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Date a man from Ontario, Canada. I want a classy girlfriend who knows what she wants, has money to spend on me knowing she'll get a generous return on investment.
I am looking to create value for you money for the both of us with your complete support and respect for what i bring to the table.
I want a woman who will motivate me to do more with myself than I am doing now. Change is not a problem for me so don't be shy.
Why don't you give REAL a try?

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Im kind of person whos like to enjoe life and try to smile all the time and make everyone around me happy also....I like dancing ,movies and enjoe my family and friends.....just be a very hard worker and i wana better future for my family

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I will work on this soon. I will work on this soon. I will work on this soon. I will work on this soon. I will work on this soon. I will work on this soon. I will work on this soon. I will work on this soon. I will work on this soon.

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. I am made of different layers, like a sweet onion. I am a shy and quiet person at first but when the layers are peeled. I can be very outgoing and spontaneous. I like living in the moment wherever that maybe. I also like going to the gym and playing sports with friends. Especially basketball and volleyball. I like going to the beach and just admiring the view and going out for sushi or local coffee shops. I am also really into import cars because I have one too.
I'm looking for a woman how can be happy with the simple pleasures in life. Who isnt affraid to be herself and not try to be all girly all the time. Someone who is serious about taking the next step in life and not regreting looking back on her decisions. A confident yet sexy, athletic girl who isnt affraid to sweat both in and out of the house. If you know what i mean.
I am looking for my best-friend and life companion! I am looking for someone who loves to laugh and have fun. Who can be silly and spontaneous. Who wants to discover new experiences together.
If any of this intrests you. Dont hesitate to give me a shout.

Date a man from Canada. Hi!
I'm Tyler. Hey. At present I'm not terribly successful (uh-oh!) but I have the will and ambition to go far (yay!). I'm simply looking to meet someone new and exciting. A cool good looking chick with personality! I think its a good thing to be able to view people in a way that you have some idea of what they are already about and what their interest are; a connection should be actually be made easier this way. On a side note I've spent alot of time and energy at becoming a professional musician, and I'm certainly on my way to reaching my goals. I'm really good at what I do. Admittedly I've been something of a homebody lately, but I want to change that. I want to go exploring again, to be trying new things. The only way I see that happening of course is when I'm motivated, and if I'm lucky enough to meet someone here who can accept me as I am, I'm sure a new world will surely open up before our eyes. If I'm in good company I promise that good times will be had, we will explore what the city has to offer and my main dating goal is to consistently have more and more good times with whomever you are. I want to build on success. To let you know over time how valued, respected and beautiful you are to me if the sparks are flying. I don't find it a struggle to be honest, I just go ahead and say what's on my mind. Are you also this way?
I hope too that you have a wacky warped sense of humour, as nothing connects people better than having fits of laughter together, but I'd like for you also to be smart and serious at times too. Hopefully you are a sportsfan and also is a fan of rock, punk rock or some other form of heavy music; you should also be on good terms with your family for crying out loud! I seemingly have a soft spot for those who read books, wear glasses, have long flowing hair and have an artistic/practical side (like being a good painter, cook or good at making sweaters) and lastly I'm looking for someone who wants and is ready for love. That sounds kinda cheesy and cornball, but hey thats the best way I can put it. :) (Also sounds like something said before shagging, but I think thats another story)
Well anyway thank you for reading over this profile, I really mean that and appreciate it! People being as busy as they are and all. Please just go ahead and write to me if I've caught your attention- that would be quite swell! I do send out messages sometimes too, but there are alot of profiles to go through and it might take me a while before I get to yours-all's I'm saying...
Thanks Cheers and Bye

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I am dikembe oginale from africa i leave in canada and i working.i am interested wefe people that why i whant to meet people am funny to talk wefe differente people that why i join this website ,wow wow wow.i like my job is very good

Date someone special from Canada. someone sweet, caring, not-judegmental, able to get along with people easily. Someone who is equally comfortable in yoga pants when chilling and high heels when we go out somewhere nice. I'd like someone who is independant, not necessarily financially, but emotionally and mentally independant.

