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Date someone special from Canada. Who am I? My friends would describe me as a fun loving and easy going guy, someone who likes to meet new people and enjoys music and culture.
I would have to say my Ideal date involves a quiet dinner and conversation, an opportunity for two people to get to know each other. In a relationship I am looking for a good communicator, someone who shares my interests and can find the beauty in the world around them. I am a positive person and my ideal match is the same.

Meet single man from Canada. I am a person of mixed backgrounds. I speak english, and spanish but i understand it better than i speak it. I also understand a tiny bit of Italian. I am an easy going person i like to do pretty much anything, from Movies to Partying to just hanging out on the Beach.
I play sports quite often to keep active.
I am sometimes a shy person in the beginning but when comfortable you cant shut me up.
I am looking for someone to hang out with have fun and possibly have things turn out more serious. Whatever happens is good.
I work for a promising company in the Medical field, and I have my own car lol. I know it matters to some:) Anyways thats the end of my story for now... hit me up if interested.

Date a man from Canada. I am a nice person, enjoy the company of nice ladies. I can show you some good time around and you will not be disappointed. No strings attached, whenever you want to leave. It will be your call. All the best.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Oh Hai :] My name is Mike, the stuff that tickles my taste buds include... Philosophy, random adventure, video games, sci-fi, fantasy, anime & watching documentaries.
I am looking for someone who has similar interests (or can at least put up with my nerd-a-licious-ness) ;]

Date someone special from Mississauga, Canada. A perfect match for me is a woman that knows how she treats her man with respect and loyalty! Also someone who is funny, down to earth and has to be good looking.... If you can cook that's a plus but if you can't there's always take out! Lol...

Meet single man from Mississauga, Canada. I'm interested in meeting people who are patient, genuine, honest and has a lovable personality that takes pleasure in simple things.
A few words cannot describe a person, you will know more about me once you get to know me.

Date a man from Mississauga, Canada. I'm looking for someone share my life with. Not every second, but the important parts.
I'm not looking for marriage or kids, at least not anytime soon, but I'm not opposed to either idea.
I'm just looking to enjoy my life while I'm still relatively young and not tied down with kids.

Meet a soulmate from Mississauga, Canada. I'm a really easy going man that would like to find someone to have a few laughs with. No drama.
Just go for walks, dinner, movies and enjoy eachother's company. Nothing serious, just a good time who knows maybe more.

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I am describing my self in this thing in 400 characters. This is going to be hard I will have to think of sompthing that i want to wright abought myself hopefully I don't spell too many things wrong I am pritty good at that. I guess i will fill this out later . sorry if you read all if you really want to know I can tell you.

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. im humble open honest guy, i watch and compete in mma, i love animals and camping is a passion, i love extreme sports and hockey and soccer. i have a huge heart and am very passionate about my loved ones, i dont hang with the boys ever and i dont run to the bars or clubs. and i dont play on the internet or cell phones. i love to spend my free time with my woman, i have no kids and i dont mind if a woman i like has kids either. im a ball of energy at times and im a real big cuddle bug lol im a big softy in a hard shell one can say :) i can be shy at first but it goes away fast. im very adventurous and love to try new things, except for foods lol i not looking for endless chat on here i want a woman who knows what she wants and has a big heart like me, we dont have to have all the same interests cuz that would be no fun, lol. i want a girl to spend and dedicate my life to, and who wont ever give up, i dont want to keep doing this, and dont want all the fish in the sea, just one good one will do, thats not to much to ask lol not looking for any gamers or head cases, so dont waist my time, it will take no time for me to sniff you out so please go play with some other fools head. i want a real woman and im tired of meeting fakes. i dont do coffee shops at all i dont drink it either lol more of a tea guy :) i can promise you one thing, what you see and here is what you get, im not here t blow smoke up any ones you know what, im here for only one thing, and thats to find a real hearted girl who believes in real love and putts an effort in to the relationship, honest, loyal loving, caring and just simply easy going. i get along with any one all most, and i will do any thing for my loved ones i know you have heard it all before, but only one way to find out right, i achieve nothing from lieing about myself and have nothing to hide, feel free to ask me anything, and i dont care about the color of skin as i like all types :) nothing would make me more happy and content, than meeting a wonderful girl, to complete my life, i have the job of my life and a good woman would complete my life for good, i believe in 50/50 and dont let my pics fool you, im not arrogant or conceited in any way, i work hard for my body and its not a crime to show it off, and when i get hot in the summer, the shirts coming off, its not like we can wear the skimpy nice clothes like females can lol but a side from all what i typed, only one way to find out, so lets meet and see how it goes, i can assure you this is who i am, i just love to have fun and when im comfortable with you i open up like a bug im hearing impared but not deff, and i dont use no devices but i have a hard time hearing on the phone and dont use a cell, yes i have a cam but only use it to confirm its really me, or if i have a girl and we are away, i dont play on the internet ever and hope to delete this account real soon by finding that awesome wonderful woman i have been searching for my whole life. i work full time at a place where my father retired from, i love waking up and going to my job and yes even on mondays lol i value family and friends and come from a huge family. im not desperate but i just know what i want and i wont settle for any thing less no more, im tired of gamer and head cases, i will never raise my voice or disrespect my girl in any way, and i never call names ir insult in any way, my lady mean the world to me and i would do any thing for her, she comes first in every way,and i dont care what my friends or family think i follow my heart no matter what. im not interested in your job or money as i have my own, im not looking for any leaches or to leach of any one as i do quite well for myself. please dont waist my time, and take the time to read my profile and not just my pics, by reading this it should answer most basic questions lol dont be intimidated by me, i like shy girls and wild side girls of all types so give me a run, i have no intentions of letting you down :)


Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I think I'll dispense with the recommended inspirational suggestions the site provides and just say what ever comes to mind...
I'm not pretty or rich (yet). I'm not crazy or broken. I'm dedicated to my friends and family, to duty and the law, and all the things that make life good. I don't bring baggage to the table and I won't make issue about petty little things. I treat people with respect and expect the same in return. I won't beat around the bush, sugar coat or blow sunshine up your bum, but I also won't lie, be mean, hateful or hurtful. I love the simple pleasures in life along with some not so simple ones, but the important part is, I know how to love. I'm busy to a fault, but I will always make time for the VIPs in my life. That is about it, myself in the proverbial nutshell.

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(_)_) (_|_) (_(_) YEAH! UGNH! UGNH!
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In case you were wondering that was my butt wiggling (*not to scale).
Hello Ladies,
Your looking at my profile and I know your wondering "What in the name of ______(insert name of planet/deity) is this guy all about?" . Well allow me to answer that question by saying just Imagine you and me strutting our stuff on the pale blue beaches of cuba, with mambo music playing, trumpets blaring, butts swinging to and fro, dolphins doing fancy cartwheels over our heads and dozens, no hundreds of songbirds singing the sweetest, most euphoric tunes human ears have ever resonated to . . . Or how about a nice stimulating and fun conversation at any one of the 4 billion Tim Horton's stores with the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the background? And please don't tell me your allergic to coffee.
A little about me
I'm a 31 year old hard working man who has spent a good chunk of his life living in the South (U.S. North Carolina). If we meet and we hit if off right I may give you a bit of my irresistible Southern charm I picked up. I work in the I/T Technology field for a major insurance company in Canada and I enjoy what I do. I have a wild, imaginative, sarcastic sense of humor which I sometimes use to break the ice or to try and get people laughing their ass off or to generally just have fun. I can also be serious depending on the context or situation. I appreciate the connection between mind and body so I exercise 3-4 times a week to stay in shape. I really really enjoy going to the movies and attending small intimate live jazz shows in downtown T.O., it's almost a high for me. Lately I've been obsessing over live theater shows, so yeah don't be surprised if we start hanging out at the Stratford theater on our first date.
What I'm interested in finding . . . here
I'm interested in meeting women who are kind, passionate, have a sense of humor and are at peace with yourself. I'm old enough now to appreciate the deeper layers of a relationship and not just the physical. You should be a balance minded, intelligent woman, who knows what she wants, preferably with no children, as I have no kids of my own and want to keep things as simple as possible. Ideally you should live in the GTA, but I'm willing to travel within reason or if we have a very strong connection. If you have read this far, then you should probally just send me a email and see where it goes from there.
Also please note it's really tedious replying to people who do not have a picture. So please if you send me a message please have a picture ready or I will not respond. It's only fair, after all you got to see my picture.

. easy going smart likes to try new things fanny likes dogs and travel likes to go aut to try new foods resturants travel and same tay at home order in and whatch movies all day seriasly i dont ask for match what do you think am not good at this jest new anestly jest trying new things since am working all the time and dont have a life latly i sak at meeting the ladies so i and up here i gess gess will see bolth ways wont wee

. I love life and it show. I enjoy the simple pleasures and finer things. I'm very sexual and sensual and very adventurous. I've travelled the globe but still looking for more... Let me explore you and help you find yourself