Date women from Canada / Ontario / Niagara Falls, 31 year old

Date someone special from Niagara Falls, Canada. My ideal match should be funny and easy going. I don't like when people fly off the handle immediately for no reason. He should like to have fun.
I have a son, so my ideal match should be open to kids, mine is only 4 months right now.

Meet a soulmate from Niagara Falls, Canada. I want a Sunday kind of love...I love the idea of the kind of love our grandparents have or have had. Being with your best friend every single day and the kind of love that will last a life time. Love l know isn?t easy but l want to find the one person who wants to fight for it. I guess one can only hope that kind of love still exists these days and l do, call me a hopeless romantic.
So what is a hopeless romantic looking for in a partner you may ask...I don?t require grand gestures to feel liked/ loved. Romance for me does not call for those because the best things in life are free and usually come in small everyday packages (like me ; )) lol. But one thing l do require in a potential partner is a sense of humour. I love to laugh and joke around, l can take the punches and hand them out. I am a very happy, optimistic, and open minded person.
I tend to be a little feisty, adventurous(been bungee jumping & skydiving), and never say no to trying new things. I enjoy watching and playing sports because l grew up a bit of a tomboy. So l love going out to watch a live game of hockey, football or baseball, even love soccer. Love watching it on t.v as well just as long as you don't mind the yelling lol. Summer l play volleyball and baseball when l have the chance...
Right now l go to the gym and train with my trainer 3-5 times a week. We all have goals we'd like to achieve and l am making sure l keep mine by having someone kick my butt 3-5 times a week lol hoping one day soon someone else can take over and make better rewards ;) lol then a protein shake.
I am a really curious person and love learning about different cultures, music, books, art, sports, and anything new anyone can introduce me to is a bonus!
Also family is really important to me. I have a large family and spend whatever time l can with them. I?d like to find someone who also values family, whatever type of family dynamic you might have.
I know life is busy, time flies so being with someone who is flexible is good. It?s not the quantity of the time spent but the quality of time spent together that matters most. I think its important to have your own space in a relationship for example a night out with friends or a girls night. Time with family and friends keeps things from getting boring, and having something to talk about. Being with each other is great too don?t get me wrong but these are just some of the things important to me for now.
Above all, though, l am looking for someone caring, funny, thoughtful, honest and up for anything (whether it be a movie, dinner, a sports game, video games, bowling, drinks/coffee, and my fav listening to a live band while laughing and jokin). If it sounds like you message me ; )

Date a woman from Niagara Falls, Canada. IРІР‚в„ўm hoping love finds me...because you know what they say...You will never find love when you are looking for it!
Well IРІР‚в„ўm pretty sure I know what IРІР‚в„ўm looking for...someone to grow and enjoy life with! IРІР‚в„ўm an independent mother of a eight year old, and heРІР‚в„ўs my heart. At this point in my life; he has a busier social life then I do...between all his extracurricular activities, itРІР‚в„ўs tricky to balance time for me, but I know I need to. In terms of my Career, I really love what I do. I am very business focused and it consumes a good part of my life. I am learning to be more strict and balance my life better...IРІР‚в„ўm learning to leave work when IРІР‚в„ўm supposed to and not send e-mails at all hours of the night!
A man who is family oriented, loves life, ambitious, independent, and most of all loving is who I hope finds me!
Travelling is something I love...and somehow I always make time for, are you a traveller? Do you like to explore? It could be a week on the beach, or exploring european architecture - anytime I can travel I will! South Africa, Barzil, and Fiji are a few of the places on my bucket list! I have had the privilage of being able to travel around the world...and thats something that I just love too much to give up!
I'm an old school romantic, I'm waiting for someone to show me that chivalry is still alive. In a relationship I am a true believer that we can make each other better people. What do you believe?