Meet single man from Canada. I'm the kind of guy that'll make uptight people uncomfortable because I won't stop having fun and they hate that.
I'm strong, fit, and very athletic. I believe in being happy as a way of life while always being nice to other people.
I LOVE relaxing and getting down time. It's a great balance to a busy lifestyle.
The woman I'm looking for is strong and intelligent. She is fit and pretty without being full of herself.
She should also like bacon. Bacon is delicious!

. Well lets jump right in. Im a simple man honest and loving. I grew up in a small town and now live in a forest! I love good company and good food. I love to play games with friends and I get competative as I always want to do my very best.
Im old fashioned at heart. I believe in treating a lady as such. I love the little things that make relationships spark. The little surprises that make you smile.
Im looking for someone with a good work ethic and is driven to continually try. A woman with heart, one whos not afriad of trying new things and being outdoors.

. I am an outgoing and loyal person. I am career driven with great family values. I am looking for someone to share new experiences with. I am ready to once again to put mysellf out there in hopes of finding the one who is compatible with me

. Food and drink make life a little easier to swollow. Conections are the best way to get ahead in the fast paced work world. Taking time for personal life is a must!!! Clearing your mind makes for smarter decisions in life.

. I am easy going and I am not picky at all. As long as we can laugh and have a good time then things should work out. I am just looking for someone I can have a good time with and enjoy their company and then we will take it from there.I am looking for someone to spend time with and someone who can make me laugh. I have traveled the to many countries and I used to teach English in Asia for almost 6 years. I am looking for that special someone as I am ready to settle down. I love playing and watching sports. I am active as I go to the gym 5 or 6 times a week to stay in shape. I love going to the beach as much as possible in the summer. I hope I can find someone with similar interests and build something meaningful!

. I'm just your everyday laid back type of guy who is having a hard time finding a NORMAL girl near Windsor who does not play any head games. I do have photos, but given my reputation around the city (and my job) I am reluctant to post any. I will be more than happy to send some via an email however - but I just don't want my successful reputation tarnished (its a very good reputation I should mention) because I know far too many people who would love to see that happen :(
I'm very athletic and enjoy all sports, going to the movies/bar(even though I don't really drink), relaxing at home, I just do not like being bored in front of the TV.
I'm looking for someone who has a job, morals, class, dignity, out-going, family values, and caring. I know what I want in someone and not just looking to 'date around' as I'm passed that stage. I hope to find someone that when you go out with the girls and a guy is hitting on you, you actually say "I have a boyfriend" instead of "I'm a lesbian" which does show how much you care about your man. I'm not into any HEAD GAMES and I do not play them so would prefer someone who does not play them as well.
If there is anything you'd like to know, please feel free to ask.
I truly am a gentleman and know how you treat a lady. Show me respect and care, and I'll treat you like a princess.

. Hey there!
I'll try not to restate what you already know from reading my profile too much here. I'm 31, single and very much ready to settle down. In the last year I have undergone a major body transformation through a weight management program. In just under a year I have managed to drop almost 180lbs. If I were to post some of the "old" pictures of myself you wouldn't recognize me I guarantee it. I feel great now, and have a whole new positive outlook on life.
I keep very active where I try and exercise at least 6 times per week whether it's a round of golf or walking/jogging. I have turned into an avid golfer this year and have already gotten out 18-20 times (even with that wet month of May we had!). It's something I really enjoy and I hope that you might be interested in it as well. If you're not a golfer or don't have an interest in playing don't worry it's not a make or break sort of thing... lol The one thing I would like to mention though is I hope that you're a Sens fan or at the very least a hockey fan. I love to take in Sens games through the winter and would love to take you to a few!
I'm really looking forward to meeting new people on here and hopefully I can find some chemistry with a special someone. I've never tried a dating site so I am anxious to see if they can find me "the one"! I Hope to hear from you, and if I don't good luck in your own search!

. My name is Chris. I am 5'-8" tall and have have brown hair, blue eyes. I weight 200 lbs. I live a very healthly lifestyle and spend alot of my time in the gym keep myself in shape. My idea mate would be someone who is active, likes to go out and party but also enjoys staying home and watching a movie. I am a pretty easy going and honest person and these are traits i look for in a partner.
I really can't think of anything else but if you would like to know something just let me know.