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Date single man from Ontario, Canada. Sometimes things fall apart so better things can come together...
...And so here we are, in online dating.
I have a strong underlying sense of my identity. I have the moral courage to always be extremely honest. I am also humble enough to admit I'm not perfect, and my lack of speling skils is a fla ;)
I've been told I have an exciting presence. People feel comfortable with me very easily. I have a background in Stand Up Comedy, so I can keep the mood light and airy.
I have a strong protective instinct, for the people that are closest to my heart.
I am most passionate about health, self improvement, comedy, and culinary arts.
I have no agenda – I am open to letting things develop in a pure and natural way. I'm looking for someone who is sweet and affectionate, and makes me want to be a better person.
I will challenge you to expand your mind, thoughts, and opinions…and take you to places you’ve never been.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. Life is full of surprises and i have experienced a bagful of them so far in my life. We never know where we start and where will it take us and endup where. Down to earth person looking for someone with same values in life.

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Hey, I am just your average guy, I love doing anything when it involves being out doors. I will try anyting once. I love to travel, I want a vacation somewhere south where its hot and theres a beach.
I am looking for someone that will share their life with me for the rest of our lives.

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. I am out going. I am looking to meet someone that is open to last minute plans as I get busy with work. I am not looking for anything serious yet just some fun. if you like what you see send me a message.

Date single man from Canada. Hello ladies
Gentleman hear just to meet new and exciting people
Looking to date and meet women and take it from there
Feel free to drop a line. Im harmless
Until then take care
Im considered attractive, in good shape long dreads and very easy to talk with

Meet someone special from Canada. Im kinda shy when i first meet people, but open up rather quickly. I would like to find someone who enjoys the same activities i do, and loves to be outdoors. I love it when it rains for some reason, i find it really soothing to sit under some shelter with a drink and watch a good thunderstorm.

Date a soulmate from Canada. Who am I? I'd prefer to referring this question for others to say about me.
Definitely easy going.
Try to see the good side in everybody and everything.
Like to see the humour in all things.
Enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities.
Enjoy Movies of all types.
Always looking to see new places and things
Love trying new foods and drinks
Did I mention the easy going part?
Who I'm looking for?
Would like someone who really enjoys humour. Can laugh easily.
It really does brighten up the day.
Someone who is serious about their career, but is not completely enveloped by it.
Enjoy what you do and live to your means.

Honestly, if you are comfortable being yourself. Then it's more than good.

Meet a man from Canada. Thanks for stopping by and give my profile a look. I never do a good job at writing these things, but here goes nothing….
Where to start…. Well…. I guess I should get some important stuff out of the way first that will probably cause issues from the start. First, I am looking for someone to have a relationship with and not a quick one night romance. But let me be clear, I do not want to get married. I do not believe in the concept marriage. It’s an out dated concept that has no place in today’s world, other than to waste a lot of money on nothing. Second, I do not want children. I know, I know, I say that now but down the road I will change my mind…. I think not. I have known since I was 16, that I did not want kids and never will and I have taken steps to ensure that will never, ever happen…. Thank you modern medicine.
Ok…. Are you still here…? If so, great!
I am a caring and fun loving person, who is very outgoing and very talkative and I love have great conversations about just about anything, no subject is taboo to me. I love music of all kinds and I even find stuff that is so obscure that most people have never even heard of the artist or their music. I strongly believe that music should move you and yes, even bring you to tears if done well. I also love great stories, told in many different formats be that; books, movies, TV, Live plays or the best of the bunch…. Through video games. Some of the best stories and the most beautiful music have now come from games. I also enjoy going out and spending time at restaurant’s, movies, shows, galleries and museums.
I am looking for someone to spend my free time with. I work some crazy hours and I never know what I will be working week to week, So flexibility is very important me. I am also looking for someone that is intelligent and well spoken, that can carry a conversation on a wide range of subjects and can handle deferring opinions on said subjects, and has more to talk about then the weather, shoes, hair or make-up. This is the most important thing to me, above anything else.
So if you like what you hear, then by all means contact me.

. I am looking for any potential girls whose her aim is to have a stable relationship rather then dating only. I am very busy person, and I don't have time to waste playing mind. If I have a girl who is mostly like my porfile I love to see her right away. Because know that we all have dreams to follow, so there is no reason not to follow your heart. I don't to fool anybody because they didn't know or thing. I am simple person who take thing easy and believe in truth. You like me then that is good if not be straight in your words.

