Date men from Canada / Ontario / London, 31 year old

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am a father of two awesome little boyz. I am very much into all sports and enjoy running on a regular basis and playing hockey. I am a family man and love spending time with them. I have a successful career in the sports retail world and love what I do. I am hoping to met someone that can match my energy level, loves kids and wants to just have a good fun time whatever it is we do.

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. Hmmm. Lets see, I'm can be a goofball, a smart ass and a clown. It's fun you should try it. I'm fun, loving, loyal, witty, patient, passionate and sensitive. My heart is in the right place; Honest and caring. You might say I'm what you would call a hopeless romantic. I'm a firm believer in hard work, but play harder. I may be considered "Old Fashioned" by others, but I know how to be a Gentleman, In Public and in Private. I'm the guy who open the door for you (even when your not with me), Pulls your chair out for you, holds the umbrella or offers up his coat to protect your hair if its raining, and who'll stop and change your tire for you without expecting so much as your phone number. NO, Chivalry Is not Completely Dead.
Some of the things that put the biggest smiles on my face is my Family, Especially my two little sisters. Of course I can't forget the #1 girl in my Life my 10 year old German Sheppard Jade, she has taught me so many life lessons and has brought me many years of laughter. I've always believed that their is nothing better than a dog when the power goes out!!. I also take allot of pride in being able to help others in need when they have troubles with Dog's of there own. Having a challenge of helping a family and Dog to create a peaceful ending using Behavioral tools is a great reward in itself.
What I'm looking for in a Woman is someone who is Passionate and Caring. A Woman who has a Strong Sense of Loyalty, Can Inject Humor into everyday life, who is both Respectful to Herself and Others. Someone who is truly Genuine... A Lady Beautiful Inside and Out...
There are a few things that I would like to add before I end this ranting tyrade about myself... lol. I must admit it wasnt as easy as one would think! The First is I just recently Subscibed and I look forward to see what this site has to offer in the near future. Finally the last, if you have an issue with Tattoos than Im not your man. I have one on the back of my calf and a sleeve that is currently ongoing that Ive planned for 3 years and is currently half done. If you have any other questions feel free to ask....

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. i just want a real woman that can take care of me, that all am asking for. i am very easy going man, am outgoing, like the outdoors, like to drive, sports and anything that make this body moving. if you are the one that is looking for me, let start.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I am looking for friendship that can lead us to something else, i like to explore and get active, really easy to smile and have fun, i like to travel and know places and what i love most are my son and my dogs

Date a soulmate from Canada. Suffice it to say that I'm a relatively sarcastic individual who's career and life experiences have allowed the development of an appreciation of life that includes the belief that people should never sweat the small stuff. There are more important things in life than the need to hold a perceived slight against someone or to brood over a small set back.
I work shift work and my job is very high pressure and stress inducing. I'd prefer someone who can understand that and is mostly independent recognizing that there will be stretches of days that my work keeps me occupied andor mostly unavailable. At the same time they should also want to maximize the time we would get to spend together. That doesn't mean always going out or doing something but rather on an emotional level.

Meet single man from Canada. i want people that are not judgemental always think of good to others, i always do things in balance but most of the time i always think of others first before my self,
i love going to work making friends at the same time, i like knowing new people specially because im new here in canada lets get to know and see what happen good luck

Date a man from Canada. Hey there! testing out the waters just to see whats out there! Im a pretty easygoing guy who loves to meet new people and can find the fun in almost anything! i can be pretty laid back and energetic at the same time..and have a odd tendincy to laugh at my own jokes...(even when no one else thinks they're funny :p)
I enjoy being around family and friends and have them high up on my values list! Appearences are definantly not everything to me but there has to be at least some physical connection between two people for a great relationship. I love to be around postive people with a good sence of direction and values in their life. im pretty open-minded so if u have any questions ..just ask :)

Meet someone special from Canada. Ah....I hate this part but thanks for reading. So this is the part where I lie right? ...just kidding!
So I'm on here to see what the fuss is about and hopefully meet some interesting people. I enjoy meeting new people, thrive on positive influences, am intelligent, good natured, athletic, ambitious,focused, down to earth and, apparently, a little full of myself.
Leisure time consists of playing sports and hanging out with friends. I also enjoy doing home renovations and can build just about anything. As the saying goes, "When women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy!".....;p
At this point, I feel my life is pretty straightforward, transparent and anything but boring. My friends & family are generally a riot. Having fun and laughter is important and generally comes naturally to me (sometimes too naturally....). I think I'm a bit of everything. I come from the country. However, due to career I have resorted to the city life which isn't bad either. Love all types of music, just not all songs. Apply that to other facets in life and you have hit the nail on it's head in terms of my personality. If there is anything else you'd like to know just ask! Not sure what else to write.....any questions - just ask!
Thanks for reading and good luck!

