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Date single man from Ontario, Canada. Yes, I'm clearly not above using babies and dogs to get attention...
About me: An athletic nerd who loves reading as much as watching cartoons. Confident but always willing to question myself. I'm adventurous but I'll *probably* never sky-dive unless the plane is going down. I have an awesome tech job in the education sector, but am finishing my degree in History just for fun. My social life tends to center mostly around spending time with my family and a few close friends. I consider myself to be a very normal extraordinary person :)
Strengths: Playing guitar, Trivial Pursuit, fixing your computer, having straight teeth.
Things I like: James Bond, Fender Stratocaster guitars, yorkshire pudding and roast beef, Italy (north of Rome anyway), Sherlock Holmes, laying in the sun, yelling at the TV during Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, trying new recipes.
Fun fact: I eat very healthy but if I was on death row, my last meal would probably be Taco Bell and Cinnabon. I know....I'm disgusting -_-
Who I'm looking for: I'm a sucker for the cute and clumsy type, someone outgoing but introspective. I don't necessarily have a "type" but if you've ever listened to a Nickelback song and thought "Wow, I can really relate to these lyrics" then we probably wouldn't be a great match. An amazing sense of humour and genuine kindness are two qualities I find very attractive..... If you have a nice butt and a cute smile then that doesn't hurt either ;)

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. Hoping for a respectful Christian woman, who likes a somewhat shy guy, who opens up after you get to know me. Would like to be with a someone who likes a good time, but also can like a more serious time as well.

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I think most people would describe me a pretty easy going. I love to laugh and believe that it is the cure to almost anything. I am a huge people watcher and like a good conversation. The vast majority of people who know me would say I am a kind person with a decent level of integrity.
I am looking for someone who first and foremost values integrity in others and themselves. A person who is curious and intelligent so we can have a good conversation. additionally in order to have good conversation I need someone who is funny as well so there is good banter. I would also say just on past experience I am very attracted to people who are unabashedly themselves where ever they are whoever they are with. Thats not to say your controversial, intimidating or disruptive but more eccentric.
I will update this more later but I am tapped out for now so let me know if your interested.

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. well not much to say I am a normal guy that love's to play all kinds of sports, and just looking for the right lady.
I am looking for a lady that knows a good joke when they hear one, and a lady that would try to understand/want me for me. That is all ladys

Date single man from Canada. thanks for stopping by :)
I am a happy, normal man. im sure everyone here would say they are the best person on the planet and they may be. but i realy like others to judge me for them self, so hopefully we get to meet and we be able to make that connection . I'm looking for Someone who is honest,loyal ,stable,someone that take care of her self, and most of all someone with whom there is a mutual attraction. if you happen to see some connection, please drop me line and we take it from there.

Meet someone special from Canada. I'm a happy-go-lucky, fairly laid back kinda guy. I'm hard working, reliable and dependable.
I really try to find the good in people no matter the situation. I believe in just being nice to everyone...there's no time in my life to get uptight.
I love to cook and play host. I really enjoy being around people...especially my close friends/family.
Things that make me smile dog, friends, bbqing, finishing a project, watching my leafs win(which isn't as often as i'd, cottage country, the list can go on...oh and seeing a great smile back at me.
I'm most proud of finally realizing that I need to work for myself. I recently started my own company and the possibilities are endless. I've never felt so confident with any (work related) decision i've made before.
I'm grateful for my health, friends/family, sunny days and all the beautiful things that life has to offer.
I'm looking for my partner n' crime. I'm hoping to find someone with similar values to my own. Someone who believes in being a good person, who treats others fairly and most importantly...someone that is honest and caring.
I believe that honesty and trust is massive in any successful relationship and if you don't have'll never work.
I'm hoping to find someone that is ready to let the guard down, have fun and really enjoy life with a guy like me.
I'm pretty social...well i'm not afraid to go out and mingle/party. I'm not crazy about downtown clubbing...kinda past that stage. I'm more about hosting or going over to friends places. I don't know...I guess as long as you're with the people that you love and have the most fun with...that's all that matters.
I'm not really sure what else to say...other than...
I'm very excited to meet somebody that I can have a blast with all of the time!

