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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am quite witty
I enjoy the finer things in life
I want to attract the same
Looking for mutual good times
Spend a lot of time working
Enjoy fitness
Hard to describe all in these formats

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. Like slender and toned body,alittle tall is prefrable,Be goodlooking and fun to be around and ethnicity dont matter to me.I tend to like blondes more than brunettes but i guess thats just how we humans are in general,however, i like all types of beautiful women.

Date single man from Ontario, Canada. I am very hot generous and attractive i really will like you if you like me and so on so yeah i really hope that this will work out for me and you so lets chat bout how much we can possibly like each other

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. Hey There,
Thanks for checking me out!!
I am a fun, career and family driven guy. I am established well in my career and have sacrificed a lot over the last few years to get where I am career wise!! that being said I am in a "happy place" lol, I have a great life balance between work and social life and now have the time to focus on other equally important things!
I have a really close family who I am very lucky to have as well as a good group of friends I have grown up with! I am always laughing whenever I can and always go out of my way to make those around me laugh. Life is too short to be serious all the time! live, love laugh and enjoy!! I am usually the life of the party and have been told I am very social and out going! I am a pretty healthy guy who loves to be out and active as much as possible.
I love to travel and have my heart set on going out to Europe this summer, I bought a house two years ago so had to hold back on traveling but this year its time to pick it back up :)
Good luck on your search everyone!!

Date a soulmate from Canada. It is said that my heart is to big I hate it.I love to laugh and have fun. I want a woman who is real about love and not a fake.I was faithful and commited for 11 years and I wasted it on a woman who thinks that love has an expirey date!!!

Meet someone special from Canada. I would like to meet someone whom is caring and understanding. My job sometimes requires long hours, and the acceptance of that is key. I will spend as much time as possible with my 2 sons as i want them to have a good role model growing up. Dont sweat the little things, its the little things that are what defines a relationship...the small gestures are what shows that you care. I need someone that understands that the bills need to be paid, but not at the expense of quality time....time together should not be wasted on petty crap...enjoy it...."Festina lente" (make haste slowly)...
With summer approaching quickly, beach season is def on my mind...and my son's LOL...cant wait to build some more memories with my boys at the cottage. Although it would be nice to have someone to share those same memories with...
I feel like I am beginning a new chapter of my life, and am looking to fill the pages with laughter, and meaniful time spent together with somebody special.

Date single man from Canada. I am Fun, handsome, articulate, sarcastic, GENUINE European guy. I could go on and on, lol...
Searching for? Cute, fun, smart girl to spent time with and take it from there...
Promise you lot of fun...

Meet a man from Canada. Hi, I'm Chad. I'm a fun, loving guy. I like movies, sports, going out, bars, travaling, walk in the park, go on crouses. I am in a band called train wreck.I am the drummer. I like fun, loving, careing women who looks what's on the inside, instead of whats on the outside. I like rock, metal and some pop. I like going to baseball games and hockey games!!!

. I know exactly what you think when reading this.
You think: 'Please let him be the one I have been searching for. Not some douche bag again! I really want him to be someone extraordinary who makes me feel all those great things no one else can. The One I can unwind and really be myself with; who gives me new direction and makes me feel invincible and most special. The extraordinary one that no one can replace despite his quirks; who grows on me day by day, my other half.'
Now I could start telling you lots of stuff about how cool, interesting, exciting and sexy I am. I could tell you that I am 6" tall and have coffee-brown eyes. That my humor is intoxicating and lots of other intriguing things...but I won't 'cause I am sure you read a lot of those self-descriptions on this site only to ask yourself afterwards what happened to this thing about 'truth in advertising'!
I can tell you this though: I am a challenge! Driven, a bit elusive, vibrant, confident, funny, charming, fun to be with and not afraid to put you in your place and have a little sparring back and forth where necessary. A risk taker, who is always up for an adventure, has traveled the world and lived in 5 countries so far...
Now, as you have read this far there is interest from your side. So send me an email and we'll take it from there! Don't just window shop! That's just a waste of time. I mean you are here for a reason or not? I don’t bite… Well, on first encounters not at least ;)
No pressure! No expectations! We are just ourselves, take it easy, let things take their course and see where it leads us. If something happens between us it's meant to be. The worst thing that can happen is that we become good friends.
So if you are that special, above-average woman I am looking for, who is more than a pretty face, interested more in her ideas than her image you just have to see how much we can enjoy each other!

. Briefly in Words Social life, Multi cultural, Friends, grateful, Relationship, travelling, sports, reading, watching, Personal, Passionate, communication, positive approach, creative, best quality, environmental, etc.

. I'm a hard working italian canadian. i have a small electrical contracting company with a couple of employes. I dont have a lot of time during the week to go out and meet people and a little tiered of beining "HOOKED UP".lol
I am outgoing and love to make people laugh.
Good wine, good food and great company, is all i need!

. Word hard and play hard that's my motto. In life there is opportunity for both and I believe its the key to having a great life.
I have two main passions: hockey and writing. I watch and play lots of hockey - especially during the winter and fall months and some spring I guess. Also I love books and hope to succeed as a writer one day and think one day for sure it will happen for me as long as I keep working at it.
I love traveling - I particularly love Europe and going to all inclusive Caribbean Resorts.
I also enjoy food. I love going out to eat and watching the food network.
I'm fun and funny - don't believe me, come hang out with me for a bit and you'll see. Interested in talking with me more - drop me a line, I don't bite.

. she is able to see me as a unique and very special being. is able to recognize and feel good/proud about my positive qualities. is able to sense my emotional life and try to fill the gap and viceversa

. I am funny, caring, loving guy who always puts others first before me, is how my friends describe me! I deejay because I love music and entertaining people, enjoy life as much as i can doing whatever whenever, but would love to have a special girl to do all that with. I'm looking for a out going, positive attitude, loving girl that will be honest and a best friend. I enjoy traveling, dancing, dinning, movies, walks, sports, chilling by a bomb fire and doing anything else the lady enjoys doing that makes her happy.

. This is an opportunity to express yourself and tell other people what is unique about you and what you are looking for in your partner.This is an opportunity to express yourself and tell other people what is unique about you and what you are looking for in your partner.This is an opportunity to express yourself and tell other people what is unique about you and what you are looking for in your partner.This is an opportunity to express yourself and tell other people what is unique about you and what you are looking for in your partner.This is an opportunity to express yourself and tell other people what is unique about you and what you are looking for in your partner.