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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Hello my name is xxx, and I am the best man of the groom
Here to send my farewell to my friend who well is doomed
xxx and I have been friends for 12 years I think
Time has passed way to fast like eyes when they blink
I remember one time up at school when I was stuck
I ran over to his apartment were I kind of took his truck
That’s how good of a friend he has been to me
But now I am glad to see that he got down on one knee
You can finally say xxx is your wife
Now she will always be part of your life
I know your marriage will be filled with love
Just as a cold hand goes into a warm glove
Also, I like to thank the parents of the groom and bride
You can tell they were standing today with a lots of pride
So please raise your glasses and congratulate these two
Wow I am glad this is over I can’t believe I pulled thru
10 months ago

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. First, my user name is supposed to be Tweedle Dum, the extra E was a typo when I signed up, not sure if it can be changed now. Genuine, I have nothing to hide, nor do I bother lying or trying to pretend to be something I am not. I'm a guy from a small town, living in the capital. Love going for a ride on my motorcycle, or just spending time with friends. Looking for someone to hang out with, if more comes from it so be it, if not, then I look forward to just adding a new friend.

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. I want to have Fun and enjoy life. I am down for pretty much anything and want to explore new things.
My Perfect Match would someone who can just be themself. I've always imagined a funny, nice and happy lady.
I hope my dreams come true

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. I'm very easy going, like to have a good time Aka day out for lunch and a ball game. A nice dinner. I like trying new things. Very active like camping hiking and relaxing! Looking for someone to have fun with and to get to know.

Date someone special from Canada. active, funny outgoing guy looking for a smart confident sexy woman to have great times together. love to spend time outdoors and hope you do as well. cant wait to cook you a great meal and go for a walk on the beach after

Meet a soulmate from Canada. 32 yo guy who hates the "bar scene" and other sleazy online sites. I would love to find a fun, easy going girl that would match me well.
I currently work a lot and find it hard to find the right girl. that being said I don't work so much that I don't have free time to spend with the right girl.
I would love to find a girl with a passion for music, I cannot get through a day without music in my life.
me in a nut shell
-easy going
-try anything at least once
-loves sushi
-has a small but amazing group of close friends
-loves a fun night out on the town
-also loves a nice night in
hopefully you in a nutshell
-see above
Want to know anything else please feel free to get a hold of me, I hate filling these things out!

Date a man from Canada. Maybe skepticism kept me from sharing more but I'm beginning to think that there are some really awesome people on here who I want to get to notice my profile and start up a conversation perhaps!
I am not a subscribing member at the moment but I am going to change that very soon so I promise I will be in touch shortly. I was a subscriber for a month before while I tested out the waters. Mostly I was doing what I do best.....I was sitting back watching all the girls go by.
I do find this medium odd, but if we can't keep with the world and the times we just might be left behind.
Let me start by pointing out a few things.
I am not 6'0" or more and not really toned and muscular, therefore, I don't fit into the "ideal match" column for what seems to be 90% of the girls out there. I am, however, a person with a great head on my shoulders who is interested in finding the girl who deserves the love and respect I can offer her. I can very easily be the guy of your dreams if you are truly wanting to find that. I'm not interested in short term flings and the song "Girls just wanna have fun" annoys me. I want to have fun building a life and future with someone, not serial-date.
Some things about me and this site....
1. I read profiles first and look at pictures second
2. I actually DO read your profile
3. I don't trust always what I read otherwise I'd be snatched up by now (LOL)
4. I do believe physical attraction plays a role
5. Kissy face pictures and pictures of yourself in a mirror...not attractive
6. I fit into most descriptions of what women are looking for (so what are you waiting for?)
7. The wink feature is purposeful and SHOULD be used (if you like what you read, wink and I'll respond)
8. Lots of people won't respond to a message (at least show respect and respond....we are better than that)
I am on here for the right reasons, that much I can guarantee you. I've exhausted my social crowd and while everyone I know is trying to set me up with people, no one I know seems to know anyone to introduce me too but vows to continue their search.
I don't know who I'm looking for but I"m hoping I can figure it out quickly when I meet her. We don't really believe we all have types do we? If it works it works and things never work without giving it a chance, at least a conversation. The door is open, the floor is yours, I know who I am , but I want to get to know you and I want you to get to know me.

