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Date people from Canada. I am outgoing friendly, easy going with a positive outlook. I enjoy people who are in the like. I enjoy movies, reading, cooking, road trips, and learning new things and places generally. If you like what you see, send me an email instead of simply winking back and forth (it'll get you further) :)

Meet someone special from Canada. Looking to meet someone who is looking to settledown and move forward with someone in there life. I'm at that age in life lol. Also I'm very friendly and outgoing also very caring. I am blessed to have wonderful friends in my life. I do like going out and having a good time but also staying in and just hanging out. Did I mention that I am big wrestling fan believe it or not lol.

Date a soulmate from Canada. Okay so this is the part of the profile I find a bit awkward. I mean can you really sum up in a paragraph who you are and what you are looking for?!? Lol.
Well here's a start!
I am very outgoing and have a strong personality. I like to have things my way... But then who doesn't? That being said I am open to compromise and I'm sure if you are level headed we can sort it out.
I love laughing and spending time with friends and family. I try new things all the time and would hope you could with me as well.
I have a very busy schedule and would want someone who can respect that as my work is very important to me.
I am looking for a partner that is strong, career minded, loves to have fun but understands life isn't always fun and games.
You will definitely have to be open to travel, exploring new things and being part of this wonderful world!
The world is our oyster, we can virtually do anything we want!!

Meet men and women from Canada. I'm a student who is in actuarial science, my friends often describe me as cute and friendly. I'm hoping to find someone who will take me seriously and not try to manipulate me or take advantage of my innocence.

Date a woman from Canada. I am a shy person. However, I like to travel and experience difference people and culture. I come from South East Asia and now I am immigrate here. I am not so good at sports, but I like to watch games. I like to dine out and try all kinds of food. My favorite food is Sushi, I do like raw fish. My voice is a little soft, not so loud.. and my English speaking is average...I like shopping,too...watching shows.. I like all kinds of music besides heavy metal....that's not my type... I hope I can find some one who can compromise my personality and enjoy geting along with each other.... cause I am a very quiet person.. so I need somebody to carry on the topic....and I am the person who is not good at make up and hair and nails.... so if you don't mind ... feel free to contact me.. =p

Meet people from Mississauga, Canada. Looking for someone who could be my best friend to start and develop into something wonderful. What I am looking for in a man; kind, loving, generous, supportive, understanding, trustworthy intelligent. I am nice and funny person.

Date someone special from Mississauga, Canada. Here we go again...
I'm straight to the point and sometimes too much as my friends might say. I'm a very "choosey lover" but once I fall (which takes a LONG LONG LONG time) I'm loyal until you cross me. FUN is my middle name and I can make any occasion enjoyable!
I'm a music lover, especially old school jams where they actually have feeling in their music. I'm an old soul looking for my twin.
Now let's be straight up. I am looking for first a friendship that could hopefully be set on fire. So let's be honest, don't waste my time if you have other intentions and I won't be wasting yours. I'm tired of ending, starting over, ending starting over...most of you players love to do that sorta thing but in my books highly over rated compared to a bestfriendship!!!! So only grown ups need apply or get the beep out. lol
*Note* My mom says if you look like Shemar Moore or Morris Chestnut then it's ok for me to date chocolate guys =0p

Meet a soulmate from Mississauga, Canada. I am looking for someone to have fun with... enjoy our time together. I am very outgoing and like to have fun, but i also like to stay in and relax. Someone who is confident, loyal, honest and sure of themselves. Romantic and sweet... I know your out there...
Honesty, simplicity and no drama!
If you like this characterization of my personality, message me:
Serious-minded, practical and goal- orientated Quietly ambitious, she often has solid work ethics and expects nothing but the same in anyone she redeems valuable. It is not uncommon for her to become "the rock of Gibraltar" for people in her life, but secretly she likes it. Besides, she has enough self discipline for two. By nature, she is cautious and can seem almost taciturn at times. Not afraid to be alone.
She will not let just anyone into her private world, it is best to concentrate on making her a friend first. She is attracted to people who are strong and confident, but display virtues of sensitivity and sincerity. Often times she does not easily express her softer side, but underneath her well- preserved facade, she is full of depth and sensual passion. It takes a special person to unleash her passions, but if you are not afraid to be put to the test!

