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Date single man from Ontario, Canada. A little about myself in 4000 characters or less...
3 words I would use to describe myself: funny, confident and loyal. I am ambitious and have many goals that I’m working towards. However that most important one is to work towards living life to the fullest. That doesn’t mean I’m jumping out of planes or off buildings every weekend, but I believe in doing things that make you happy.
I’ve been told that my smile is contagious, and I truly enjoy making people laugh. I don’t care if it’s at me or with me, if I’ve made someone smile after a bad day that’s a good feeling.
I’m pretty active. I go to the gym pretty regularly, play baseball and have a love/hate relationship with golf: I love it and it hates me.
I enjoy travelling and there are a lot places I still have left on my list that I’d like to see, but I like Toronto (a little too much I’ve been told) so I like checking out new places in the city.
Who I'm looking for is someone to laugh with, be spontaneous with, and have fun with. Someone who is driven both professionally and personally. Most importantly someone who is comfortable in their own skin. Someone who is open minded to all cultures is key. Lastly I am incredibly honest and trustworthy and I would want who ever I'm with to share that last quality, that is extremely important to me.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I’m an easy going individual who is usually willing to try new things. I enjoy good company with good conversation over dinner or drink, rather than watching TV, but I do like watching movies on occasion. Coffee is a must for me in the morning; I like to prepare my own.
I have a career as a software product manager; I live in downtown-TO; play volleyball as a hobby and just started snowboarding.
I enjoy hanging out with my close friends and I’m a happy person who likes to enjoy life, going out and having fun – Like to make others laugh and be happy – I’m liberal and a very honest person (friends say too honest sometimes lol ) . I try to do my best in everything that I do (work, friendships, relationships).
I do believe open communication is key for any type of relationship. Sometimes I’m shy when meeting new people (that might last 15minutes). My family is a big part of my life even though I live far away from them. I’m confident in my abilities. I’m not a lazy person who doesn’t like to stay home watching TV all the time.
One thing at the time - getting to know each other is key, and then see what happens - not in a rush.
I’m looking for someone who is open to new cultures, languages, people and who is easy going, fun, honest and has a sense of humour.

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I'm a quiet guy with a witty sense of humor, bordering on dark. I appreciate the simple things in life and give credit where credit is due. I have been a professional Chef, Military Communications Expert and now I'm in school for Multimedia Design. I love an adventurous lifestyle.
During my life I have been through some very tough times. I have witnessed much pain and shed a lot of tears. I have managed to push through most of the time no matter how hard it may seem. This has left me with experiences that have enabled me to grow and mature into a rock solid individual.
A few quotes I live by:
One day at a time.
Those who speak, don't know. Those who know, don't speak.
Someone once told me the definition of hell; during your last day on earth the person you became will meet the person you could have become.
I like my women rough around the edges. A women who is not afraid of getting motor oil on her hands, dirt under her fingernails and mud in her hair. Not some vegan eating, tie dye shirt wearing, new age music listening, complicated Starbucks ordering shallow person. There, I said it.

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. I'm simple but rock , friendly,funny sexy...I want to meet the man that i can be with for the rest of my life I'm hopelessly romantic...I'm very good in cooking and caring my love ones...I am now living here in Canada for 3 yrs...I love this country because people are very nice...

Date single man from Canada. Giving this site a look around. I like going to bars, movies, and hanging out with my friends.. I also like going to the gym a few times a week. Looking for someone with similar interests and hobbies.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I will try to separate myself from others on here in saying that my intention for being on here is to meet that special someone that I can hopefully spend the rest of my life with. According to Match's very effective marketing advertisments they say that 1 in 5 relationships start online. So here I am... online.... Come to think of it thats only 20%... that does sound to promising lol.
Lets see... about me... Well, I am a compassionate, and understanding person, and always try to se it from others perspective. Everyone has a story to tell, so listen close because it might mean more to you than you think. I am very patient and loyal. I have been raised with good family morals, and I love my family very much who I would literally do anything for. I am a man of integrity who is honest, genuine and sincere. I am one who is terrible about lying about my feelings or thoughts, because my conscience is too strong. So, I if you seek my honest opinon you will get it. I am not afraid to express myself or tell it like it is, if my feelings are true, but I always make sure that I am polite and think before I speak... mom taught me well
I am a teacher, and I love what I do. I welcome the challenges and the rewards of being a positive role model to so many, and would never take advantage of the position I hold. I like to keep my mind sharp because., if you dont use it you will lose it, so I engage myself in lots of different things. Ask me and I'll be happy to share.
I am a simple man, and like to keep things simple, so basically what I am looking for in a partner is someone who is caring, patient, loving and understanding. Every relationship needs understanding, patience and lots of communication. I believe that without communication no relationship will survive, I heard a saying that said "Romeo and Juliet are a perfect example why communication is so important in a relationship". So I want to love talking to you.
No one is perfect, so just be yourself. Its the imperfection of your special someone that you love the most, because those imperfections are between just the two, and its those imperfections that draw them closer to each other. Get to know my imperfections and I will like to learn yours as well.
I hope I have piqued your interest.... if I have then please send me a wink or message. I cant flip through all these profiles, so if you act first with a message or wink I wont think that is weird, forward or rude.
Thanks for your time in reading all this, lets talk!!

