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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am Michael. I am busy conducting my life's mission, living my dream. So I apologize if I haven't much time for fooling around on the computer. I prefer to use my time for helping others. At the moment I am flying solo. If you're down with being my co-pilot on this benevolent crusade, drop me a short note, and I promise that I will make time for you.
I confess that I am addicted to sweetness. And to loving and to giving. The secret to eternal happiness is giving... I love all humanity and have compassion for the sick parts. I am just one man striving for an end to unnecessary suffering. If we do it together, the results will be multiplied.
God is pure consciousness, and consciousness cures all suffering (which was caused by ignorance, which cannot exist in the presence of consciousness).
Have you ever heard of Yoga Nidra? It's the yoga of dreams... fun and rewarding indeed. Along with Tantra Yoga, this can catapult one's conscious evolution. If you are open to a profound experience, e-mail me.

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. Honest, loyal, friendly, inspiring, humble, funny that's how my friends describe me. Looking for a smart, funny, beautiful woman with ambitious dreams and a sense of humour. Must workout but not be

Date single man from Ontario, Canada. Someone that enjoys life and everything around them. Can you keep up with me? Lets see what happens...... im pretty outgoing and love doing things outdoor or even indoor with a movie. Love baseball, basketball with a passion!!!! If you can only see how passionate and loyal I can be Thinks this is weird, but who knows.....
All I'm looking for is someone to share my experiences all the time! Nothing to hide her ladies....I may be rough a little on the outside but believe me I have a soft spot for women because I was raised correctly. Someone that I can trust and know shes gona be there every time!! I ain't clingy but if you need me there, say no more..
I don't wanna say no more, just msg me if you wanna see what's on the other side for real. You won't be disappointed LOL!!!!!
My sense of humor!!! LOL!!!! Even just to be friends...... I can be a very good friend!

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. Im a easy going guy who likes to try new things and live life to the fullest.
My favourite job is being a dad to an amazing son who teaches me more and more each day and I couldn't imagine my life without him.
I am very settled in my career and love my job. I've been very fortunate to travel all over Canada and parts of the USA with it.
I love to travel, being active, and hanging out with friends. In the winter you can find me skiing both downhill or cross country and in the summer wakeboarding, running, cycling, and camping.
Im hoping to meet someone who likes to travel, stay physically active, and likes to try new things....

Date a soulmate from Canada. I'm very laid back, down to earth,open-minded and free spirit. I'm very caring and honest, straight forward. I enjoy the simpler things in life. I like to take care of people. Overall, just simple and real. I enjoy cooking as you can see in some of my photos. Biking is another joy of mine, summer is here so hopefully I will get some good biking days.

Meet a man from Canada. Im kind, friendly and easy to talk to. Being outside in nature and around animals makes me smile. I love listening to music as well as it is a big part of my life. Im grateful for the friends and family I have in my life. I like to go out sometimes but also stay home and relax with a good meal and movie. Looking for someone to be friends first and share fun times together and see where it goes from there. Im most passionate about my friends, family, good food and music.

Date single man from Canada. I am a smart person, but I often had trouble focusing in school. Everything seemed to happen so slowly to me. I found classes to be too easy and was often one of the students joking around and cracking wise.
I still don't feel like I have found my calling in life and I am trying to find the field that I want to commit my life to. I have had a number of jobs already in my life, from managing the operations of an airline, to being a bank manager in diwntown Toronto (at 25 years old), to my current job as a Director for a commercial leasing company. I'm proud of the successes I have had in the various jobs I have had, but I am considering re-educating myself to find a career that will provide me with the worklife balance and happiness I am looking for.
I am greatful for my family that is always there for each other, whether someone needs a helping hand or just an attentive ear. I have a large number of Aunts, Uncles and cousins, and we see each other often.
I am looking for a woman who enjoys the simple things in life. Sharing a nice meal, having a few drinks with friends, watching a sporting event or even just spending a weekend afternoon together on the couch. A good sense of humor is a must for me (Hopefully by looking at the shows I like you can get a sense of the humor I like).
I don't really go to nightclubs. I'm more likely to visit some friends for dinner or head up to a cottage in my free time (I do also play hockey 2-3 times a week, so that does take up some of my time right now).
I don't know what else to put on here right now but I will add to it later.

