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Date a man from Ontario, Canada. Responsible loving and Affectionate team player.
Looking for an ideal team player with passion and romance to satisfy the soul and strenghten confidence.
The individual with strength and love in every sensitive matter. Truethful wise and understanding.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I'm a easy going, loveable, funny person with a great smile, a passion for cooking. Love to travel and cook in different places around the world. I'm a gentleman that is considerate and understanding to our peoples needs. Looking to met new people in hopes to find that certain person that I can cook for.

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Not much of a social life right now. Recently took job training and need to get back on my feet again. I'm looking for someone to share my life - the ups and the downs, the good and the bad. I'm from a close knit family and want the same for my future life.

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. First and foremost, I try to keep a balance between my career ambitions and my personal life. As much as I like to learn how to become more successful, I like to get crazy and do something fun every now and then.
We'll leave it at that until further edit :)

Date a man from Canada. I am not much talkative person, but l like fun and enjoys in funny talking with someone who is enjoying talking with me, all I can say about me is that you wont be disappointed. Though these are words but these words are meant and sense.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I've reached that point where I'm tired of playing games and I'm ready for that next phase of relationship storytelling. I'm a very passionate, trusting, caring and reliable man who has the capacity to move to the next level with a woman of a similar mindframe and who's excited for what the future brings. I'm a guy who lives to please their partner, and while I'm not expecting the same kind of ferioicous loyalty, you should be prepared for any and all feelings that come your way. I'm not just looking for a friends with benefits or someone to get to know on a casual basis, I'm talking about letting you in to my every secret and me on yours. I have an amazingly vivid imagination that compensates for my lack of true life experience, and I have an endless scroll of passions that included everything from writing, music and nature. I can't be defined in this paragraph,
Or this one either, but I can try and give you an understanding of the kind of ride you're in for. Think about going to the store on your way to work, or on your way home from class. To most it's a mundane and boring task that requires no extra thought other than to complain at the inconvenience. To me, though, visiting a store is a chance to check out the latest magazine headlines, to check the used DVD rack, to catch up with the clerk about his weekend. Same with going to the pharmacy, I'm not just going to get some medication I'm going to get informed and lay my trust in them. I guess my long-winded point is that I like to think of my every day life as a community, from my pharmacist to my store clerk to my neighbour to my partner. It all comes together, and I carry the same passion with how I approach these small things as I do everything in life.
If you think you'd like to be a part of my community, than please say hey. And no games, I won't play them with you so I don't expect them in return.

Date someone special from Canada. just someone who like to have fun.good fun i mean but if you like to be bad sometimes thats ok too,lol but she most like going out to the club or movies or dinner an some sport activity wit me an my friends or just us but i would like someone who wouldnt mind hanging out wit me an my friends too

Meet single man from Canada. If one suggests that they are amazing; then some may concluded that they are arrogant.
If one suggest that they are less than perfect; then some may concluded that they lack self confidence.
In spite of this I will put forward that I am both amazing and less than perfect at the same time
Amazing because I am; loyal, honest, trustworthy, caring, have a good sense of humour, my love for God, Family and Friends, and from what I hear fun to be around.
Less than perfect because; well lets face it I am a Man (even though I may not possess all of the negative qualities of men; indeed in fact I am still a man)
In the spirit of being honest I must say I was very hesitant to join an online dating site. It is not usually something that is conducive of my behaviour, however; a great deal of my time is spent working. This makes it difficult to meet someone, so my friends suggested that I try this approach. I try my best to balance my time appropriately between God, Family, and Friends which in the past has not always worked. I have laboured extensively to get my business to a point that it is in tune with my goals and I think that I am close in succeeding in that endeavor. This is why I am confident that I am ready to start a relationship.
I'm looking to start a convesation and see where it goes from there.
Look forward to talking with you soon.

. Hi, I am on this site because my friend vouched for it. I am a sweet and sincere guy who is looking for a kind and funny woman. I like to go to the gym and hang out with my family and friends. I also love to travel and have been all over the world.

