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Date single man from Ontario, Canada. It's all about chemistry, without it's only a short lived honeymoon.
I love travelling, i wish i could just live in a poor island with nothing except for a few essentials. Life would be easier.
I travel a lot for business, but not to exotic places; usually poverty cities - thus, i am almost living out of a backpack (in hotels).

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I'm a very passionate and caring person. I always want to make sure everyone around me is where they need to be in life. I do work a lot when I need to but want to enjoy life with someone who has the same passion in life that I do.

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. am electrician in an auto plant and make good money. I love kids and one day hope to have some. I like going out and having fun and up for a lot of things to do. I'm easy going and spontaneous and enjoy doing random acts of kindness. I have a dog and 4 chinchillas. I enjoy biking swimming and running but have yet to try a triathlon I also exercise. I like bowling and just started snowboarding. I enjoy hiking, camping and cooking. I do random pointless drives and end up finding new places and different ways to get to places. I am always willing to try new things but scared of heights. I like to travel and am looking for a travel partner.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. Love to play and participate in all sports. Enjoy movies and games. If weather is great camping and boating. If possible would spend all free time at the beach. Like to go hiking, Mountain biking and short jogs. Love to snow board and ski. Like to find some one who is competitive (not too much) mostly for fun.

Date single man from Canada. Just recently moved to Toronto from eastern Canada and am looking to meet others in the city. Looking for a partner in crime and trouble who is beautiful, exciting, and not at all pretentious. I'm looking to meet relaxed people who enjoy a drink and laughing while shooting about nothing. Someone who likes to be a bit mischievous, a little bad at times, and a whole lot of funny. Someone who is a different person than they are on their job, someone with a dry-sarcastic-borderline offensively funny sense of humor. I'm looking for nothing more than to laugh, smile, and enjoy a like minded persons company. I am not into talking about cars, money, how many expensive things I own, but I am into talking about life, philosophy, and finding meaningful experiences in life.
I live in the beaches

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Looking for my partner in life.
I'm not your average Joe (even though that's my name). The best relationships I've had are those where I learn something from the woman I'm with.
A bit about me:
- Clever, kind, caring & respectful
- Loves animals
- Craves new music almost as much as a good meal
- Finds pleasure in the little things life has to offer
- Has a very successful career, my own condo and can cook
- Accepts people for who they are (faults and all)
- My "background" is Egyptian and Greek (Everyone asks....)

Date a man from Canada. Friends have had a lot of luck online and I figure it's my turn. I've been single for a while and really enjoyed the freedom it gave me to pursue my other interests, but it's just not enough any more. I'm looking for someone who challenges me, someone who can sit and have an intelligent conversation one minute and goof off the next, someone who doesn't take life too seriously and can see the humour in the world.
I'm a teacher and love my job (most of the time), it can be extremely challenging and rewarding. In my free time I work in community theatre, write, play hockey, work on my aging house (107 yrs and counting), and have recently got back into graphic design.
When it comes to going out I'm pretty much up for anything. I enjoy sitting around with friends, having a pint, shooting some pool, playing darts, or goofing around with a board game; basically, something that allows you to have conversation with the people you're with and a few laughs.
Well, that's enough out of me! If you think we might get along or if you want to know more send me a message.

Meet someone special from Canada. I grew up in Bombay, have lived and worked in Hong Kong, India, US and Canada. Have traveled to many more locations. Love to travel and explore. I work for a global management consulting company and am based out of Toronto.
I like to win in the rat race, but every now and then I like to take it slow.
I am passionate, compassionate and almost at all times balanced to a fault.
I love to explore, do new things all the time and am looking for a partner for life who shares similar interests.
I would love to be with someone who is cute, caring and centered. A good book or a great movie should excite her more than some designer bag!

. I am a funny, easy going, and caring guy. I am really just looking for someone to spend time with. Someone that likes to be active when the weather is nice but also is cool with relaxing on a rainy day.

. I am very loyal and have a big heart. Family and friends are important to me as is humor, food, creativity and honesty. I love dogs and cooking. I really enjoy entertaining my fam and friends. I've been able to travel a little and always enjoy getting away.
Being active is something that is important - I try and play outside as much as I can. Looking for someone who enjoys this as well, but has no problem being fat and lazy on couch island sometimes.
Always enjoy simple things that me smile and making people laugh.
There's lots more!

. I'm an engineer, entrepreneur, athlete, avid concert goer, (amateur) chef, guitar playing, zombie killing, jack-of-all-trades.
After finishing school and working for a bit, a couple of friends from university and I realized that working for someone else wasn't for us. So we quit our jobs and took the plunge to start our company. We take our cues from Steve Jobs and the HP founders (David Packard and Bill Hewlett) and their vision for building a company that will outlast them and where A players thrive. It's been almost 6 years now and we've been poaching our classmates from other companies (there's 10 of us from our graduating class now).
My time at work is split between writing code (my screen is reminiscent of The Matrix), playing foosball, Dance Central dance battles and mentoring my team. Not many people get this opportunity so I'm not going to waste, which means I'm a bit of a workaholic, but I do find time to do other things.
When I'm not working I'm keeping myself sane by
- going to concerts (Rise Against, Radiohead and Sigur Ros up next)
- going to the gym, swimming or running along the lake shore
- training for the Tough Mudder
- experimenting with/growing hot peppers (chocolate covered habeneros, mmmm...)
- playing my guitar
- cooking
- looking for WWII propaganda posters to decorate my office
- reading xkcd and theoatmeal

. Hi ladies, I really enjoy travelling,camping when I get a chance. I like going at the gym for a good workout and also keeping a healthy lifestyle. When summer hits, you can usually find me enjoying the sunshine on a patio with friends or going for a bicycle ride along side the Ottawa river. I also like comedy club or just relaxing while watching a movie or a tv show. My friends would describe me as being: funny, dependable, generous, outgoing. Cheers!

. I am fun loving guy. Who likes to have fun and enjoy life to whatever it takes us.
I just want someone how is honest and caring also fun loving.
I like outdoors stuff, travelling movies and so on.

. My ideal match would have to be someone, intellectual, classy, sophisticated, good taste, great sense of humour, independent and someone who is honest.
Who I am is all of the above, I also love to travel and participate in sports. I work hard but always leave time for someone special.

. What can I say, I'm between a work to live and live to work kind of guy. I like my career but have hobbies that keep my mind occupied outside of work. I'm also a bit of a nerd and like to learn much of the time, even if it's just cruising dictionaries and thesauruses on random whims. Having a sense of humour is important as I like to indulge when the opportunity presents itself. Hopefully you do too. I find I need some space to be myself and am looking for the same.
Generally my hobbies are mechanical, tactile and inventive. Having cultivated hobbies on your own would be a plus. I’m not super active, but do stay in shape and enjoy outdoor activity most. As for pair activities, I'd like to improve on my tennis and squash. Favorite seasons? Warm and sunny, cool and snowy are preferable, getting caught in a down pour not so much. The two times that I got thoroughly soaked in torrential showers I was close to a warm towel and a set of dry clothes to change into, so not that bad, just not preferable, maybe it’d be more enjoyable with a partner. Want to go for a walk sans un parapluie?
It's tough to describe ones self accurately and in whole in the space provided, so, if things look promising I'd prefer to meet than chat endlessly. Nothing like a little face time to size each other up. (Although first impressions are often not quite right either) This doesn't however mean I want to get physical right away. Getting to know each other platonically would be my first choice. Besides, STD tests take time. If you feel the same way then great, we already have something important in common. Let's get to know each other and see where it takes us.