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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Friends would say I'm a smart, comfident and a well mannered good a looking guy. Very down to earth and social. I enjoy clubs, the outdoors or just watching movies. I'm in search for someone who is willing to try new things. If you enjoy trying new foods,movies, sports, the outdoors, or just wanna romantic adventure maybe leading to a relationship take a chance on me.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. What am I like?
Read below to find out! I know this sentence isn't very informative, but for now, anything else will just have to wait.
What am I afraid of?
Bears. Especially grizzlies and polar bears - you know, the real ones out there in the wild. But bear cubs and stuffed animals in bear form are freakin' cute though.
What are my dislikes?
- Sneeze attacks. They're uncontrollable and when it's over you feel light headed and confused but then another attack occurs.
- Being in the line of fire when an object of significant size or mass becomes a projectile after it is thrown across the room to an intended recipient but you perform an unintentional block.
How do I start a typical day?
By waking up early and arriving at work five minutes late. This is so common that it's pretty much expected of me.
But I excel at what I do, so I guess it all balances out. =P
What's on my mind?
The Zombie Apocalypse - You know it'll happen some day. I just hope it's not those fast zombies that show up!
Random stuff:
- I accidentally proved that banana peels do indeed invoke a slippery situation
- my hair was once checked by airport security
- I wear 'denim inspired slacks that feature a slightly faded look with minor distressed details' because jeans are forbidden at work. =P
Anything else?
This has already been answered. Remember, reading is fundamental. =P
But really...I'm an easy-going (yet driven), confident, and friendly guy who lives a balanced lifestyle. I always keep a positive outlook on life and welcome its challenges! I'm also very open-minded (within reason, of course!) and like to try new things. I hope to find someone that I share a natural chemistry with and whom I can share my life with.
If you're interested or just have a question, feel free to drop me a message.

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. Someone who appreciates life.... has goals set for their life..... someone very down to earth, good looking, someone who enjoy dinning out, sports events, traveling etc. Someone who has very good family values, enjoys hanging out with friends.

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. I am hard working, very active guy with a very good career. I can be funny/goofy at times but at the end of the day, i am the responsible one - partially because i am the oldest in my family i think.
Looking for someone who is kind hearted and patient and wants to share adventures together.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I'm looking for someone share my life with. Not every second, but the important parts.
I'm not looking for marriage or kids, at least not anytime soon, but I'm not opposed to either idea.
I'm just looking to enjoy my life while I'm still relatively young and not tied down with kids.

Meet someone special from Canada. I am 32 years old male, living in Toronto and looking for a nice partner. I am south asian born, raised in South America, have a decent Job and living in Downtown Toronto. I am 32 years old male, living in Toronto and looking for a nice partner. I am south asian born, raised in South America, have a decent Job and living in Downtown Toronto.

Date a man from Canada. I love to have a good time and do often with all of my good friends. I love being out in the rural areas and won't move to a city. I like to smile and laugh a lot, and do. I have a very large and close family and they are a RIOT. :)
I would rather be on water than land and so I have what some of my friends would call "a problem" (haha) with buying boats. Currently have 3 which isn't too bad considering, not so long ago, I had 8. What do you do with EIGHT boats!?!? Ummm... what do you do with 8 horses? Or cars? Or pairs of boots? Or whatever you are into? :)
I am, ultimately, looking for a lifetime relationship. Am tired of headgames and half in half out women. I want a family of my own and a stable homelife. I have always admired those old couples who have been together for decades and decades. My wild side still takes the wheel by times, but my bar/night club days are done. I would much rather stay home with friends or hang out at a party.
Am looking for a girl who is stable. Am looking for a girl who is honest. She should laugh easily and live life with a light heart. I am looking for someone who wants a family and a good home life.

Meet single man from Canada. Well, I'm not used to writing about myself, so this is a first. But I'll give it a shot, anyways!
So, a bit about myself. My friends will tell you I'm the optimist always looking for the silver lining in a situation. Not to say it's always easy to find, but I'll keep looking! I have a good sense of humour and more often than not, I'm trying to make the people around me laugh...or at least crack a smile! I am also very loyal and compassionate.
My ideal match/partner is someone who is honest, compassionate, and understanding. Family and friends are important to me, and they should be just as important to her. I am also very affectionate, so she must also like having her hand held, being in my arms and enjoy the occasional stolen kiss!
Finally, I've come here to meet the right girl, someone who I can turn to for anything, who can do the same with me, and understands that even cloudy and rainy days have their upsides!
If this sounds intriguing to you, please message me and we'll see where things go!

. Hey there!
I'm looking for someone who I can talk to, and relate to on an intellectual and emotional level. Reading, writing, and learning new things rank the highest on my list of enjoyable activities.
I'm very interested in traveling, and love learning about other people's cultures, interests, hobbies, and lives. I would eventually like to settle down, start a family, and be able to call somewhere home.
I completed my Enginnering in Elecetronics, and working as a Pre-sales Engineer I am a supportive, loyal, family-oriented individual, and would do anything for the people I love.

. i am looking for someone honest, also loving someone who can sit down with and hold a conversation someone who i can trust , we could also go to a movie go shopping someone who we can go to the beach just spending quality time with some who we can also communicate with someone really god fairing who love god some who is also clean and very romantic because i am a very romantic person i am very loving very hard working but i love to please my partner in every way , i want to be there for them in every way possible , and i am looking for someone who can be there for also in my up and down someone who can cook i really enjoy singing i would sing to my partner give her rose and wine give her suprizes do what ever i cant o make my relationship happy that me i go all out , i am a one in a million

. I’m a simple guy looking for a sweet girl! :-)
During my free time, I like to watch movies, hang out with friends or go bowling.
I am someone who finds joy in little things and lives life to the fullest.
What I am looking for? A person who is smart, sensible, fun loving …Someone who can be my best friend…. Hope this is not too much to ask…

. i am a caring and fun loving person. I can be mellow and be wild as well lol. I am a person that values intelligence and humor. I hope to find so one that is simliar to my way of living.
honesty is very important to me, i believe that is the foundation of a strong partnership.

. I'm an honest genuine guy who s looking for a new partner in crime. I have a great job that pays me well and I have a strong family and groups of friends to keep life interesting.
I am an intelligent, yet impulsive guy looking for a good partner to share my feelings and thoughts. I am educated, patient, confident about myself and I am as honest a person as you'll meet. I can be very naughty and unpredictable at times, yet I am quite a lovable guy. I have the capacity to make people laugh and surprise them. I love sports both playing and watching.
Looking for a great girl who wants to have fun and get out and go to concerts and anything else we's short and I'd like to experience it with someone who wants to enjoy it with me and combine our powers to make our lives better than before the day we met!

. a good movie, little shy at the beginning, good meal, enjoy life, sad sometimes, happy most of the time, i like to laugh and eat lol, i think it is fear, i thank to people who are around me some of them still here, and new people are welcome

. Well me, Im a harder worker, Im easy going and love to make people laugh!!! Im simple its the little things in life I love passion is vehicles. I love making them beautiful...
Perfect match, she would have to be able to take a joke, but be able to give one as well, ..Im not sure exactly who or what Im looking for. Im just looking!!!