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Date a man from Mississauga, Canada. Hi there. Im one of those guys that goes with the flow and tries to enjoy life when possible. I know what im looking in a woman and i'm not into mind games. Im an honest and hard working man and a romantic at heart. My motto is a simple one. No one should have regrets because without those regrets we aren't the person we are now.

Meet a soulmate from Mississauga, Canada. people know me as a funny fun loving guy who enjoys every minute of every day.i like to make people laugh an see the better side of life.i dont take time or people for granted.there is nothing better than seeing a beautiful women smile an be the one who made her feel loved an cared about.

Date single man from Mississauga, Canada. hi my name is Ricardo, and you know what!!!? i?m a box of surprises, you know i can sometimes even suporise myself.... :) i?m looking to find some one who has a good sense of humor,
so come check me out! :)

Meet someone special from Mississauga, Canada. I am a smart person, but I often had trouble focusing in school. Everything seemed to happen so slowly to me. I found classes to be too easy and was often one of the students joking around and cracking wise.
I still don't feel like I have found my calling in life and I am trying to find the field that I want to commit my life to. I have had a number of jobs already in my life, from managing the operations of an airline, to being a bank manager in diwntown Toronto (at 25 years old), to my current job as a Director for a commercial leasing company. I'm proud of the successes I have had in the various jobs I have had, but I am considering re-educating myself to find a career that will provide me with the worklife balance and happiness I am looking for.
I am greatful for my family that is always there for each other, whether someone needs a helping hand or just an attentive ear. I have a large number of Aunts, Uncles and cousins, and we see each other often.
I am looking for a woman who enjoys the simple things in life. Sharing a nice meal, having a few drinks with friends, watching a sporting event or even just spending a weekend afternoon together on the couch. A good sense of humor is a must for me (Hopefully by looking at the shows I like you can get a sense of the humor I like).
I don't really go to nightclubs. I'm more likely to visit some friends for dinner or head up to a cottage in my free time (I do also play hockey 2-3 times a week, so that does take up some of my time right now).
I don't know what else to put on here right now but I will add to it later.

Date a man from Canada. Who reads these things?
I've seen some that are so long.
Who has time to read these things?
Why can't conversations here start with just a simple "Hi" and if the other person say's "Hi" back, take it from there.
If the other person doesn't say "Hi" back, do you really want to invest time on that other person?
It's like going to a bar/club/library/etc... to meet people. You see someone, you say "hi". If the other person ignores you, weren't you glad you saved yourself 5mins from reading their profile and coming up something witty to say only not to be acknowledged?
In summary, acknowledge my "Hi" and we'll take ti from there.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I'm an engineer, entrepreneur, athlete, avid concert goer, (amateur) chef, guitar playing, zombie killing, jack-of-all-trades.
After finishing school and working for a bit, a couple of friends from university and I realized that working for someone else wasn't for us. So we quit our jobs and took the plunge to start our company. We take our cues from Steve Jobs and the HP founders (David Packard and Bill Hewlett) and their vision for building a company that will outlast them and where A players thrive. It's been almost 6 years now and we've been poaching our classmates from other companies (there's 10 of us from our graduating class now).
My time at work is split between writing code (my screen is reminiscent of The Matrix), playing foosball, Dance Central dance battles and mentoring my team. Not many people get this opportunity so I'm not going to waste, which means I'm a bit of a workaholic, but I do find time to do other things.
When I'm not working I'm keeping myself sane by
- going to concerts (Rise Against, Radiohead and Sigur Ros up next)
- going to the gym, swimming or running along the lake shore
- training for the Tough Mudder
- experimenting with/growing hot peppers (chocolate covered habeneros, mmmm...)
- playing my guitar
- cooking
- looking for WWII propaganda posters to decorate my office
- reading xkcd and theoatmeal

Date single man from Canada. I am an active, open, genuine, easy going guy that enjoys a good laugh.
I love traveling (road trips or holidays - been around most of Western Europe), reading, music, dancing and getting to know people.
I'm as comfortable going for a long quiet walk or bike ride or relaxing while reading a book or on a road trip as I am in the middle of a party full of people.
I tend to be careful and thoughtful about those around me but then there are those few times when I just need to let loose and let someone else take care of me...
I'm looking to get to know someone to share new experiences with in my new home country and maybe travel around with.
I do not expect things to move too fast but I promise you that there will be many laughs during this getting to know each other stage.

Meet someone special from Canada. I am in it to win it. I am looking for a woman that want to take this world by a storm and leave a legacy for the generations to come.
Mean what you say and say what you mean. That's sufficient as long as I like you physic.

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. Hello hello,
Random Facts about me:
- I have the biggest sweet tooth around, I can't say no to homemade chocolate chip cookies
- Allergic to cats.
- I enjoy being independent
- Lived in Quebec, Florida and Ontario.
- Enjoy mountain biking...on actual mountains, Banff was awesome!
- Very musically declined
- Consider myself a Professional and am enjoying my career
- My only artistic side is Martial...
- My guilty pleasure is Discovery mythbusters
- Dedicated Dad always.
What I'm looking for:
- Someone who is also easygoing, fun and adventurous
- Passionate about something, anything
- Positive
- Career oriented
- A person who would motivate and challenge me
We are obviously not going to learn everything about each other from our profiles but if there is any interest at all, let's chat and get to know each other further. With that being said, I'm not one to communicate through writing and I don't want endless e-mails. I think you can get to know someone much quicker in person.
Thanks for looking, have a great day!

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. i'm an open minded person all i'm really looking for is a woman with a good sence of humour. i love to laugh and joke around. I enjoy quiet evenings at home watching movies. I also enjoy going out to movies, comedy clubs, and im also willing to try new things.

Date single man from Ontario, Canada. To start I am a honest, genuine, funny and a loyal person. I was born in the caribbean, the beautiful island of trinidad. I like hang out with family and friends when I can. ( Ask and I will tell ). The person I am hoping to attract would be, loyal honest, genuine and a funny person like myself and hopefully not a fake.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I’m a very humble man. I understand that there’s a time to give and be loving and understanding. I also believe in standing up for what I believe and not being walked on. I’m always there for my friends and loved ones. I don’t run from adversity.

. i am a normal guy shy at first and than fun to be with looking for miss right is it u lets meet and see where it takes us so look know further cause your mr right is here so stretch your hand and hold me tight

. So whatever happened to the good o'l days where you meet people organically (as in, face to face in the REAL 3D world)??? Times have changed, so i guess that explains why i'm here =P
Like most young professionals, i'm tired of meeting the wrong type of women (you know, a perceived 9 at the bar/club, a borderline 6 after having a generic bar talk, and a solid 4 after all said and done). Really, since when is being pretentious a good thing?
I'm not going to bore you by listing a 100 reasons why you should date or talk to me. I feel that online dating is all about chances, and no matter what anyone says, a profile picture is the real ice breaker, don't you agree?
I have a lot to offer, so if you care to find out, give me a shout and see what happens! =)

. Currently work in Real Estate (New Condo Sales).
6 things I can't do without!
My morning coffee......half asleep without it!
The toronto informative!
my friends...........They are nice genuine people.
my family............No words can describe them.
my car...............Mechanically Challanged.....but love it.
my blackberry........I tear up with joy everytime I think about it
Don't want to reveal too much about myself, as I would rather get to know someone by good conversation. Looking to meet someone who doesn't fit themselves into a box, or expect others to do the same. I am looking for somebody who believes in loyalty, honesty, and someone who works & plays hard. Drop me a line if interested.