Meet single man from Canada. I'm a problem solver, the kind of guy who looks for outcomes to be attained rather than obstacles to be avoided. I go through life with direction and purpose maintaining a positive attitude. I will do anything for loved ones, of which there is a lot of in my life. I have good family values and enjoy helping others, the smallest gesture of kindness gives me great satisfaction.
I'm looking for someone to share my adventure in my conquest for world domination. Just kidding.
I enjoy going out as much as staying in. Looking for someone to share those experiences with. I judge people on an individual basis, based on there actions. Everyone has my complete respect and attention equally. If your a good person it will shine through.
References available upon request

. I am a nice man, who expects to find a clever, beautiful girl to share pleasant moments. I am passionate about sport (mountain bike, mountaneeringenjoy a good movie, better with a nice company.), I love rock and roll, reading about politics and technology. I

. I'm an easy-going guy with little expectations. I'm not shallow but I have to admit, looks and living an active lifestyle are still important to me. I'm looking for anyone that will laugh with me and at me! :)...

. A bit about me..
I'm new to the area. I moved up from KW for a job (live in KW on weekends). I'm a professional, college educated. I love going out, meeting new people and having fun. I enjoy watching all sports, going for hikes with my dog and travelling as much as possible! I’m confident , charming and always striving for excellence.
If you would like to know more please email me...I find it hard to write a lot about my self.
What I am looking for…
I’m looking for someone fun, active, has goals for the future and is excited about life.

. I would like to meet someone who I can share my time with doing things that interest us both and enjoy each others companionship.
I enjoy dining out, hiking, bowling, pub nights, running, soccer... I enjoy watching documentaries, reading about current events and most live sports.

. I love to joke around and have a good time.
I try to travel as much as possible. Love resorts, but also loved backpacking the southern coast of Spain and North Africa.
I'm spontaneous but not reckless. I have a couple of geeky qualities but find they add to my overall charm.
I have a job, a car and a dog Sadie who I adore. She takes up quite a bit of my time, but I also enjoy running, cycling, snowboarding, going to the pub, canoeing, camping, going to the gym, and playing guitar.
I would like to meet someone who is spontaneous, has a good sense of humor and someone who isn't afraid of being themselves.
If you got through all of that and still want to know more, send me a wink and I'll send you an email ;)

. looking for someone who's real, no games no more time to waste. I'm looking to for someone up for going out downtown or staying in having a romantic dinner in and watching a movie. Life is too short for wasting anymore time

. I love spending my Summers outside in the sun doing almost anything. During the Winter you'll find me on a sofa catching up on movies or making travel plans to a warmer destination. Haha. I play sports more then I watch them and love challenging myself mentally and physically.
I've been described as a considerate person who seems to make people comfortable and don’t mind putting myself out to help friends and family. I’m sarcastic and confident but very far from cocky. I think humility is an important quality – keeps you grounded.
My parents raised us old school so I’m all about working hard and playing hard and treating people the way I’d like to be treated. I don't act my age and am okay with that so hope my partner can keep up with my active lifestyle and love for travel. I’m a romantic at heart and love taking care of my woman as long as she can reciprocate and appreciates the small stuff. Sleeping in on the occasional Sunday, brunch, follow by a pillow fight is my idea of a good start to the day.
I've been told I'm picky when it comes to women probably because I know what I want in a partner and best friend and I'm not willing to settle; however I do understand the importance compromise.
I'm attracted to women with similar morals and values, sweet and sincere demeanor, positive attitudes, family oriented, and affectionate. I’m a hugger! I love a woman that is spontaneous and can come home, change from lulu lemons into a dress and 4 inch heels so we can get our groove on (I really don't mind if you take an hour to get ready). ;)
As far as personal appearance goes, there of course has to be a mutual attraction. I am more attracted to taller, curvier or athletic women with dark hair, dark skin and big lips. So no blonds or petite girls please.
Good luck and hope to talk soon! :)