. I watched an episode of Jersey Shore, and I swear I actually felt myself getting dumber in the process. I decided to watch the Kardashians instead, you know, smarten things up a bit.
I'm attending graduate school in Communication & Culture.
I dedicate my free time to writing, reading, music, watching european soccer, and playing soccer. I can now also add 'going to the gym' on this list. I've decided to commit to a fit lifestyle. I'm trying out this thing called "jogging" where apparently you run for an extended period of time. Sounds crazy.
My brother recently described me as very laid back, but to a certain point.
Kids make me smile and laugh.
I'm dedicated and passionate by nature, and I have a tendency to go out of my way for the people I'm close to.
I am most proud of receiving a scholarship to grad school.
If you play your cards right, I'll make you linguine with clams or bbq shrimp with pineapple. Any dishes you like making?
I hope to attract a girl who is affectionate and intelligent, has a sense of humour, and is pretty.
I am looking for an emotional connection and mutual understanding; a feeling of closeness, but also with some space for our personal lives. The best relationships always feel like you are dating your best friend. The worst relationships feel like you're dating Godzilla.
My ideal match would love the creative arts - or at least understand my love for anything creative.
I'd like to know the little things about you.
I was a singer in several alternative bands. I still don't remember the names of my drummers. One of them was Bill.. yeah, that's it.
Maybe we'd get to drink a glass of wine and sing songs with an acoustic guitar, it's perfectly okay if you sing totally off-key.
The last cool restaurant I went to was called Stazione. Any restaurants you recommend?
Send me a message so I can get to know you

. Intensely laid back . That's me.Im just a good guy who loves life and music and soccer as well and occasional happy meal. I am looking for my mate to be spiritual and attractive to me , she has to have a connection with her family or have a strong sense of what that means. She must be confident in herself while having a great sense of humor,I'm turned off by smokers and those who have a foul mouth. Sorry. And if she doesn't take care of herself , it's a no go.
Phisically, i love a woman with full lips and natural hair.

. What I have
- a career
- a house
- cars
- stability
What you must have
- a career
- your own place
- your own money
- stability
What I am looking for
- a female between the ages of 25 to 45
- someone who lives or makes an effort at living and eating fairly healthy.
- mature
- Drama and baggage free
- someone who is not into games
About me
Living a healthy lifestyle is important.
I have a sense of humor and can be fun to be with.
Well groomed, well dressed, hip, Definitely a handsome Mulatto.
I am inspired by people close to me who motivate me everyday to do my absolute best at whatever I take on.
I am extremely driven and there is no quit till I have accomplished what I set my mind to.
Strengths: Mentally, Emotionally, motivated and will power to give away is what sets me apart from most individuals.
I am a visionary who plans for the future; I am setting myself up for success to live my dreams of traveling the world, retiring in an island where the sun shines bright, the tan does not go away, and Latin music plays all night long.
I strive to be a better person and appreciate people and life.
- I am established in my career and life.
- I am honest, genuine, loyal, and kind.
- A great communicator with a good sense of humor.
- I am always willing to compromise and promote harmony. Do not confuse it with weakness, I do have character when necessary.
- I pay attention to small details such as complimenting those I care and cherish, opening doors especially the door to my heart when the time is right.
- I am family oriented.
- Mature, experienced, and Confident but not arrogant.
- I love to travel.
If it gets serious PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENT with no spousal support.
- I keep my house, you keep yours
- I keep my cars, you keep yours
- I keep my debts, you keep yours.
Everything made during our courtship we split down the middle.
Fair is Fair.

. I am looking for someone how is fun going and like go for work.I am a very funny person and I like to play Games.I am lookin for someone how would like to start a family.if you are reading this chapter hoping to find out that you and your mate have the perfect relationship, or wanting steps, you are going to be disappointed. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. It doesn't exist.however,what does exist is a perfect god,willing and able to guide and help us toward the most perfect love available to us here on earth.If we are to consider ourselves committed Christians,then we cannot justifiably exclude the lord from any area of our lives.this includes the one area in which we have a strong tendency to exclude him because it is an exclusive situation-marriage,the most intimate relationship we can have with another person.

. Basically I love living life. I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, restaurants, laughing, goIng to cultural events, and socializing. I am very motivated and strive to live life to the fullest.
I enjoy being active, healthy and staying fit. Family and friends are important to me as well. I would like to meet someone who is smart and caring with a great personality.
If you’d like to know more Say “hi”.

. My profile name describes my profession (think SimCity in real life) but that's not all that I do.
I enjoy volunteering my time to causes I care about. They range from world class international sporting events to a number of different environmental, social and community endeavors.
I like experiencing the cultural events around us, including the many concerts, plays and festivals that this city is proud to host. Exploring the various neighbourhoods around the city is also a fun activity. As an urban planner, I should know my neighbourhoods.
I also keep active by participating in various sports, especially tennis, volleyball, ultimate and cycling. I have tried new sports recently, having finished a half-marathon, figured out snowboarding, and also dragon boating. Any suggestions on other sports I should try!
Lastly, I love technology, but know when to put it down. I am a BlackBerry and PC person, but I do have an iPhone 4 as well. I would eventually like to test out an Android-based phone.
You should get in touch with me if:
- You are hoping I might message you first?
- You volunteer to advance some of the same causes as me?
- You enjoy some of the same sports as me, or you like sports in general and want a new activity partner/teammate/opponent?
- You are looking to settle down with someone.
All the best to everyone here!!