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Date people from North York, Canada. I'm comfortable just about anywhere. I can dress to the nines and go out on the town or throw on a pair of sweats and hang out at the cottage. I think I'm pretty easy going and am looking to share time with someone who is just as comfy dressed up or down. I know it sounds cliche, but I really do enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle. I like to work out, eat healthy, play sports, and have fun.
I have a big heart. I would do anything for my family and friends. I'm looking for someone who values their family and friends just as much.
Also, I love my cat :) She's quirky and fun (just like me)! She has been with me through some pretty hard times and she's always been ready and willing for love and a cuddle (also, like me).
I'm seriously finding it difficult to sum myself up in a few paragraphs. If you want to know more about me, just ask :)

Meet a woman from North York, Canada. I am looking for my Mr. Right who have the same value of life, can get well along and share my rest life with..hope we won't have culture difference so i prefer Asian background..
Good luck to all of us!

Date men and women from North York, Canada. mmm, am a jolly person, am hoping to attract a man who has self respect. my closest friends describe me as a person who calls a spade a spade, a person who does not hold gruches and i believe in resolving issues immediately, i hate gossiping and i laugh out loudly when am chilling with friends and passing some jokes. in a relationship i need love, trust and friendship

Meet a soulmate from North York, Canada. I' m an outgoing, positive and cheerful person. I don't sweat the small stuff and have a good outlook and overall perspective on life. I like to surround myself with people who have a similar attitude to mine. I enjoy a variety of activities but also love to relax with a good bottle of wine and good company.

Date someone special from North York, Canada. I am a chinese girl looking for a serious relationship here. My Mr. Right is the type that
has similiar life values, tolerance and patience, and can talk through things.
Besides all these, I would not put too many restraints on the whole thing, the top three would be the most important to me as a foundation and hopefully things would grow from there.
And of course I'd give them all the things in return.
Hope you are the one!

Meet people from Ontario, Canada. Hello, first of all I'd like to say that this is my first time trying this online thing, So here it goes......
I'm an easygoing person who comes with no complications or drama. I like to interact with people in general.
I enjoy having fun with my family and friends, whether it's staying in or hanging out. I'm quite versatile, because I can be a little carefree and full of energy, but I can also be laid back and relaxed depending on the vibe and occasion. I have a strong passion for dancing that is beyond description, and it is this passion that has allowed me to recognize art in all its forms.
I take pride in my confidence and the respect I have for myself, because I know my self worth.
I know what I'm capable of bringing to a relationship.
It is because of this that I know whichever man I let into my life would truly be blessed, just for the simple fact that I would not take from, but add to his life.
In terms of my ideal man............
I would like to meet a man that stimulates my mind, but also has the physical attributes I'm looking for. That being said, I'm turned on by a strong body. I admire a man with a strong will power to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It takes a certain amount of discipline to accomplish that. He doesn't have to be on point or perfect, but just the drive to keep trying is enough. The way I see it is, if my partner is pleased with my appearance, it's only fair if it goes both ways.
I would like to meet a gentleman with not only a little bit of swag, but one who knows how to carry on a good conversation.....someone who is comfortable in their own skin, so to speak. I would hope for my potential to have an easygoing personality, and not sweat the small stuff.
I'm looking for a man who knows how to treat a woman, someone who's family oriented, and loves to have a good time no matter what.

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. I am essentially an ambitious person. I have been working as a frontline, community Social Worker in the HIV/AIDS field for a while now and am working on a Grad degree. It would be great to meet someone equally ambitious; someone I can learn from and vice-versa.
I am pretty much the type to grasp and run with any opportunity which passes me by, so 'spontaneous' would likely be the 'online-dating-scene(esque)' word for that. Did you see what I did there?...made up that word..
Anyways - my values around social justice and human rights are pretty strong, so that would probably be a good thing for people to know about me. I really don't compromise when it comes to that. I will compromise over a bunch of other stuff, but not that.
In a nutshell, I am looking for someone with like-values/principles, maturity, some kind of drive/ambition, easy-going, not a know, the usual;)

