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Date single man from Ontario, Canada. I'm a bit new to the city and still getting used to the surroundings. I grew up in a small town and don't get back as often as I'd like....
I have a good career and like what I do. Sometimes I work long hours but I work hard and think job satisfaction comes from a job well done! I studied in Europe for a year in university but haven't been back since then because of work/time - but am anxious to get back. Travelling is great and is something that I'd like to do a lot more of before "settling down", hah.
I will fill this out as I think of things to put...:)

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Life is short, and I just want to make the best of it! I enjoy the outdoors, and all of our four seasons. Thank you Canada! I enjoy being active. I plan on running my first half marathon this year, and entering into "Tough Mudder", heard of it? I enjoy cooking, and try to eat healthy for the most part, but I have a hard time saying no to chicken wings and a jug of beer on a patio in the summer! I don't have cable so I don't watch much television, but I do enjoy a good movie at the end of a day.. I have never been on facebook. I don't know what 'twitter' or 'skype' are? Peanuts and cashews are my kryptonite! Coffee is essential to start my day. Roller coasters are a summer must! I have a hard time obeying the speed limit. Sometimes I snore. I love spicy food. I hate painting. I think I would rather run through downtown Baghdad screaming prophet Muhammad is an a*sh*le than paint....alright, maybe I am exaggerating, but I do hate painting! Don't keep your barbeque close to the siding of your house...just saying! Lying in the backyard on a clear night looking at the stars. Barbeques, bond fires, the bean bag toss game, and ice cold beer!
I am looking to meet someone who is content with what they have, and has a kind heart. Someone who will look forward to a quiet night in, as much as a fun night out on the town. Someone I can lie beside on the couch in silence and not feel akward. Someone I can grow old with...I appologize for being mushy in advance. Lol. Would you jump on a plane on a long weekend to check out the hot springs in Iceland?
I am not very shiny. I don't win popularity contests. I don't spend every dime I have and beyond to maintain an unrealistic lifestyle. I don't know what is happening on the Bachelor. I can't name 5 artists on the Top 40 Chart right now...and none of that bothers me. I am true to myself, and to those who are close to me.
One life, experiences, no regrets

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Down to Earth, Hard working individual seeking partner in crime. In search of some balance in my life looking to find a partner with similar goals and aspirations.
I am a confident, loyal man who know's how to treat the woman in his life. I have a great sense of humor, and always seem to be the one trying to get the laughs. I am athletic and consider myself active, playing various sports in the summer. Life after all is all about balance, so having someone with common interests would be ideal. In the summer good portion of my time is spent on the golf course trying to break par and network. Also enjoy a few cold beverages afterward. Someone who enjoys golfing would be a great bonus.
I enjoy various activities that get the blood rushing, and am looking for someone to share quality time with. I am not into games seeking an independent woman who knows what she wants, and can appreciate a man who treats her like she deserves.
If you feel that is you drop me a line.

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. Im looking for a girl with excellent Ebay feedback :) Let me begin by saying I'm very happy in my life. It would be nice to find someone to share these great times with. The little things in life make me happy. I have seen and experienced many things in my life (more then the average person) and it has made me into who I am today. I used to be very wild growing up, but with age I grew more conservative with the things I do and the outlook I have. To describe my personality I would first like to say that I can make anyone laugh. Lets just say I have my material and when I get going I will leave a smile your face. I consider myself educated and I am constantly updating myself with knowledge. I like to bring a strong presence in social settings, so I am constantly learning and discussing events around us. I'm European so I enjoy my cafes and patios. My favorite spot in Toronto is Yorkville. I like watching and playing every sport, so if your into something most likely I will be too. I enjoy watching movies from time to time and I have always had a fascination to learn to write a script for some reason. I recently developed my own app for the Apple store Im constantly thinking up business ideas. I always wanted to be on the show Dragons Den. I went to school for business.
Whats my type? I don't really have a type. Also I'm not gonna put a list of stipulations on here because I don't think thats right. I mainly go out to meet women, but I also send some messages on here. Thank you for taking the time in reading my profile.

Date single man from Canada. I'm a creative, ambitious, and open-minded man, looking for an intelligent, thoughtful, and charming woman, with an old fashioned heart. I find happiness in the simple things, like sharing my lunch with someone, or looking up at the moon (it sounds so cheesy when I say it...but it's true!). I'm passionate about my family, my work, and my fun, and I'm fiercely loyal to those that I love. I also have an amazing six year old daughter who keeps me on my toes, and lives with me 50% of the time. So I need someone who can be understanding and respectful of that. Thanks ;)
I would love to find an authentic, classy, and maybe slightly nerdy lady to talk, cook, and play music with. And if you don't play or sing, that's totally fine...we'll get you a tambourine, or we'll just find something else to do! I need someone who can embrace her imperfections, who can be comfortable in different social situations, and who tries to maximize happiness, truth, and positivity in her life. If that sounds like you, I would be thrilled to hear from you!