Date someone special from Canada. I am a nice guy who wants to make the world smile, it makes me really happy when the people around me are laughing at somthing I said or did, I am a wrestler, I have wanted to be a wrestler since I was 4 so I am very proud of that. I am hoping that a fun loving nice person reads this and sends me a message, I get out a lot and see movies and go to bars with friends and have a good time. I enjoy quick witted humor and corniness. I am looking for someone who is real and not fake and who wants to have a great time no matter if she is out of her element or in a familiar zone. I am very passionate about my career my friends and my family love my niece and nephew with all of my heart.

Meet a man from Canada. someone honest who has a career and is looking for something long term. I am looking for more than a date I'm looking to date and go into a relationship. I am black my background is Jamaican. I work f/t for the government. I go to university p/t trying to get my accounting degree. I like to go out and have fun when there is time. Clubs or lounges. even just going down to by the water and enjoying a sunny day. I love road trips and traveling also. Im looking for someone to share these things with. I like a woman who is focused and family oriented as I am. I have no kids but I love kids and want kids in the future.
I have recently in the last few months have begun doing more charity work and working out. i exercise 4-5 days a week. Trying to eat healthy just a change of lifestyle. I ran a 5K recently and plan on running another month. It was an experience running that race and gave me a sense of accomplishment. Im not looking for a workout partner but if you like to exercise that would be fun. I like to be active whether its playing soccer, running, or working out at the gym.

. Thanks for taking the time to read my profile and best of luck!
I am a well-rounded person and very passionate about life and learning despite the occasional setbacks. I am somewhat open-minded and rarely conform to trends. I have utmost respect for nature and all its creatures - the homo sapiens though need to prove themselves first! My friends will describe me as dependable, resilient, caring and creative individual.
The small things in life give me the biggest pleasure - I am happy to see the sun shine another day and smell the aroma of my green tea. :o) I cannot live without dancing up a storm or dipping into sea water once in a while, so it is lots of little things after all :o)).
I am hoping to attract an open-minded lady who is full of life and has interest in pursuing her hobbies and dreams while creating opportunities to stay in touch with the special people in her life.

. I’ve recently moved back to Toronto from the UAE after being there for almost three years.
About Me: Pretty much laid back - Morning person that enjoys the outdoors - Running is a passion - Enjoy movies, music, and have a love for the latest gadgets - I also enjoy hanging out in coffee shops when I'm free in order read, study, or just kick back - Not big on the night life scene, those days are pretty much behind me.
Looking for a smart, elegant, honest, beautiful and fun lady to spend quality time with in this great city.

. My closest friends would describe me as funny and weird because I have a strange sence of humor but I'll definitely make you laugh. I would like to find someone to share my life with and who has some of the same hobbies and interests. If you would like to know anything about me feel free to ask.

. I am a very creative and playful person looking for companionship...
I'm a very hard working individual who enjoys keeping busy. I have only been living in Kitchener for about a year now. I moved here for a career opportunity and continue to work hard towards accomplishing my career goals.
My friends and family are the most important things in my life and i enjoy spending time with them whenever I can. During the warmer months, i enjoy being outdoors. (Camping, Cottaging, Fishing, Hiking, Swimming, bbqs, etc). I also enjoy driving my Jeep with the top off. In the winter months, I like staying indoors. (Watching movies, reading, playing games etc.)
My friends would say I'm honest, fun, entertaining, and dependable. They are also the ones that said I should give online dating a chance, since I work so much and because I'm not familiar with the area's social scene.
If you're energetic, passionate, playful and family oriented...we should talk. I'm looking for somebody that enjoys some of the same things i do, but has their own interests as well that I could learn about.

. am a person with a social and open personality, i find communication and understanding the most important in a all kinds of relationships.
looking for someone who is social, intellectual and likes adventures life - its good to do crazy things sometimes.

. Often described as being very generous. Take much pride in my work and being there for people who I consider important in my life. Active social life which includes a range of activities including movies, sports, music and books, I love to travel and have been to Europe twice in the last year.

. When I am not sipping on endless refills of chai, I am either running (not on the lam), cycling, catching up on some photography, at the museum/opera/theatre or organizing a fundraiser. Apart from that, I enjoy cooking up new dishes, but I am in my element by the grill.
What matter most to me are bonds with family and friends,laughter, humility, an open-mind, social consciousness, healthy lifestyle, appreciation for arts culture and open communication. I don't knock the ball out of the park here, and neither do I expect someone I am with to as well, but being on the same wave-length in outlook and values is fundamental.
While I appreciate work-life balance, having aspirations in both one's personal professional life are important to me. I am the type who supports my partner's goals, and expect the same in return.
I have delivered aid in war zones, played rugby for my Texas varsity team, worked as a journalist, shoot photography professionally (hobby), was adrift in Lake Ontario for half-a-day after our canoe capsized in a gale and marooned twice in jungles while rafting. But growing up in different parts of the world, I am always open to new adventures, so this year I am training for the Tough Mudder and the TO Marathon.
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