Date a soulmate from London, Canada. Hello there!
I am honest and loyal man who is in search for special one to fill this empty space in my heart.
I have lot to offer and give and won't hold anything back. I had my ups and downs but it made me only stronger. It made me realize what I truly want in life and what are my priorities.

Meet single man from London, Canada. This is sorta like the dating resume isn't it? I always was nervous when putting one together! What can I say, I'm a guy who likes cars and hanging out with buddies, etc. Where I am perhaps different from other people is my ability to see both sides of the coin. I am very relaxed but will always fight for what I believe in.
I have strong family values and what I consider to be a strong moral code. I consider my good friends like family and they are just as important to me as my biological family. (well maybe not 100% but very close!)
As well, for the first time in my working career, I'm fairly happy with where I am. As always, things could be better in some cases, but I think it's pretty good that I can wake up in the morning and not think of work as a four letter life sentence.

Date a man from London, Canada. Tough to know what to say here. I am new to London and looking for the right person to spend time with.
Work can often keep me busy, but I love to have fun. Im a sports nerd and I particularly love golf and basketball. I have as much fun spending a quiet night in with good food/wine and a good movie or good music as I do spending a night out with friends. I love to travel. I have backpacked through Europe, volunteered in South Africa, and enjoyed trips to India. I am not sure where my next trip will be, but I hope it is somewhere with a rich culture and hopefully sometime soon!
I find it hard to describe myself on the internet, but I think my friends would say I am easy going yet goal oriented, honest and loyal, I love to make people laugh, and I do not take myself too seriously. I am looking for someone with a good sense of humor, who knows what they want out of life and who is open to trying new things. Im very close with my family and friends, so im hoping to find someone with similar values.

Meet someone special from London, Canada. I'm looking for someone that's goal oriented, be it career-wise or that has a direction they're headed towards in life, and understands that the only way to get there is not though dreaming or wishing, but by doing, by actively pursuing those goals. Beyond that, I certainly hope to share some common interests with someone but I believe a person should be able to have things to themselves as well, not everything has to be shared (seriously, I won't get mad if you want to watch Greys by yourself, hahaha).
I work as a manager/entertainer for a North America-wide company. I don't live a typical 9-5, Monday to Friday lifestyle, which makes it a little more difficult to meet people but I always make time for people in my life, regardless of conflicting schedules. I really enjoy what I do and rarely even see it as a "job", I'm basically living my dream of getting paid to have fun.
In my free time, I enjoy activities like going to see movies (or just staying in and watching one), going out for dinner (or staying in, I'm half-decent with a barbecue and I can at least follow the directions on a cake mix, so I'm sure I'm half-way to being a star on the Food Network), going to see comedians, or even just going for a walk... because of the nature of my job (quite high-stress and high-energy) I tend to enjoy more chilled-out activities, but I can be persuaded to go out once in a while to a bar or nightclub if that's what someone's into. I recently started going to the gym again, and have been really enjoying that (I boxed for a number of years and being fit has been pretty important to me for a long time).
Some people think I'm funny, though I can have a fairly sarcastic (as you can see by my profile "headline")/dark/offensive sense of humour at times (not all the time though), so hopefully you're not too thin-skinned, but if that kind of thing makes you laugh, then I think we'll get along quite well.
A female friend of mine recently asked if I'm "looking to date to get married", I don't know if that's quite the right way to put it, but I'm definitely looking for something that might turn into a long-term thing for sure, I like to think of myself as "boyfriend material", whatever that means.... I saw it in a Cosmo once at the dentist :-) I'm very social, I'm generally pretty good at getting shy people to open up as well... working in the business I do, I talk to a lot of people from all over the US and Canada, but sometimes I like to just shut up and listen. I also don't mind a girl that makes the first move so feel free to chat me up if you catch me online on this thing's IM service, or send me a message or a "wink" and I'll send you a message back.

. My friends would describe me as, outgoing, fun, annoying lol, appreciative, and loving. I really enjoy music and sports and spending what time I can with my family. Im hoping to meet someone with the same interests and possibly someone to golf with lol.

. not sure what to say so here we go... im a oldschool kinda guy. Did 3yrs in the canadian military as a navy cook in BC an enjoyed every workin a nestle canada im likein what i do.enjoy playin world of warcraft an as kinds of sports

. HmmmmmmI'm a pretty normal guy, I like hanging out with friends and family like anyone else. I'm a big sports fan and on the weekends you can usually find me playing golf (bonus points if you can play) I'm a student of life. I love to learn more about just about anything and I'm always up for a challenge. I appreciate art and creativity in many forms. I have a few tattoos, if you have tattoos then great, but if not then thats cool too. I'm a music lover and amateur dj. If you like the music that I do then great, but if you have your own thing thats cool too :). I enjoy cooking, sometimes I'm even pretty good at it. I'm also a bit of a beer geek and I love seeking out and trying new and different brews (more bonus points if you enjoy a good pint) :). I love summer, winter not so much. I don't really have any expectations here, but you never know.