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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. About me:
I'm just a down-to-earth guy looking for a down-to-earth girl. I love to have fun, and there isn't much I won't try at least once. These days I don't head to the clubs very often, although i'm still known to bust-a-move from time to time. I love to snowboard and get real satisfaction out of being creative (music, art, food, etc...). I've played in some local bands and play guitar as often as i can. I'm a closet HGTV-a-holic (shh -keep that on the down-low). "The List" would be a lot shorter if it wasn't for that blasted channel. Oh - and Red Wine!!! I was brought up on the stuff. Finally, I have a decent career, own a car, house, and hopefully a dog sometime in the near future.
What I'm looking for:
Someone who's kick-ass! Maybe that's a tall order these days, but I'm a confident guy who feels he desreves nothing less. Although it's great to have a lot in common, i think a really good connection is the key. Being smart, attractive, fun, and most importantly, RICH can go a long way too. Ok, well the first 3 for sure.
Anyways, message me if you think we'd hit it off.

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. hi i m 6ft tall dark and handsome guy frm asia looking fr someone with whom i can share all experince of my life atrue partner mre of frnd kind .
right now i living alone in etobicoke ,a partner shld be understandable and lives a natural life

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. i truly enjoy the simple things in life. like going for a walk or looking up at the stars. there is beauty in everything if you are willing to see it.
i am looking for someone with similar interests.

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. I'm a down to earth person with strong values and a very deep commitment to my work, friends and family (in no particular order).The qualities that I find most attractive are caring, passionate and independence.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am looking for a women for a casual relation to hang out and spend some time together and enjoy every moment of life.
She should be confident and mature
I am attached at the moment and dont want to change my status but looking for a women who is in same situation or dont have any staus issues

Meet single man from Canada. I'm a laid back guy I don't really rush things. I love movies...all kinds. I like to sit back with a book or watch television for hours and not care. I like to eat. I like to cook and try new foods. I don't like to party too often but every once in a while its nice to cut loose. I smoke occasionally and I'll have a drink or two but I try not to over do it. I'm looking for someone who has has similar interests doesn't mind sitting around the house in really comfortable clothes and watch t.v. and do nothing but who is also motivated to do something with their life.

Date someone special from Canada. Hey all I'm on there hoping to find Mrs. Right I enjoy camping,fishing,hiking,boating but also hanging out home watching flicks all day under a blanket ..
I'm a hard worker and most I work long hours but I enjoy every minute of my job and I hope you do also.

Meet a man from Canada. I am different then any man out here. I post a picture that won't draw you to me on purpose I am not shallow and want the same. I am a great person on the inside for me to have moralls. I worm hard at my job to keep fit , I tone my self to look good. I think fat is to keep you arm ad a coat can do that easier. I have a career which I love. I have changed careers twice. I am a open book and nothing to hide. I know how to treat a woman and I do know how to talk. I am not rude as well as I am not looking for sex. If I was I would go have a glamour shot done up, get all tanned up put some gel in my hair and pose. That is not who I am which makes me a great guy as well as a friend. I am a guy who thinks of others first and not him self first. I know how to do things for my self so I am not looking for some one to be a slave. If you want a guy who don't lie , cheat or steal and tires of being treated like crap when the guy gets what he wants well I am your guy.....

. Well im not much to look at i supose then again noone is perfect in this world big small we all bleed red im looking for someone who has a great Smile and not looking for anything serious just good time and good Lauphs and quite possiably make some good friends

. my perfect match would be honest and caring, with a open communication between each of us. With a understanding that we both have pasts and are able to accept and deal with each others past. I expectations I dont think are high just what I think that it would take to make ea relationship work. Size appearance do not matter to me love comes from within and that is where I intend to be looking for it when I meet someone.

. Me,
I have moved back to the city from the country livin, from my animals and my puppys. I’ve made a life change; I’m back in school working towards a dream. I have realized what I want out of life, and I’m not settling for less. School keeps me busy, but I’m looking for someone to share my life with. You must understand that being a friend and trust is what is important to me.

. I'm a decent, kind, romantic and hard working man. I have two jobs and like both of them. I have my own home and a car, all done paid for. I like telling jokes to make people laugh. I live alone and have to do every thing for my self, so i don't have time to play games with any one.

. I am guy that loves life, likes volleyball, likes to talk, likes to eat well and if I am love I will do anything for this person. I am looking for a person that is funny, likes sports and enjoyed what life has to offer.

. Thanks for stopping by..I'm look for a nice girl, someone who is family oriented.. someone who has goals and who is ambitious.. someone I can trust, someone who has respect..and most importantly someone I can learn from and grow with!
If you would like to talk to me..please send me a message.... Thank you.... if not.. Good Luck!

. Looking for someone who is fun, funny, exciting.
Someone who will keep me on my toes. Maybe even motivate me to do new things.
Someone who I can develop a close bond with yet dosen't need me around 24/7 and can give me breathing room.
Pretty eyes are a major PLUS, ha.
Someone who can accept I can be a bit wild and eccentric at times and love me for the unique person I am.