. I graduated from university while doing an exchange in The Netherlands. Since then I have found myself full throttle in the *gulp* 'adult' life... sigh.. haha. I still have many adventures left in me. However it has gotten increasingly hard to meet new people my age.. well.. when I say 'people' I'm actually referring specifically to 'females'... I have enough guy friends ;) Wait, you're not a guy reading this, are you? ... Because I'm flattered but I really don't swing that way.. not that there's anything wrong with it. Maybe that wink emoticon led you on? I'm sorry. In hindsight I probably shouldn't have put that there. I was just trying to be cute.
Well, it's hard to write about one's self, but I'll be happy to tell you all about me if you're interested...just ask! Of course then you won't be able to get enough of me.. unless you don't like awesomeness...and if that's the case, you'd better skip this profile and move right along sister because I don't think I could handle a girl who doesn't like awesomeness. I mean really, are you that hard to please?
Anyways despite ridiculousness ensuing in the first two paragraphs of this profile, I am actually (somewhat) sane, can make anything fun and yes, can even hold an intelligent conversation. I do a pretty convincing upstanding citizen act for parents, bosses and anyone else who needs to see :P. So shoot me a message and I'll fill you in on the little gem I like to call my life whilst trying not to disappoint you with my aforementioned claims of awesomeness-- because I hate to be wrong.
P.S. Ok I don't like to judge (that was a legal disclaimer, I actually love to judge), and I understand that not everyone's strength lies in spelling and grammar.. but please ladies, in your profiles/messages-- the words YOUR and YOU'RE cannot be used interchangeably. Nobody's perfect but aaaaaaah that drives me insane... the funny and cute amount of insane, not the crazy kind... *shifty eyes* Also, if I notice you have viewed profile but did not message me, I assume you are not interested and do not want to hear from me -- what I don't assume is that you are interested but are too shy to send me a message and expect that I will see that you've viewed me send one to you first. I understand that initiating contact first is not "conventional" for the girl.. but you've already thrown conventions out the window by internet dating, so "man up" and send me the message already! :D
P.P.S. (That means 'post post script"... I typed the acronym P.P.S. so I didn't have to type the entire thing out, thus saving my precious time as well as not making this profile even longer - see how nice I am, making you read less?) Why is it that on almost every profile, the girl lists herself as being either 'laid back' or 'easy going?' Seems like you all love to claim these traits but I'm starting to be convinced that this doesn't even exist in your gender. I'd love to be proven wrong. Also, many of you ladies consider yourself to be "simple" or "straight forward," but please remember that the way men and women define those terms can often differ (read: we men can be very dense when it comes to picking up on things which you feel are obvious).
Are you still reading this absurdity? Im impressed! I know it's a pretty long rant but you're not the type to simply send a message based only on photos, right? Aaaanyhoo Congrats on making it this far.. or maybe my condolences... either way you pretty much HAVE to message me or all the time you've spent here will be a waste. Clearly you need a large dose of awesomeness injected into your life. Send me a message already - you know you want to ;)
Oh, and I'm pretty confident in my spooning abilities....

. im funny horney and all the above people love me for me and no body else im out going and wild in many ways always l;ooking for new frinedds
people say im crazy but tht s just my way of having a greta time

. Since one can find kindred spirits in the strangest of places, I figured I'd give this a shot. I enjoy my work in the ivory tower, but also harbor interests in drama, finance, comedy, fitness and activism. I think that I'm quietly confident, but also self-deprecating. My iPod is littered with indie rock, and the occasional guilty pleasure. As for the superficial stuff (which I figure is at least a necessary evil), I also exercise fairly regularly and intensely, both to sublimate and keep myself looking decent. I love the outdoors, and would love to have excuses to explore Southern Ontario. Most of all, I want to be happily overwhelmed, learning the nuances and idiosyncrasies of someone complexly wonderful.
I'm currently writing my dissertation, and alternate between pondering over semantics, theory and the urge to refresh the New York Times webpage to look for new articles and some edifying procrastination. I also have a Nintendo Wii at home which is great for turning off the rollercoasters in my mind.
In short, I'm not sure it's fair to single out types of people I'm looking for, but as a rule, being quirky, independent, ambitious, feminist, activist, creative, funny and intelligent scores major points with me.

. A little bit about myself. I am an easy going laid back person but focused and determined when I want something. I am generally a happy person that likes to surround myself with good friends and family. I work in the hospitality industry so my friends consider me a little bit of a foodie and a wino but it always leads us to interesting excursions in Toronto's diverse culinary underbelly. I like being spontanious, meeting new people and learning new cultures and just trying something new. What I look for in a signaficant other is a girl that is open minded and driven but it doesn't mean that you have to have your life all figured out just that fact you are furthering yourself in life. Someone that is happy that can share interests with one another as well as still have independence.
If you like what you hear and want to know more send me an email I would like to hear from you.

. I am a professional with lots to offer! I like nice candlelight dinner, bubble bath treament, massages,. Love taking long walk. Enjoy sight seeing. I am a fun, intellectual, energetic, compassionate and with great sense of humour. My dtream in life is to enjoy the beauty of it with the compatible mate.

. ezy going littell shay but im down for what ever , loking for nice sexy gyirl to shear nice fantasey all kind please no drama fun for fun if any gairl right ther watting for som one like me halla then