Date a soulmate from Canada. I'm a super laid back guy who just spent the last 12 years out west. I'm now trying to lay some roots down in my hometown and looking for someone preferably amazing to spend time with. I work hard at my job and love what i do. I have a dog, Tukker. He's the bees knees. I ride my bike in the summer, and snowboard in the winter. I consider my self to be green conscious and find it to be attractive when a woman is too, not stinky hippy tho(sorry stinky hippy girls) this being said i do drive a truck, it's in the nature of my trade that i do. I was once an aspiring chef so playing with food is a hobby of mine. I own a house and am usually starting new projects as often as i'm finishing old ones, it keeps me out of trouble.....most of the time. I'm pretty nomadic so travel is super important to me.......I could keep going here but I think that gives you a good idea of what kind of person I am.
I'm looking for someone who can challenge me and show me new things, and hopefully i can do the same in return.
I'm not really sure what else to write ?? but if you have any Q's? You know what to do

Meet a man from Canada. I was born in France and left when I was in my 20's to study and work in Germany. I later came to Canada, I was curious. I really enjoy it here, lots to see and Toronto is a growing city, it's nice to be part of it. I have a membership at the AGO, I read and get together with friends. I like independent thinking people who are aware of who they are and have a sense of what they are looking for in life. I like challenges, personal challenges, the ones that make you grow.

. I would describe myself as honest, hard-working, loyal, family-oriented, I can be very outgoing. I have my life together and I have a job I like. I am a little shy but warm up very quickly. Most of my friends have moved away from my area so I find it very hard to meet new people especially women. But I love life and I hope to meet a woman I can become serious with in the near future.
I am looking for someone who is know? A woman who isn't in it to play games. I would hope she has a career or is just about to. She needs to like dogs, must be family-oriented, want kids, be honest, loyal, kind and sweet. I like a woman who has her own opinions and knows how to share them. I would like her to be someone who likes to talk and is up for a good conversation. She likes to stay in but is up for anything. And of course is looking for a serious relationship.

. I live like a hurricane, love like a typhoon, am a bat outta hell on summertime bbq, a tailor of the heartbroken, the silver lining that dissolves the rain from the clouds, my heart beats out of desire not out of habit, I put my pants on one leg at a time except when wearing tearaways, the wind beneath your wings when Bette Midler is out of town, I dance like nobody's around mostly when no one's present, you can be my next addiction I won't quit unless you tend to give me heartburn, I can domesticate a wild Lohan, I will visit your heart's dark corners and live with its debris, I keep fit and have fun mostly at the exact same time, I am foraging to expose the nectar of your heart, I use a lot of commas when writing odd profiles, you are the coolest if you've read this and haven't lost your lunch

. I'm going to be honest,..
not exactly sure how to go about an online people search..I mean I get the concept but it's a totally different scene...above that I've heard that its loaded with people looking for fast hookups, whom are too busy to date, or hiding something.....
Although I don't beleive that to be true for everyone i also want to
Don't beleive casual dating is healthy long term...besides isn't getting to know one person moreso quality over quantity..and I think that's probably the most intimate thing people can share....thoughts, memories, ideas....
But wait, wait...
I still beleive in sex appeal and physical attraction...there's nothing wrong with that, especially if you consider beauty as relative...just that nothing's sexier than devotion and being close to someone you can actually consider your life partner...I've learned that friends can be great, family is integral, and life is full of thrills, spills, and spells....but nothing encompasses it all but that one person you know has your back, and at heart is there for you's a mystical concept...
I have to be honest still, if you are too busy to date, pen pals may seem fantastic to you but im sorry that I can't offer you in return what you want...and perhaps you should reannalyze why you've spent money on a dating site..on the other, if you have some crazy past, forget it, what's done is gone, and though I beleive it's our given right and better instinct to judge I also beleive in good people...though perhaps that's relative happen in life, what's past is past...we all learn non?
But enough pontificating,
I want you to be interested in me, if your ooking for me the options at the top right of ur be happy to hear from never know where it goes...
Went to university for culture but my field is business, its in my blood.
At place in my life where I want to make a number of big things happen..
Have comb. /moral, savy, sensitivity, and strengths
Family oriented,simple pleasures, health active, love food in all forms and create...also aquaria and outdoors...
You should be you, girly or not, this or that....if its about connecting not disconnecting over trivialities which is more about self love and self aggrandizement than finding someone....
-there's a lot you like about someone and a lot you learn to like about someone..
...but some fundamental things i'm attracted to are sincerity and sweetness, the little things and effort you put in,
..morals, availability, energy.
Things I've learned:
-a good relationship has good communication,
-i appreciate the romantic type of person,
-I am not willing to date someone who is overly sarcastic or angry inside..
-I beleive in Trust but equal to Respect, both ways..
-Cooed friends are just, I have tones of girls who like my company too, might even want to "get to know you" lets be real here, thats disrespectful and non conducive to a family atmosphere.
.......Besides, there's nothing more magical than dating your best friend..afterall isn't that what we aim for in a relationship...that best friend? So if you already have a great guy(s) in your life give him a might be pleasantly just won't work with me :)

