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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Some people have a hard time writing about themselves here but I think that’s the easy part, right? Forgive me, I’m in sales, so here goes nothing! :)
For obvious reasons I’m on here to find my partner in crime, the DeeDee McCall to my Rick Hunter. And for those of you who know what show I’m referring to you can obviously see my resemblance to Hunter. No? Me either.
I’m a guy who’s got his career and life together, and now I’m looking for the missing piece. I think of myself as a goal oriented person who likes to make things happen for himself, and who likes to explore and learn new things. This curiosity has led me back to school part time which may set out an entire new path for me!
I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m a jetsetter (or a trendsetter, but I digress) and traveling is important to me. I’m always looking at where my next trip will be, whether it’s across the world or even a road trip.
I enjoy spending time with my friends (they may feel differently), dining out in this great city, going to the gym, the movies, playing golf, watching baseball (yes, I'm a Blue Jays fan) and having a good laugh – at someone’s expense or in most cases, my own. I also like checking out what is going on in the city, I appreciate good art, design and architecture.
So what am I looking for in a partner in crime? Glad you asked. I am looking for a woman who is honest, caring, and ambitious with a sense of adventure to be my ultimate sidekick! Oh, and that has a sense of humour and can laugh at my jokes. Is this you?
All the best in your search ladies.

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. I believe it's important to know the difference between their, they're and there. I'm dedicated to my career, yet very easy-going and laid back in general. I'm well-spoken and well-informed. I'm a professional hugger and a world-class gentleman. I don't know everything but I'm exceptional at Google.
Hmmm, what else...
- I generally write using complete sentences with complete words (you definitely won't get a message like "omg ur so hawt" from me).
- In my free time I enjoy a wide variety of activities e.g., guitar, piano, sailing, traveling, golf, hockey, motorcycling, reading, tennis, etc.
- I have a PhD in Engineering, but will only insist that you call me Dr. when we're arguing about something ;-)
- I occasionally travel for work...but I also take my friends along sometimes to keep me company
- If we hang out there will never be an "awkward silence" don't worry, if you're nervous I will just tease you.
- I'm physically fit and exercise 6 days per week.
- I have a goofy and ridiculous golden retriever.
I don't send a lot of first messages on here so if you think we might get along feel free to say hello! I'm not really into sending messages back and forth forever -- I would much rather meet in person and see if we have fun together. Lastly, I'm not looking to see how many women I can date at the same time, just one amazing woman -- maybe it's you!

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. Hi There,
Thanks for stopping by.
I'll try and keep this section short but meaningful.
Since I know 95% of the folks are only checking out the pictures and maybe the first 2 lines here.
(by the way, if that's the case and you can honestly admit that, we're probably not a match)
Although, I have no problems receiving attention from people in person, I am on this website for a few reasons:
1) To broaden my chances of being able to meet new and interesting people outside of my direct circles of friends and family.
2) I'm hoping that this online forum allows for a more meaningful "pick up" based more on quality, while gaining some initial insights.
3) Even though, I have no problem carrying a conversation, I tend to be shy in approaching the person I like to start a conversation. It's literally just that first "hi", that for some reason is hard for me to get out.
(If we ever meet in person, you probably won't believe me, but that's because we've probably already broken the ice here)
4) I'm serious about finding that special someone for me to laugh with, have fun with, experience new things with, share my secrets and life with... Ultimately my girlfriend, best friend, partner and confidant that at the thought of her makes me smile when I open my eyes each and every morning, has me excited to have my work day end so that I can come running to her and for no reason at all, has me bragging and raving about her to everyone around me.
I'm a totally self sufficient stable individual that has my "sh*t" together (i.e. residences, vehicles, career, family, friends, etc.)
I've recently moved to Aurora from Toronto to be closer to family but I am evaluating if I should stay here or move back to Toronto. I still find myself frequenting Toronto 3 to 5 times a week because of friends and I miss some of its character.
Friends and family would describe me as honestly being the most well rounded person they know with a down to earth attitude and shy confidence. I'm genuinely a kind hearted person that would give the shirt off my back to help a stranger, much less those that I love. But I do have a not so innocent side that makes people laugh and keeps things interesting! I'm very easy going, laid back and usually up for trying anything at least once. I've always been very athletic and do enjoy staying in shape for the gratification of challenging myself to be "athletically" fit and looking. (i.e. not that muscle head that can't run 100 meters before collapsing from exhaustion but still finds the energy to reveal his abs at every possible opportunity while walking like a bull dog).
I guess I'll leave it at that and if you're interested in knowing more, drop me a line.
Do nice guys really finish last? Here's hoping not!

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I'm a single, young professional of French background who enjoys living life to the fulliest. Looking for an attractive, open minded, kind, and intelligent girl, who is interested in a long term serious relationship.

Date someone special from Canada. Adventurous, open minded,kind. Not bad looking. Have done well financially and am free to do pretty much what I want. Aesthetically inclined. Enjoy building ahd renovating homes. Like and support artists whose work i llike.

Meet single man from Canada. I'm the type of person who is laid back and down to earth. I'm a good listener and a social butterfly. If you were to bring me to a party where I didnt know anyone, I would usually be good at entertaining myself and talk to new people and make new friends. I have never been the type of person to shy away from a good conversation.
I'm a spontaneous person who likes to do things out of the ordinary or do things last minute if someone asks me, like go to a concert or a big playoff game last minute. I also like to go out for drinks with friends, but also like to do more relaxing things like go to a movie.
I also love to make people laugh. If I dont make you laugh then I'm not doing a good job of it...LOL
The type of girl I am looking for is someone who knows what she wants, has great family values, can make me laugh, who has a strong head on her shoulders, and is open minded to cultures. The reason I say this is cause I like to eat out once in a while and try new ethnic foods. If she cant be open to trying new food then she wouldn't be someone I can cook for.

