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Date a man from Ontario, Canada. Funny, witty, and cute. someone who knows what they're looking for, and doesn't have any time for B.S. No, not a female version of me- just someone with an open mind. If you're only interested in job applications, then move on. I'm pretty easy going, so it's really not hard to get along with me- just hope you can take sarcasm, because there'll be a lot. ha ha.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I'm a awesome person, who loves to have a good time and have fun! I like snowbaording and doing stuff outside. Movies are cool. I'm basically super cool, and chill and just want meet a cool girl! Word

Date single man from Ontario, Canada. my closest friends would describe me as a nice person who likes to help people.anything makes me smile.i am grateful for being alive.i am hoping to attract a nice person.outgoing person,who likes to make friends with people.anything.a person who likes the same thing as me.i am passionate about helping people and trying to do good

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I love music and enjoy the concerts, I look to the person who also has good taste in music and go to the movies
I"m looking for a quiet and has good character especially to go visit museums and places within Ontario.

Date a man from Canada. Hey, I'm Dave, I need a change and start a new path.... enjoy and explore new things/places, starting some BIG changes in my life now and would love to enjoy it with you. Hope to talk to you later if its you I'm looking for ;).

Meet someone special from Canada. Im a 31 year old gentlemen who has spent the last 7 years building a business who is now ready to build a new relationship. I have a good group of friends that have been with me for 15 years and all live busy lifes. I think I'm ready to be a great partner and I'm ready to embrace one as well.

Date single man from Canada. Laugh it off. Life is short, no need for drama! Since I need to type 200 characters, I am going to type this over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over!

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I'm an easygoing, energetic, person who likes to have fun and relax when possible.I like to enjoy life and just take things as they go.I enjoy having fun with my kids and watching movies in my spare time.As well I like to just go out and have fun whenever I can.My ideal match should be easygoing and open minded and like to go where ever the day takes us.

. Hear great things about the online dating world so here I am :)
Love to laugh and enjoy everything that I can in life.
I am easy going, fun loving guy with many interests.
I have great friends and family; love my career.
Hope to make some new friends off this site and who knows!

. Well, here's to trying something new!
To describe myself... I'm outgoing, fun, energetic and very down to earth. I have no problems staying in or going out on the town (just looking for some good company). I enjoy many different things, whether its playing volleyball at the beach, going to the gym, sitting on a patio or checking out different areas of the city, trying to find that new hidden gem..I try to find enjoyment in almost everything. I am a huge music lover, I always have something playing in the back ground. I have a great sense of humor (honest!) I can pretty much find the lighter side in almost every situation.
I'm looking for someone that is confident in themselves, is a music lover, likes to be physically active and enjoys life! If this sounds like you, contact me..

. i'm looking to find a meaningful connection with someone ...i am a creative individual and i feel very fortunate in being able to make a living doing what i love ... besides the creative aspect of my life, good health is one of the most important things to me, and it would be great to meet someone who has a similar attitude towards health, and whom also takes good care of themselves. My family is also very important to me - there are only 6 of us in this country so that's why those bonds are maybe extra important -- but I also have great friends ... relationships in general are something I value very much, and hopefully you do as well?

. I live a very active and outgoing lifestyle and I'm looking for someone that can keep up with me and share a great life together! I am very diversified in my interests so it's hard to find someone that likes as many of the different things that I do...but here's hoping it might be you!

. I'm a down to earth, caring and adventurous young professional that appreciates the good things in life. I'm looking for an honest, sweet, caring person that likes to have a good laugh. I also appreciate someone who is passionate about their career but knows how to handle the work-life balance. I enjoy traveling and would love to find that travelling partner. Lastly, I'm looking for someone who wants to make the world a better place...

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. I am Me and my match should be She. i like a girl who is at her natural best rather then any wannabe or fake. i try to be real and i hope to meet someone who is on same wavelength.i appreciate beauty but am a big admirer of intelligence and fan of spiritual fringe,