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Hi there, my parents got emigrated here a long time ago from USA , I m educated Good looking, Charismatic and an honest person to the core. I m looking for some who can share her dreams with my dreams, to build something really strong. By profession I m an Architect, i make dreams come true from drawings to a physical structure.

Date someone special from Canada. Hi. What are you doing later? Lets go make time stand still. Tell me what you like and don't like, better yet, tell me what you have the most fun doing so we can make our own adventures. Maybe we can stumble on a new experience, get to know each other better, and have some laughs along the way.
There are a couple places I would like to show you and a great place to eat we can check out.
Would you prefer to find a trail to hike, or a random roadtrip? How about just hanging out with friends?
Maybe you feel like pretending we are tourists in the city and act silly?!
If you want to just relax we can chill outside, put on some music while swinging on the hammock with a fire going. I'm really easy going and usually up for anything. As long as your comfortable and you feel secure when you're with me.
And if you feel like staying in, wicked. There were a couple of movies I really want to see and a bottle of wine with our names on it. By the way, you are in luck!...I know how to cook so I hope you're hungry.
So tell me, what shall we start with first!? Whatever you want to do just let me know it's up to you.
Hope to hear from you soon

Meet a man from Canada. I like to think of myself as fun and outgoing. I enjoy the outdoors, going out from time to time as well as staying in with friends or even just catching a movie. I am a hard worker but also know how to balance fun into my life. I like to cook and enjoy a day at the beach. I really enjoy hiking, fishing or even a weekend of camping. I am a strong believer in karma and believe chivalry and communication are very important in a lasting relationship. I know how to treat a woman, I am a strong believer of opening the door for my date as well as understand the importance of thoughtful actions such as a gift of flowers, a special home cooked meal with some wine and candles or even setting up a nice hot bath for that special someone for when they just need to relax. I am looking for someone with similar interests but is also there own person as well. I would like to date and someday potentially find someone who I could spend the rest of my life with. As a firefighter I have learnt how to appreciate life and love to help others. I am easy to talk to and value communication.
Feel free to message me.

. It is difficult to talk about yourself unless someone talks to you and understand thinking trends. In brief I value knowledge, respect people and enjoy family, friends and work. I appreciate beauty and creativity in all forms. of course no one is perfect the rest, you have to discover ;)

. I'm a creative soul. Many hobbies that deal with the making of something. Had a rough go at it for some time, but ready to open up now. Just looking for someone that will understand and appreciate me and my ways. Not shy to laugh at all. I enjoy it, and making other laugh along. I'm addicted to my job, so you need to be patient with me. Overall, I feel it is time for me to finally share the lovable guy that everyone seems to see in me.

. real. Musical, loved. Gotta be interested in something other than makeup. Gotta love the fellow man - artsy... sexual - loves to be promiscuous... Family oriented... Helpful, outgoing, likes cars (old ones) likes bikes (with motors)...

. Good morning or evening.
My name is Bryan ( I know I know not very latin :p )
Here are some things about me:
1: I love being sarcastic
2: I'm educated and enjoy intellegent conversations.
3: I make peoples dreams come true. ( can you guess what I do )
4: I'm a jock, a nerd, artsy fartsy and enjoy playing instruments. ( been meaning to get a Sax for a while now )
5: Love my family even if they drive me insane and my close friends who in my eyes are family.
6: love music except for a few country songs and dancing.
7: Theres nothing like a good siesta for about 3 hours! What? too long! :p
8: I have always enjoyed watching and playing sports just that works kicks the crap out of me but would like to find a beach volleyball league on the weekends.
9: I like to dress well when I go out. Be it the suit and hat ( I know I look like one of those mobsters from the 60-70's ) or a nice polo shirt and kakie's.
10: I'm romantic and I can cook too!
There is more to me so just ask away.
Always tey to stop and smell the roses cause 10 years can pass by in a blink of an eye.

. I love to have a big kid at heart...i love makin people laugh..
I am tired of the same old scene so im reachin out and tryin something looking for someone who likes to have a good time and someone to share the simple things life has to offer.Hangin out with my daughter is what I enjoy most....then all things cooking and food! Food and cooking are my passion and I love sharing my passion with others.

