Date men and women from Canada / Ontario / Midland, 32 year old

Date someone special from Midland, Canada. I am an easy going, hardworking person with a good natured, sarcastic sense of humor that hasn't failed me yet.
I try to treat people the way that I want to be treated. I can usually make the most of situations and have learned over the past 5 years how flexible I can be.
I'm a great friend, easy to talk to and open minded. I appreciate the simple things in life and the differences in people. Happiness, gentleness, passion in what we do are all important to me. Also are honesty, integrity and openness.
I'd like to connect with a feminine interesting, non dramatic human who values honesty and loyalty. I think drive and ambition are sexy. I don't wish to be everything to everyone, but i would like to be something to someone. I love life and I am looking for that special someone to enjoy it with.
I love to learn, read, listen to all kinds of music, travel, hike, BBQ, hang out with friends, go to Disneyland and take long drives-just for starters! I am comfortable having long in-depth conversations that are serious but I also like to take a wacky topic and see how far it can go at times too
I?m a passionate, generous and a lovely human who loves to laugh. I am emotionally and mentally stable and I love what i do cos it gives me freedom to chose when i wanna work and when to go on a holiday. isn't that what freedom should be ??

Meet a soulmate from Midland, Canada. I am a fun and bubbly person who likes to go out and explore or stay at home and cuddle on the couch.
I want somebody who can be themselves around me and who I can be myself around them. Somebody like me who would like to go out dancing, dinner, movie, theatre; but would equally be as comfortable staying around the house ;)
I would like a man who is funny but knows when to be serious and likes to have fun.

Date men and women from Midland, Canada. When you've stopped at a red light and look over and see a girl dancing and singing away....that girl is probably me. I love to explore the fun side of life. If it'll make me laugh, or at the very least be a fantastic story to tell later on, I'll try my hand at it.
I love my long as I keep learning and meeting new people, I'll keep doing it. My family and friends are the most important people in my life, and I'm thankful every day for the relationships I've cultivated on my journey through life.
I'm looking for someone who will make me laugh, and challenge me just a little bit.