Date a man from Canada. Things that i am looking for in a relationship or friendship is someone that you find that appreciates the fun and exciting things in life as one should. Do all the things in life together that you always like to do. Basically looking for a great women with a good head on her shoulders and enjoys to have fun.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I guess the best description of myself would be ..... a good sense of humor , i think anyways ;) , a love for traveling , and I guess I am a dreamer . My Ideal match would probably be someone who complements me on my silly sense of humor and someone who can keep me grounded .

. In terms of relashionships I am looking for that spice in life, isn't that what everyone is looking for? I know how to have a good time especially when it comes to going out on the town, going to parties, or even staying in. My idea of a good match would be conversation that seems to just flow, smart, funny, and witty comradery. I can be spontaneous but I think of myself as more put together and down to earth. I can say I am a mellow person and I am looking for someone likewise. My interests and hobbies are rather outgoing though.

. So I was big into martial arts for several years, but after one too many injuries, I decided to use my repertoire of brightly colored belts to build a series of kites for my latest hobby: Asian kite fighting.
Okay, so that may be part fiction, but I really am a natural born innovator and doer. Right now I'm juggling three careers – one as a computer programmer, one as a business entrepreneur, and one as a property manager for the family biz. I was the youngest guy in my entrepreneurial program, and I brought my code wrangling skills with me. I've never been very good at being a follower, so I figured it was time to stop building what everyone else envisioned and start building something from a vision of my own.
But my passion for my business doesn't keep me from getting away from it all. I love the excitement of taking off for a new destination with a (very) loose itinerary, even if it's just going to visit my family for the weekend. Next big trip: Oktoberfest.
I'm looking for a girl with a sense of adventure and passion to match mine – an intelligent, active girl with ideas and opinions all her own. Someone who’s got a sophisticated mentality, but is still playful enough to go swimming in the river on a nice day without hesitation. Think you might fit the bill? Drop me a line or a wink and let's see where things go...

. I believe in absolute exclusive commitment and loyalty. I think if you decide to do something, you should give it everything you got.
I love my career, it is exciting and very fulfilling. I can be a workaholic at times but when you love what you do it doesn't seem like work. I believe in being very positive and to that end I am almost constantly in a good mood...even in the morning.
Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Have fun.

. I'm a DIY type person who enjoys hobbies, building things with my hands and the outdoors rather than spending time on computers or lying around watching TV. I do enjoy a good movie now and then or watching the odd tv show such as Game Of Thrones or Sons of Anarchy but I try to keep it to a few hours a week. Some of my unique hobbies include beekeeping, gardening, woodworking, making beer and cider, attending folk concerts such as Justin Townes Earle and Gillian Welch, playing banjomandolin.guitar, and building acoustic instruments. I work out 2-3 times a week and love to go walking and hiking with my two Siberian husky's. I have no real faults, so women you wont be able to take advantage of me. :)
I love my job as a Software Architect and Manager but when I get home I just want to unplug and do something outdoors away from technology. I enjoy a good conversations especially with a lot of humour and playful sarcasm thrown in. I am an adventurous person who loves to try new things. I would love to go skydiving again, try scuba diving or travel to an exotic country.
Some of my current goals include being the best father I can be to my 9 year old daughter and 5 year old son, surrounding my self with friends and family, fixing up my house, and finding someone I want to spend the rest of my life with.
I have been separated since December '11, it was legally finalized in Feburary '12, and the divorce will become official in December '12. I have shared custody of my wonderful children and they live at my house every second week plus Wednesdays every alternate week.
People would describe me as someone who is hard working, always willing to help other out, kind, honest, mature, happy, well rounded, confident, laid back and as someone who is a bit of a smart ass and likes to joke around (don't take life too seriously or you won't get out alive.)
Enough about me tell me something unique about you!

. I think honesty is the easiest way to approach this entire online dating thing and that makes writing this description relatively easy.
I'm super laid back. My circle of friends is small but incredibly tight. I enjoy the simple pleasures in life more than the superficial material things that a lot of people seem to desire. I appreciate an open mind and unguarded, straight forward discussions.
My career is important to me and I take great pride in how I make a living. Sports is a huge part of my life and always has been. If you like watching 15 hours of football on Sundays we're on the same page lol. I like all kinds of food and a variety of music. Health and wellness will always be part of my life and I try to make sure it is a priority.
Physical attraction is important to me. Without that I don't think there is an opportunity to see the other aspects of a relationship. Physical attraction gets us in the door to all the real potential :)
I admire an independent woman who has her own life and still appreciates the opportunity to enhance that life with a partner. I think it's important to be an individual and maintain that individuality.
This is probably descriptive enough for an opening statement. We can get into the good stuff on our actual date :)

. I am an active individual who strives to find a good work-life balance. Enjoy a good show, outdoor patio in summer, good conversation (about anything really...spanning across eco, science etc...)
I have a firm belief you have to really start hanging around with someone to find out what type of person they are.
Wanna hang?

. I am just trying to find myself and see who interests me and who is interested in me. I love having fun and not a man of many words describing myself. I like to be surprised and kept on my toes. Just wow me. I finally decided to add extra pictures. This is going to be a slow process for me. Thank you for the interest