Meet men and women from Ontario, Canada. IРІР‚в„ўm energetic, optimistic, confident, affectionate and open-minded. I believe in enjoying your life to the fullest and appreciating every day.
I believe that a good relationship is more than just love and affection, itРІР‚в„ўs about respect , trust, mutual support and friendship. IРІР‚в„ўm looking for a man who can be by my friend and my partner and whom I can share my life with and build a long-term relationship. What is important to me is personality, positive energy and a great sense of humor. IРІР‚в„ўm looking for someone who is mature, reliable, loving and caring, knows who he is and where he wants to go in life; someone who is supportive and understandable; active, open-minded and not afraid to explore new things. IРІР‚в„ўm looking for a relationship where we can share conversations about everything, explore the world together and share new experiences and adventures. I also believe that a good relationship is the one that makes the two people better and helps each other grow - independently and together.
Some things about me:
- I love traveling (the most memorable so far is France and Switzerland!)
- I love sports - I was in track and field and played beach volleyball. IРІР‚в„ўm currently exploring skiing and salsa dancing. I have to admit that I have a bit of a competitive edge and usually learn fast.
- I love exploring new things - I did paragliding and skydiving recently and loved it!
- I used to speak French fluently when I was a kid and itРІР‚в„ўs on my list of things to do to get it back.
- I love outdoors – especially the view of a lake or ocean on a sunny day which brings me total happiness. I enjoy long walks with conversations or comfortable silence.

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I've had an amazing life with great opportunities and I would love to move forward and share my life with a best friend. I am down to earth, outgoing, independent and intelligent with a goofy sense of humour. I am very active and adventurous looking for someone who values work/life balance and who is athletic and can hit the gym with me. I've partied on the beaches of Cancun, backpacked through Europe and would love to do more traveling. I am equally comfortable with a night on the town or curled up on the couch with a good book. All in all I am pretty fun and interesting and as my friends say a one of a kind. I get bored easily so stimulation is important to me and I'd love to meet someone who enjoys great conversation and adventures. I love doing different things and enjoying everything Toronto has to offer.
I would love to meet a nice, smart, funny, educated and athletic guy. Insecurities are a turn off. Confidence is a turn on.
Chilvary, Romance and Passion are also key. I have a Master's degree and value education. I would like to meet someone who also has a University education.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. ** I'm Looking for Asian/Pacific Islander/Filipino descent ONLY***
Hello! I'm new to this site. It's really the smallest things in life that give me the biggest smiles. I am currently living in Toronto. My favourite thing to do is to wander the city. I love discovering new places and finding new thing to do... I love to take long walks and just explore the city. During my weekdays, I spend it at the gym or having a dinner night out. I am looking for someone who's laid back, can carry a good conversation, and must have a good sense of humour.

Date people from Canada. I am a very caring kind fun person to be around.I love to laugh,I am a down-to-earth woman with a good head on her shoulders,who is looking for a confident man who is always looking on the positive side and enjoys life.Love to have fun.

Meet a woman from Canada. I love to laugh and make people laugh, though it usually involves sarcasm and smart ass remarks, but all meant in good fun :) So I would definitely want someone who can laugh at life and it's wacky moments. I work full time, I do the whole responsible adult thing *sigh* and I know when to be serious in life, I just try really hard to remember to enjoy everyday and not take it all too seriously.
Not quite sure what I'm looking for on here. Hoping to meet new people and see what happens about sums it up. Feel free to ask me anything if you want to know, not an overly shy person.

Date men and women from Canada. Good caring person looking for the same. Honesty is a must. Loyalty necessary. Looking for kindness, manners and attention to details. Someone who knows when to be serious and most of the time isn't. Knows how to laugh and makes me laugh.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. My match and I...we just fit together.
We can have a great time going out for a great night out or chilling @home, or even doing things with family and friends.
I'm really happy with life, I love reading, watching tv (like How I Met Your Mother), looking stuff up online, hanging out with friends, and having great conversations over a Starbucks drink.

Date someone special from Canada. I enjoy the simple things in life, and appreciate the exceptional. Since I am a "relationship person" I'm not much for dating around and prefer to have a partner to love and enjoy. I'm content and easy going. Level headed, but I love to laugh and be silly also. I'm outgoing and energetic, but love to relax and do nothing at times. I'm getting really sick of the clubbing scene and am looking for someone to explore interests and new activities with. Lets go to a show, the art gallery, rock climbing or mountain biking. Instead of clubbing, lets have some close friends over, cook a big spread and watch the game. Someone who is kind, outgoing, but not arrogant. Laid back and open. A good communicator would is looking for a partner and loving companion.