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Date someone special from Mississauga, Canada. Easy going, enjoy's the little things in life. Living for today, working for tomorrow. I hate distractions. I blame it on short skirts and skimpy clothing. Come and take a walk with me I'll tell you everything you need to know.

Meet a man from Mississauga, Canada. A carbon based life form searching for that perfect carbon based life form. A lonely male looking for that perfect female. One who attractive, a good personality, faithful, a good laugh, outgoing and smart.

Date single man from Mississauga, Canada. 4000 charecters to sell it eh? Here goes:
- I'm all about random point form
- Want ti see the world
- On a mission to learn Salsa
- Great food makes me smile
- i sure hope i can update this box later cause all i'm doing now is hitting the 200 charecter mark

Meet a soulmate from Mississauga, Canada.
With work life getting busier, it's harder to find time to meet people, so I decided to take a chance on this site.
I'm an easygoing and down to earth guy. Friends would describe me as laid back and up for just about anything.
My ideal match is someone who's family oriented, has a good career and doesn't take herself too seriously. Not required, but if you can cook, that's a bonus!
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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Hi I am alot more fun in person!
I have a sarcastic, sense of humor (some would say disturbing). I love the outdoors and I love to travel. I like going to concerts, museums, theater, and any offbeat an indie production of anything! Love Canada ! Road trips!

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. Hi I’m Adnan, gentle, smiley and post-modern.
I love sens of humor, cabbage, travelling, partying, intelligence and originality.
I don’t like people uptight, goat-cheese, moaner, and the lack of enthusiasm.
And what’s more, if you know what you like, if travelling makes you dream and if you want to correspond with someone interesting a priori…you’ve got nothing to lose, just get a hold of me.

Date single man from Ontario, Canada. Well, I’m not sure what to say; would you even know if I’m telling the truth? I could tell you I’m down to earth and like to have fun with my family and friends but so does everyone else. So why write about it? How does that differ from anyone else? It doesn’t
Why I’m doing this? Honestly I don’t know; it can be hard to find someone, so it’s time to try something new. I do meet people, but at this stage in my life it’s difficult to find someone you can actually have a genuine connection with.
Enough about me; what am I looking for? Well, let’s just put it in terms of what matters and what doesn’t. Looks, money and every other superficial characteristic don’t matter to me. Honesty, caring, kindness, trust and sincerity do matter (I’m sure I left out a bunch of things).
I know I sound really laidback and carefree but honestly I must be doing it for a reason; and I do believe everything more or less happens for a reason. One thing I’ve learned in life is that nothing ever goes according to plan because you can only control so much; so whatever happens, happens. I hope that makes sense.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. i love everyone because GOD create everbody same and lots of good things extraodanery.but i am nothing in this i like everybody.womens have a very good heart and i respect alot all womens,someetimes she will be a mother,a wife and a beloved also.

Date someone special from Canada. I'm not going to lie, I'm a big guy. I generally get in the way, usually not on purpose. I love the fact I can resolve some differences by just being present. The loudest voice is the quietest in my case.
My passion is in the arts, and electronic music. I create as often as possible in both areas. I usually keep a sketchbook on hand for when random inspiration happens. I'm quite in tune with jamming out chords and creating some cool tunes. Also being a drummer for the last 10 years has helped keep timing in step.
I think I'm quite laid back. I may seem a bit intense at first, but you know how breaking the ice can be. Especially online! If you take the time to get to know me, I'm actually a pretty fun guy.
I really love to rollerblade, and keep active outdoors when the weather cooperates.
You can also find me on the OkCupid, with the same username. Its free. Seems like no one paid for match. Smart, cause you're totally gypped out of 30 bucks. I'm looking for a best friend. Someone that enjoys the arts, and music and keeping an open mind to new ideas. I'm attracted to taller women, though I probably wont turn someone down on that alone. Keeping an active connection to your family and friends is very important.
Ping-pong, and bowling are probably the best first dates ever.