Meet someone special from Canada. I see my self as a down to earth gentle man, no drama, don't want none, i work hard and play harder . career oriented,i have taken the time to work my self and grow as a person, I am a very happy person and believe in the power of sourrounding my with positivity...
I'd like to meet a girl that's beautiful both on the inside and on the outside.knows what she wants out of life has a career, family oriented. and wants to share all of that with that special some one.. lol and the lists goes on...
but on a serious note, if we click we click if we don't we don't . I am not in a hurry to find some one even though it would be nice, i'd rather wait .
and i am really 29 not 31

. I’m a 6’1” 32 year old with both feet on the grown.
I enjoy being active and participate in a number of sports.
I'm willing to try anything once!
I'm looking for that special someone that makes the world slow down and makes nothing else matter when we are together.

. So I asked my friends to descirbe me, and all I got was that I, 'really have been asking a lot of questions' about myself lately. Needless to say, I've had to come up with this on my own based on things that I've heard in the past.
I've been told that I'm funny/witty, generous, spontaneous, have a good heart and...modest! OK, that last one was a joke.
I also like my job, and like to spend my off time with my friends, family, being active and sometimes even just relaxing. If I have a little more time, I like seeing what other parts of the world have to offer.
I'm looking for someone similar to me, and most importantly has a good sense of humour.

. I'm a full time Chef and dad to a 3 year old boy. I have plenty of interests too long to list in this tiny box so please feel free to ask me anything. Basically looking to meet my match and experience new experiences together :)

. Im just a cool and respect every nature as its created, i love to listening to people opinion and try to ideas where it needed most. Love to have fun anytime im free with friends go out and chill trying to do what is aways good to avoid trouble and advise each other for unneccessary things that can lead people to trouble.

. How does one begin to describe who they are? Then after reading this description, how much more do you know about this person and how much about what you’ve just read do you believe? The reality is, you can’t get to know someone from viewing an online profile. You need to meet and interact.
So perhaps first I’ll describe what I’m not looking for in a person. I’m not looking for that person who is so conservative and cautious that they want to email back and forth for months “to get to know each other” before they feel safe enough to meet. Yes, there have been stories… but seriously, your chances of getting in a car crash are higher. When we connect, I’ll give you my name and you can do a Google search/criminal check :) Following this personality that can take a risk and live a little, I like someone who is care free, able to have fun and enjoy life. They care about themselves, in a mental and physical capacity. Meaning, life isn’t just about work/money and they enjoy physical activity and/or being fit. The rest is all about chemistry.
Now about me… I'm more of a laid back person who doesn't sweat the small stuff. I like to use humour to maintain a relaxed environment and am pretty easy going. However, I can also have a strong personality. If I want something, I will go get it. Rather than waiting to see if that apple will drop to the ground, I will climb that tree and grab it. I value my family because in the end, they are the ones that will be there for you through anything. I don't have a large circle of friends, I have a small circle of really good friends. These friends tend to be treated as family and I will go above and beyond the call of duty to support and help those I truly care about. I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating well, working out, and being active (particularly through sports). In my free time, I enjoy movies, dancing, digital photography, enjoying good food and drink with friends, and just about anything that's fun. I like to discover new things so will try most things at least once.
I also love to travel. But I've come to realize that traveling to a foreign country as an outsider for a couple of weeks does not do the culture justice. The real life experience will come if you live in this country, even for a short period, and really become part of the culture. This is the only way to experience the life and culture of this country from the inside out and create a lasting, lifelong impression. This is something I've thought about doing but haven't pulled the trigger yet. If I find someone who is adventurous enough to do this too and can be my catalyst, bonus!

. Here is the bit about me: I'm a nice and intellectual person (I think). I like humour and talking non-sense. My main interests are politics, and comedy. I enjoy traveling. In my free time I write, go out with my friends. My friends say I’m quirky and funny. I just have fun being me. I am a very simple person, with very simple tastes (which do not include sport on tv). I am also very liberal, , but I do have a rather conservative life style (I enjoy wearing ties in the office, no drugs, ever).
I am definitely a geek of some kind: I know guys who work at Future Shop and the bookstores and coffee shops opening hours.
I am working full time (yes, for the government) but I also like to learn new things. I'm studying Chinese because I thought it would be really hard. I was only partially right. I work out and play squash, I don't think I'm very good at either.
I've been alive just long enough to know that it doesn't matter to me what people look like, it's more about how it feels to be with someone and the complicity that just happens.
I moved to Ottawa last year and I am finally getting around to meeting new people. That's about all that I can say. I want to meet people.

. iam an honest . relaiable person looking for the same in a woman. good values and morals are a must. Looking for a mature woman, that wants the same as me. Does not have to be complicated just simple.