Date men and women from Mississauga, Canada. I'm a very positive, down to earth, hard working person. I guess i'm the best description of Capricorn personality traits. I am well organized and goal oriented person. I'm always straight fwd and honest. I want a man who cares about others' feelings( not selfish) and think positive about life.

Meet a woman from Mississauga, Canada. my closest friends would describe me as trustworthy, caring, upbeat, fun, quirky when comfortable, helpful, hardworking
what makes me smile?! almost anything
i'm passionate about my career
grateful for my family and friends
funny people or things make me laugh out loud!

Date people from Ontario, Canada. Just want to meet a funny,nice guy who enjoys sports- playing and watching, trying out new restaurants and who doesn't take himself too seriously. A travel bug is a must. I'd go anywhere.
I love soccer and play once a week so I like to keep fit. Long walks with my Lab Goldie are how I like to spend my time wouldn't mind doing that with someone special.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. honesty, romance, someone to grow old with. serious about a relationship. Willing to learn and be open minded about others. Is not egotist, strong individual, and they knows exactly what they want in life. Someone to make me smile and who enjoy good company.

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am a very active, adventurous woman with a witty sense of humor. I am intelligent, confident, and respectful. I am also a kid at heart and love to have fun! I am stable, grounded, realistic, and can handle myself in most social settings. I consider myself an outdoorsy type but I also like the finer side of life, such as the theater art and fine foods. I am looking for the love of my life. When I love someone, I feel it deeply and completely; my focus is totally on him. I am a passionate woman and a hopeless romantic. My heart has been broken and IРІР‚в„ўve spent the last year healing; I feel it is time to open my heart to the right man.
I am looking for a man who can be a good companion, who is affectionate and able to express his feelings. I am physically affectionate and comfortable expressing myself in that way; it is important to me that my man should be similarly comfortable. I would like to meet a man who has a sense of adventure, energy, and a love of life. I would like to meet a man who understands that true riches come from the treasured interests of the other. I miss that feeling of being into someone and having someone into me. I would enjoy someone who shares my interests and has interests of his own. I would like to meet a man who is honest, confident, down-to-earth, and spontaneous. I am looking for a companion who will share the good times as well as the bad and i am looking for the man of my dream i mean the man that will be real to me.

Meet men and women from Ontario, Canada. The years before now have been textured with many lessons in humanity, and these lessons have tempered me... I have lived through the pain of betrayal, and I've grown stronger from the wisdom that only hardship can bring. Grief and pain can shape us, and should we choose to use our life lessons to better ourselves, to grow and learn from the angst, then our souls may reach an enlightened depth.I am ready to see the beauty once more.Show me that there is still goodness and truth in the world...... and I will offer my loyalty and friendship. I try to live by this:Go without a coat when it's cold; find out what cold is. Go hungry; keep your existence lean. Wear away the fat, get down to the lean tissue and see what it's all about. The only time you define your character is when you go without. In times of hardship, you find out what you're made of and what you're capable of. If you're never tested, you'll never define your character.

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. I'm a girl looking for a guy that is simple. That likes to have a few good laughs and also hang out. At home or with friends. I'm not a size 2 but i hope that it don't matter i'm a good person with a good heart. I may be a little picky sorry. Once you get o no me really i'm not that bad. I love to love and sees were it takes us! I'm open minded and easy to get along with. The reason i say no kids is that i just want to be the center of attention for a bite like you would be my center of attention. I like to smile and enjoy the people around me. I have a good soul, i would like him to experience that.