Meet a man from Canada. Sorry I wrote so much. I figured they give me all this space, and considering what it's for, I might as well write as much as I can...Here goes...I'm a guys guy; sports, fishing, bbq, pizza, wings, beer and so on. Rough play times, violent sports, stuff like that. That being said, I have a very soft, sensitive, gentle side, but it's usually not for public viewings. I have a son who just turned 4 and he is living proof that dreams come true! I dreamed of him since I was young and he's just like I imagined and more. He just started JK. I share joint custody and I'm really looking forward to Disney World with him this March break. So anyway about me. Probablly a bit shy at first but it's a guarantee I'll eventually make you piss yourself laughing. Usually I'll have you laughing with me, but you'll probablly end up laughing at me a lot too. I love kids and honestly, kids really love me too. I have a big family, and I'm close to everyone really. I love hockey and I play in a men's league. The games are usually non viloent...usually. I'm a hardcore fan, but it's the only sport I really follow seriously. Fishing? If you cant tell by the photos I posted - I love fishing! (not hunting though, unless its with a camera. I'm not anti-hunting, but I don't hunt). I love nature, wild life, biology, ecology and all that good natural stuff. A peaceful evening by a campfire, with a nice meal, good drink, fall coloured leaves, loon calling - that's my idea of the ideal get away, but I love vegas & caribbean too. I can't wait to take my son camping with me in Algonquin. Take him fishing in a canoe, build a fire together..I dream of that stuff every day. I need a fun open minded women with good strong basic values. Someone with a big beautiful genuine smile! Someone who understands a kid always has to come first. (I'm not planning to introduce him to anyone until something meaningful is established, and yes even though my kid comes first I am looking for someone to really share and build a life with). And I think I need a women who's main goals in life are about love health and happiness, the kind you dont need a set dollar figure to acheive (Dont get me wrong...I love $, it's important..I know!) I'm open to more kids, preferably a girl, cuz my boy can be an animal, but I wouldn't want her to grow up with all the pervs lurking around. Having more kids or not just depends on future circumstances. I've learned to never say never as you never know what the future holds. I'm divorced for 2 years after a 6 year relationship, and only really ever been in long relationships. 4 years with someone, then 4 years with another, and then 6 years. Now hear I am looking for the one that will be forever. So i'm looking for presumably the same thing you are, or I guess everyone here is; A serious relationship with a trusting and trustworthy person. But obviously not just anyone. Hmm, what else? I smoke a lot but want to quit. My son's starting to bug me about it so that should help me get there. Something cool about me is that I've arrested over 100 people..No I'm not a cop or a military guy, and I'm not BS'ing. Real cuffs, rights to counsel, etc. I worked in some aweful places. I'm just proud of what I've done and figured you'd think it's cool too. Some of it was serious stuff- a robbery, assaults, drunk driving, but most were just trespass related. Point is you can feel safe with me. I protect everyone I care about. One last thing since many women need this to consider a guy BF or partner material...I dont drive. I work from home, dont want the extra expense. I'll drive again, but not in a rush to. I get around fine on the smelly buses, and I DO NOT need a chauffer! I really hope you're cool with that. Okay, I think that's it. Thanks for reading all this.
Thx. Ciao 4 now.

Date single man from Canada. hi i am man looking women i am 36 years old i live toronto canada iam working as engineer i have house i looking women who care for me i am canadian citizen i am not drinker ,i am not smooker , i want to nice women

Meet a soulmate from Canada. This is the real me, most of the time I am pretty easy going. I love to make my woman laugh and smile. It makes me feel good. I enjoy just sitting around the fireplace, talking and having a good time. I enjoy going for drives in the country while holding hands. I enjoy every aspect of my life. I'm a mellow type fun loving family oriented guy seeking my true love. I'm thoughtful, caring, devoted, happy. I love to cook and prepare meals, since I am a single guy, Hey I even do dishes! I enjoy spoiling my partner with a nice meal, I love honest, sincere and communicative women.

. As a person I like to think of myself as confident and a humble man. I understand that there's a time to give and be loving and understanding.I enjoy making people laugh.My hobbies include playing the drums,reading,cooking,working out,travelling to name a few.
My goals include looking to find a way into the music business. At what capacity, I'm not sure yet but I'm exploring many ideas. I really want to find a woman to love and share in the beauty that is life. I also want to continue to help those around me I care for to achieve their goals.
Watching other people mistreat their women made me believe how important it is to treat a woman right.Many experiences taught me how to have inner strength and not to get walked on.I've had to overcome some shitty things in life and in doing so it's made me a much stronger and confident man.
I'm a drummer of a rock band "Ashes At Dawn".My passion for music is reflected when I play the drums and I love to get lost in the "zone" while playing live onstage.What an awesome feeling to play live and entertain crowds !!!
Someone to laugh with, hang out with, be spontaneous with, and have fun with! I'm looking for someone who has similar qualities and desires someone who they can connect with.I feel there has to be mutual physical attraction for there to be good chemistry between two people. So being fit and having good looks are important, as well as sensuality and affection.

. I'm the guy your mother said to watch out for... Okay not really, but I can be if you want~
Guess I should put more huh? All right, well I've been in the Toronto area my whole life, I enjoy writing, tinkering with computers, filling my head with random information from the internet (Wikipedia is awesome.) So to answer your question Yes, I'm a nerd with good looks.
My friends describe me as being very adaptive, strategic and full of surprises, (in a good way!) I enjoy hiking through parks and enjoying what nature has to offer. I admit however, I haven't been doing that much lately since I'd rather someone else at my side while taking those walks :)
Outside of that I'm a stay at home and chill out type of person, and so I enjoy relaxing and watching TV, movies, listening to music or playing video games.
I'm looking for someone who I can talk with about anything, do anything with and shares some of my interests.
Still want to know more? Well then you'll just have to contact me~

. You can tune and piano but you can not tuna a fish.
In a long run with me you have to care enough to know me ask questions cause that unatainable game women play doesn't work with me.
I Can say i'm a nice guy but just like the word love that gets thrown around too much.
looking at ones interest really helps with wheather or not you might be a match, so fill yours in.
Don't say your done with the games then turn around and play, just be truthfull with any man some still might get mad but in the end will respect you more.
Having Morales is what I have, I respect this world I live on and think Rationally with the my life.