. Looking for a nice girl, who has perfect feedback on Ebay.
Despite the 77:1 male to female ratio I'm competing with, I'm also fairly confident many male members here aren't all that qualified for public interaction, public office, and in all honesty, reproduction. I know this b/c some of my good female friends have allowed me to read their inboxes.
I'm athletic, and I love the freedom that comes with living near the mountains, and a mile high in the air. That said, I grew up next to the ocean (Oregon Coast), which isn't so bad to visit from time to time.
I am not lying about my height or my age. I have above average sense of fashion and manners. I like Essentia and SmartWater, but I'll also drink from the tap. I will not sit on the couch and watch NASCAR, but I can change my own oil and tires and cook for two without a recipe book.
Given an atomic bomb and one media target, I would have to choose Fox News, but would settle for eliminating TMZ, or the cast members of Jersey Shore.
I enjoy going out with a small group of good friends, listening to music (preferably live, and not yet discovered), watching great movies, (and get really pissed if I miss the previews in the theatre), reading classical lit, playing poker, running anywhere from 3-10 miles on a semi-daily basis, and writing down my thoughts which someday will be the foundation of a great sitcom starring Steve Carrel.
I split my free time between local coffee houses, my awesome couch, Fabulous Las Vegas, and the trails and mountains around Colorado. I love a good bbq, red meat and all, and a world without sushi wouldn't really be a world at all...if you ask me. I know that vegetarianism is a sensitive issue out there, and I'll just say this... I like road trips, and if we're in Memphis, we would have sooo much more fun together if you didn't get squeamish at the thought of ribs.
Physical attraction is as important as personality. You gotta have both. I love women that care about health and fitness. Confidence, ambition, adventure, humor, maturity, education, big dreams required. Dark eyes, and accents never hurt.
Other necessities: Loves to travel by land, sea, and air, go to rock concerts, finds comfort in the quiet times, have considered living abroad part-time, and know when to be wild and crazy. Check.
What I'm not looking for: Ex-boyfriend drama. Sporadic emailing. Shallowness. Girls with lots of pictures of cats (I'm allergic). Girls who are "not sure" if they want kids in the future. I do. Edit: Little dogs are kind of like cats, although I'm not allergic, I'm still mystified by their purpose.
If you are "BroncosGirl, BroncosPrincess" or similar in your profile, then great, but we probably aren't a match. I love sports, I've been to the Super Bowl (and watched the Broncos beat the Packers in San Diego), but my life doesn't revolve around the 50-yard line, and I'd rather go hiking on Sunday's.
If you are a lover of the outdoors, reading books, movies (and previews), red wine, medium-big dogs, top-shelf margaritas, cruiser bikes, the open road, big cities for a weekend, secluded Mexican beaches, and prefer poker to slot machines please say hi. I'd love to talk to you. Match seems to be a little like Powerball, but life is nothing without optimism.
I'm perfectly willing to accidentally meet you in a bar or Whole Foods.

. Me - easy going, friendly, active, slightly nerdy, down to earth. I am also kind of a hopeless romantic but that is something you will only see if the sparks are flying! I value honesty and straight forwardness, in that respect I try to be both of those things in every aspect of my life.
I work for myself/family business, where we been here for 111 years of business. I live very close to my family and work with some of them, so family values are very important to me.
I am a good guy and not in that I say nice things way but in the I actually try to do good deeds from time to time. I ran from Calgary to Vancouver as part of the One Nation Run a charity raising money for children in poverty last year. I am a big brother. I like to give back but it isn't an obligation in my life just when I have time. I am looking for someone who is similar, tries to help people but hasn't devoted their life to it.
I am fiscally conservative but socially liberal which makes voting interesting for me as I have to weigh the options.
I am active but not a health nut and looking for the same. That being said I guess I am comparing myself to people I know that ran a marathon six days a week for half a year to run across the country... so maybe I am very active, it is all ones point of view. Coming up I am doing the Tough Mudder in August and a half marathon in Oct.
Stand up comedy is great! a good laugh is something everyone needs.. sarcasm and quick wit are probably my favorite but vulgar has its place if delivered properly. I am a closet nerd, my friends and I have games weekends from time to time where we play strategy games... it is fun!
I enjoy travelling and have been to England, France, Italy, Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Holland and Russia. I will always be interested in seeing more of the world and I really enjoy wildlife.
Side note: If you know what this means definitely contact me "I tap three islands and cancel that" haha friend told me I had to add that.