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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I don't usually try to describe myself. I only know how to be myself, and let others draw their own conclusions. This way, I know where I stand with others. I'd like to meet a woman that I can trust with every aspect of my life, and who I am.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I would describe myself as stable in my career and goal-oriented. I enjoy making people laugh and energetic. Having some similar interests helps–some things I enjoy are fine dining, going on day trips to local attractions and travelling the world. I'm active and play ice hockey twice a week and enjoy running. Message me if you would like to learn more. Good luck to everyone in their searches.

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. Who knew it was going to take this long to grow up. I was fairly certain I'd be driving a mini-van by now, possibly with with one or two children in the back whose endless screaming and fighting would have me pining for bachelor days long forgotten. There would be a house at the end of the block that the bank owns but lets me stay there for an inhuman amount of money, a house that would be treated as a shrine to a close and caring family and lovingly looked after from roof tile to basement beam.
Who knew what the future would bring.
Non of that happened, or even came close, but mine is not a sad story. Just a different one.
As a teenager I dreamed of traveling the world, experiencing all the wonders and mysteries I could with such a limiting life span. The classroom was my prison and the moment I was allowed to leave I did, traveling around the country picking up odd jobs which resulted in a very eclectic resume.
This kind of wandering can lead to a desire for control over chaos and I found the military to be just the place for me. Three hots and a cot and a trip around the world was what I needed. And that is what I got.
Here is a little bit of what I did.
I traveled through the jungles of Asia on an elephant, I sat for tea with Bedouin desert tribes, I arm wrestled a Russian mobster in a Cypriot strip club, I barbecued burgers on the top of a mountain.
I'm not going to say that I didn't fight a monkey.
I ran for my life on more occasions than I care to think about, I sat in a hole in the ground for longer than anyone ever should, I held the hand of a dying friend as I watched the last breath of life leave his body.
That was some of the first 30 years or so of my life.
Now a new chapter has opened up for me. I'm making my dream of becoming a writer, a man who experiences the world and organizes it and writes it down for the guy in the mini-van in the first paragraph to experience in the comfort of home. I may never be the guy in the van, unless I get really lucky and find the one woman who can really understand and accept me, and doesn't mind taking the time to (metaphorically) house-break me.
If you are out there, if you should happen to read this, just know that I am very much looking forward to meeting you for the first time.

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. I am in it to win it. I am looking for a woman that want to take this world by a storm and leave a legacy for the generations to come.
Mean what you say and say what you mean. That's sufficient as long as I like you physic.

Date someone special from Canada. Hello hello,
Random Facts about me:
- I have the biggest sweet tooth around, I can't say no to homemade chocolate chip cookies
- Allergic to cats.
- I enjoy being independent
- Lived in Quebec, Florida and Ontario.
- Enjoy mountain biking...on actual mountains, Banff was awesome!
- Very musically declined
- Consider myself a Professional and am enjoying my career
- My only artistic side is Martial...
- My guilty pleasure is Discovery mythbusters
- Dedicated Dad always.
What I'm looking for:
- Someone who is also easygoing, fun and adventurous
- Passionate about something, anything
- Positive
- Career oriented
- A person who would motivate and challenge me
We are obviously not going to learn everything about each other from our profiles but if there is any interest at all, let's chat and get to know each other further. With that being said, I'm not one to communicate through writing and I don't want endless e-mails. I think you can get to know someone much quicker in person.
Thanks for looking, have a great day!

Meet a soulmate from Canada. About me... Iike adventure, outdoors ,and lots of different activities. Friends say I've got a good sense of humour and I'm easy going... I'm not a big fan of the "chain restaurants" and would perfer to seek out that small quaint restaurants.... Places I'd like to visit, oh there's a long list of them! For starters the east coast of Canada is high on my list. Things I like to do; set goals and work towards them (working towards one now deadline is 4 months away). Eat popcorn ( it's a weakness), sleep in at least once a week. My new thing is crosswords..I'm not great at it but the anwers in the back help out a little...ok maybe a more than a little...And i like to fix/break/build things cause that's what men do...
Who am I looking for...someone fun! someone that will fix the things I break, break what i fix and build something together...or eat a bag of popcorn... :-)!

Date a man from Canada. I love to make people laugh...been doing this since - pretty much since I can remember. I'm basically your creative passionate type. Love to be spontaneous and adventurous. Looking for someone who looks for more than just coasting through life. Looking for someone who's also honest, and not afraid to be themselves.

Meet single man from Canada. trust worthy,commited,caring and loving is what i want in a relationship,music makes me smile,music is my accomplishments,i am grateful to GOD,love singing and going out with my loved ones,comedy.happi

. i'm a real down to earth, athleic, shy guy, who loves eating, sleeping and playing ball. i have a very open mind when it comes to all subjects excluding sports because i know it all. looking for that someone who has the same kind of passion i have for life.

. im a well read well cultured guy who has seen quite a bit of the world.worked hard in my life,and now taking it easy! have had a few relationships,and have never tried online dating! so here i am! hope this is something worthwhile! i have moved to toronto for good and am looking to settle in life.enough insignificant relationships i think!

. I graduated with a Masters of Business Administration with a specialization in Finance in 2009. I now work in Finance, and am quite passionate about my career. Although I'm quite career driven, I know that work isn't everything and am looking for that perfect match to balance out my life.
I'm originally from the East Coast, and have the East Coast mentality of "work hard, play hard." I can party with the best of them, but I also enjoy staying home and reading a good book, or watching a movie. I think the first thing that people notice about me is my sense of humor. Most people tell me that I'm quite witty. Although I'm outgoing with a good sense of humor, sometimes I have a bit of a hard time opening up to people about my personal side. I really want to find someone that I can be completely honest and open with.I guess what I'm really looking for is a kind, intelligent, honest girl. Without these three traits in the long run I think that everything falls apart in a relationship.

. my friends describe me as a funny guy who love to make people laugh a lot.d things dat make me smile is funny movies,d accomolishment iam proud of is when i do my work good.i am grateful for my mother.dperson who am i hoping to attract is a lovin kind hearted person,well my social is get up n d mornin and meet lovin people,the kind of thing that make me laugh out loud is thing that are funny,wellam look for a good unnest relationship.the only things in life passionate about is a nice wife who i will wake up with ever morning.

. Hi,
Young professional Asian in his early 30s.
Beside work I like to hang out with my friends and discover new things.
Love traveling and all kinds of sports.
Let's have a chat ;)
Have a wonderful day !

. I'm a friendly and loyal guy. I don't like games. Looking to meet an easy going, down to earth and fun girl.
I like to take walks, watch movies, coffee, camping even thought I havent been yet (and I want to try fishing, lol)

. i want to be happy in short time of life i don't want to make some one sad even of my eniemy feel each other love each other respect friends that is it not telling lie and don't cheat friends to be faithfull