life overly serious and can usually laugh off any negative situation.. I honestly think i have a great view on life and am just fun to be around.

Date a soulmate from Kitchener, Canada. My friends would probably describe me as an easy going guy that will do anything for someone that he cares about. I love being around people that make me happy and enjoy just having great conversation. I am very family oriented and love my friends and family who have made me who I am today. Looking for that special someone that I just enjoy being with, that becomes my best friend and allows me to be myself while they continue to be who they are. If you would like to know more about me, I would love to hear from you :)

Meet a man from Kitchener, Canada. About me:
I'm just a down-to-earth guy looking for a down-to-earth girl. I love to have fun, and there isn't much I won't try at least once. These days I don't head to the clubs very often, although i'm still known to bust-a-move from time to time. I love to snowboard and get real satisfaction out of being creative (music, art, food, etc...). I've played in some local bands and play guitar as often as i can. I'm a closet HGTV-a-holic (shh -keep that on the down-low). "The List" would be a lot shorter if it wasn't for that blasted channel. Oh - and Red Wine!!! I was brought up on the stuff. Finally, I have a decent career, own a car, house, and hopefully a dog sometime in the near future.
What I'm looking for:
Someone who's kick-ass! Maybe that's a tall order these days, but I'm a confident guy who feels he desreves nothing less. Although it's great to have a lot in common, i think a really good connection is the key. Being smart, attractive, fun, and most importantly, RICH can go a long way too. Ok, well the first 3 for sure.
Anyways, message me if you think we'd hit it off.

Date men and women from Kitchener, Canada. Hello there! After spending a year travelling the globe, I recently moved back to Kitchener and I am looking for someone to help me explore all this city has to offer!
I am an easy going, spontaneous and fun loving girl! I LOVE to travel (especially to Africa) and am looking forward to doing more of it in the future. If you would like to know more about me just ask!
Thanks for reading! Good luck in your search!

Meet a woman from Kitchener, Canada.
I would definitely be described as active, intense, outgoing, athletic, funny, but also very sensitive, intuitive, empathetic, and with great strength in all aspects by my friends.
I am very close to my family and friends and value family a great deal.
My children are what make me smile consistently - but many things in life bring a smile to my face. Particularly sarcasm :)
I enjoy sports and athletics and value my health, therefore I take part in a variety of sports - most recently running 5km on trails. I love the peace, quiet, and burn of a good run. I play many team sports and value this part of my life very much.
Aside from sports I also love arts and culture with a particular interest in photography. I love seeing and learning about art, and architecture.
Some of my dream vacations include Rome, Asia, Thailand, Africa, Sedona, Australia, and the list goes on and on.
I lead a very busy life with a full time job, 2 kids with me half time, and extra-curriculars.
I love to laugh and am looking for someone who really loves life and is not negative. Someone who has goals but not so driven they don't take time to stop and enjoy the here and now. Someone who is happy in their own self and not looking for another to make them complete. I would enjoy a partner who has an interest in athletics and being healthy but also someone who is willing to sit and enjoy a night in relaxing with a huge bowl of heart healthy chips and popcorn :) Someone who values family and has a good sense of what they are looking for in life. Finding a partner who can also maintain their own independence and have their own hobbies, friends, and extracurricular's but still share some with me.
Definitely looking for a man who enjoys the sand and sun and can lounge on a beach all day with me for enjoyment.
I am looking for a man who is passionate and enjoys a good snuggle, someone comfortable with their own body.
It is very important my partner respects me and my values, and treats me as an equal without feeling they need to change their own beliefs and values to suit mine.
I am looking for a man who takes care of himself but is not vain and materialistic - and likewise a man who does not expect his partner to always be dressed and polished.
I want to enjoy life and have some good times but also make it meaningful and rich with many adventures.
If your looking for a woman who will cook for you every night and take "care" of you like your mother did - I am NOT her :)

Date people from Ontario, Canada. Who I am and what I'm looking for????....Not sure how to sum that all up...Hmmmmm...Ideally, looking for my equal, someone who compliments me and has an appreciation for things in life that I do...I'm a bit of a tom boy, I love cars and watching boxing. I love laughing and need someone who will laugh with me. Family, friends and my career are my everything.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. Hi-ya!
I'm new to this so lets see... I'm outgoing, positive, energetic and quite sarcastic at times. I play dodge ball in the fall, snowboard in the winter, ride my bike in the summer. I've got a great job and a background in design so my creative side drives my BIG dreams and funds my killer shoe collection.
My friends are the most amazing people EVER and I would do anything for them. Oh, my family is pretty awesome too. They even wear the paper hats that come in the Christmas crackers though the whole turkey dinner every year.
I live a healthy lifestyle but enjoy a cold beer and cheeseburger on friday after work. I can most often be found entertaining friends and chilling out on my deck or around the fire on a cool summer night. I love a good road trip and look forward to a being co-pilot on random trips without a plan. I think some of the best conversations in life happen in the car (even if they happen in my head when I'm not singing lol).

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I appreciate creativity, intellect, generosity, humour, and sincerity. I love to laugh, try new things, and enjoy being challenged. I am passionate about the arts and am truly grateful to be able to share that daily as a teacher. Working with youth keeps me young at heart, positive, and feeds my quirky sense of humour. IРІР‚в„ўm hoping to find a fellow who complements me and my interests, who has the ability to teach me new things, and who can hold his own in some friendly debate!

Meet men and women from Ontario, Canada. I would describe myself as caring, patient (unless I'm hungry or tired, lol), creative, go-getter, hippie, seeker and questioner. I'm sort of a romantic soul in an enlightenment world. I love traveling, reading, creating things, art, animals, chocolate, spicy Asian food, and listening to music ridiculously loud in my car. I'm really close with my family and my sister is by far the best person I know. I'm quite content with the simple pleasures in life, I'm not into "stuff", in fact I could easily live on a beach somewhere in a bamboo hut with just the clothes on my back and some good books. There's nothing better than great people and stimulating conversations about life, death and everything in between.
I've been in KW for about 4 years now. I previously lived in Toronto and worked in fashion/costume design. I've done a big career flip and now I work with foster kids and children with mental health issues. I still love Toronto and I'm there all the time since I also go to school there part-time studying spiritual psychotherapy (sort of Jung meets Buddhism). Spirituality, psychology, health and wellness are a very important part of my life.
Ideally I'd like to find a partner who's on the same wave length as me. That means someone who is spiritual, self-aware, self-searching, cares about people and the environment and understands that we are all a part of the whole. I would like to meet someone who can keep me stimulated intellectually, spiritually and physically (I can have it all right? Lol). Ideally that person likes to enjoy a quiet night in, cooking dinner and watching documentaries and just hanging out and being silly. Or getting out to go to for a bike ride, a day at the beach or drinks on a patio.
One of my favourite things to do is get all hopped up on caffeine and go for a walk downtown to my favourite used book store (and usually spend way too much money!) so if you like that sort of thing its a huge bonus!

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. I am hoping to meet someone with a simular positive outlook on life. I very much enjoy the outdoors and I always try to see the positive in things. I love to laugh, be happy and enjoy the moment. I want to meet a friend who shares common interests and see where it leads to. I have a great family and great group of friends along with a full time job I love. I am looking for someone to share laughs with, explore, be adventureous and hopefully introduce me to new things as I hope to introduce them to new things.