. Ah, the joy of trying to describe myself and what I am looking for in a couple of paragraphs. I am happy with my life as it is now. I have a great career, terrific friends & family and 2 beautiful girls. I am looking for someone that can add to the life I have and make it even better.
I find it difficult to write about myself so I will let you know what my friends say about me. I am someone that is a little quiet at first until I get to know you better (ironic for someone in sales...haha). I am positive, confident, dependable, trustworthy and honest. As I am sure you guessed based on my first sentence I have a sarcastic sense of humour. I enjoy laughing and tend not to take life too seriously, except when needed.
I am an active person that enjoys a healthy lifestyle and would hope that whoever I am with would be too. By healthy I mean balanced. I enjoy working out as much as drink on a patio. I won't list all the outdoor activities and sports I enjoy. You'd be reading a novel if I did...haha. I can enjoy almost anything if I am with the right person. I also am hoping that you will share my same passion for traveling. I have been to many different places; however have only been outside of North America once, but I am looking forward to many trips outside of it in the future.
If you are a fun loving, glass half full, honest, active and adventurous woman that values her friends and family I'd love to hear from you.

. Quick notes about myself... I'm a funny, optimistic, smart, active, charismatic, spontaneous, mature, grounded, well mannered guy who is sometimes impatient, can procrastinate like a champ and loves couch potato days!!
A little more about me...
I'm very sarcastic and quick witted, I'm constantly laughing and it tends to be contagious. I enjoy smart satires (Daily Show or Newsroom) as well as silly slapstick. I also love Game of Thrones, Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Modern Family and House (before it ended...tres sad).
I'm all about cooking and eating healthy at home...but then when I'm out at a nice restaurant I don't care if a whole brick of butter was used to make my food because it tastes sooooo good :)
To balance out my butter intake... I play beach volleyball, golf and soccer. Plus I run, bike and swim. I'm always looking for anything fun, I think I'll try ultimate frisbee or rock climbing next!!
I love LOVE to travel!! Which probably stems from being born in Africa, moving to England and then Canada. I have travelled quite a lot over the years since moving here, (England x10, Scotland x5, France, Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Dominican, all of western Canada and a bevy of places in the sates) yet I feel I haven't seen anything!!
As for what I'm seeking in a partner in crime....I seek a girl who is active, playful, has a great smile, can dress, has direction in her life, but doesn't take herself too seriously and pines to travel all over the world!!
If it sounds like we would have fun together, I'd love to hear from you:)
Have a wonderful day!!

. You can probably describe me as the quiet person at the back of the room who never smiles and seem oh so serious. Well that's me, really nice to meet you. Well I am the quiet one until I get to know you then I can't shut up. I can babble on and on when I am with my friends and those I am comfortable with.
I have been described as funny but that side only comes out after I have gotten to know you for a while. Being funny does depend so much on the material and audience. Funny just does not happen it takes hard work and commitment.
Well my social life is in need of an upgrade. I am hoping to change that, at the very least I can meet some interesting people on this site. It is always good to be positive so I will try my best to find that elusive silver lining in the online dating storm. If you need company on any midnight runs to McDonald's for McFlurries then sign me up and I take mine with Oreos and fudge. Nothing like a chocolate rush.
Guess the important questions is why am I here. The simple answer is to meet new people or hopefully that special someone. Isn't that really why we are all here? What I would like to find is someone funny, smart with a great sense of humor. A willingness to explore the city with me would be good. Did I mention the Mc Flurries? Other than that we can figure it out.
A great first date would be coffee and good conversation. A pool game would be fun, if you can give me some playing tips even better.
I Look forward to that pool match.
See you in the wonderful world of online dating.

. Hi, im quiet, fun, love to do just about anything, I was married once for a few years had 2 kids who i love very much ... they live with their mother but i see them every other weekend and during my holidays. Im looking for someone cool to hang out with get to know and go from there.