Date men from Canada / Ontario / North York, 31 year old

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. Hi,
Im a nice guy living here in Toronto, I live alone and I'm new to this city and have a few friends,
I like to meet new people and explore the city...
I have a great sense of humor and i can make you laugh easily, having fun with people and getting along with them is super easy for me.
my ideal first date is going out for a coffee or a drink and see where it goes from there.
i like women who are energetic and outgoing and extraverted (Im more of an introvert myself!).
I love women who have a sense of humor and take life easy, if you are interested leave me message,
thanks :)

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. Thanks for stopping by!
For me, it's pretty simple. I'm looking for someone that I can connect, share laughs and enjoy life with. I am independent, respectful, honest and I have a great sense of humor. Family and Friends are very important to me and are a big part of my life.
I've spent many many years in school so I can be well prepared for the future. I just completed my Accounting Designation and ready to move on the next part of my life. Having much more free time has been amazing and looking to spend some quality time with that special someone.
So what's next?? Let's just relax, get to know each other..... and see what happens!!

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Well, my story is no different than yours: "been here done that". I wake up in the morning and I go to sleep at night. I eat the same cereal you do and maybe I voted for the same guy you did and for sure I watch the same shows on TV you do. I am fun, a clown, I should be an actor. I put my heart into everything that I do. I
I'm currently working in the Financial Industry, I love making money because I'm not cheap with myself. Nice things unfortunately cost money and traveling is my number 1 joy. I am also working in some other projects, the schedule is complicated but its good pay.
I'm looking for someone who is honest, respectful and of course loving and caring. Someone who I can share a good laugh and company.
At 30 I'm not here to play games and only hold hands, I mean business.
My ideal match is the girl who is looking for her Prince, someone who I can talk and enjoy, someone who is educated enough to talk about everything.
The girl of my dreams is someone who is ready to say "yes let's do it", I like to do all kinds of crazy things without notice, I'm a big surprise.
I'm looking for a nice lady who can take me serious, someone who will love me for who I am rather for what I have.
If you are the kind of girl who likes to go out and act "meatball" that is getting waisted or high and stuff I'm not your guy,my wild party drunk days are waaay over.
I rather enjoy a good glass of wine with a deep conversation and romantic dinner, a walk in the waterfront holding hands afterwards and stay all night watching the stars. If you are ready for a latin-lover I'm the guy you have been looking for.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. About me- well read well traveled (40 countries and counting), I work in Management consulting and while it is tiring, meeting new people, solving new problems is a role I cherish!. In my downtime, I really enjoy exploring Toronto and explore everything that this city has to offer. One day it could be trying that new Portuguese place serving the best free range chicken in town, the next could be an independent film, or learning to sail, the choices are endless!.
Personality wise, while I am an introvert by the test I do make the effort to mix and mingle in social situations and not be the one standing in the corner of the room. I was a TA in college, helping me become more patient, more creative explanations and a better listener, all of which have helped me so far.
Who am I looking for?. Someone who enjoy the ride called life. Who loves to travel, enjoys the finer things in life, yet not a snob, who values family and friendship yet not aloof. If you fit the bill, love to hear from you!

Date a man from Canada. To be honest with you, I am decribed as a independent man with the lot of things going in his life. I am a person who work hard and always try to get result. Undoubtedly moral values play crucial role in my life and family and friends mean everything for me. I like to help others, . I enjoy various things such as travelings and camping.

Meet single man from Canada. Im a easying going humble person, who enjoys watching movies and trying different foods and experiences. Im Korean but born and raised in Canada. I enjoy hanging out with friends and having a good time but I only go clubing on rare occasions. I prefer going to a nice lounge for some food and drinks with good company. I like to travel but I dont travel as much as I would like, but I always try and make time to make it a priority. Im very honest and loyal to my significant other, and will always be there when it matters most.

Date someone special from Canada. Hey, I'm just here wondering if there is anybody willing to talk anymore? Meet for a coffee and take it from there? Just trying to meet someone with common sense and basic conversation skills and we can take it from there. Be it that we become friends or more who knows.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Enjoys traveling to different places and learn about their history and culture. Enjoys sampling different food and drinks. A good balance of work and social life. Enjoys playing team sports and dancing. Enjoys volunteering and helping out.

Date a man from North York, Canada. Most of my free time is spent watching movies, TV, reading, and running. I volunteer a bit on weekends. I think I have a good sense of humour and enjoy watching a lot of comedy either live, on TV, or in movies.
Favourite food is sushi - salmon rolls and sashimi. Except for this one small weakness, I keep a vegetarian diet.
I'm into R&B and Hip-Hop for the most part but I enjoy whatever comes my way. I even like going to the opera and symphony. Museums and art galleries are fun as well.
I was training for my first marathon until very recently when I hurt my knee :(. I do more casual running now.
Love traveling. I have been on every continent except one. My next big trip hopefully is going back to Africa to work in a hospital in Kenya.
Self-motivated and career-oriented. Finished my PhD and working towards my MD now. My goal in life is to conduct research that will ideally make a difference in people's lives. Right now, I have a few inventions under my belt (ask me about them) but nothing of real value.
I'm looking for a girl who is smart, educated, and a good conversationalist. Someone quick-witted with a silver tongue and a penchant for banter would be lots of fun. Shared interests would be great.

Meet single man from North York, Canada. I'm a funny social gentleman....what else...passionate for what i do, and caring for the people that matter to me.
I like spending time with friends, going out, have a nice drink or just chilling out and, as well as relax at home, watching a movie.
I like to exercise and sports are very important in my life.
I love my work and i try hard to be excellent at what i do.
Oh yes,i love cooking, as well...the rest is for you to find out.

Date someone special from North York, Canada. So I'm supposed to tell the world about myself in this little box...well, here it goes:
I'm a normal guy (which is subjective of course...) that enjoys a variety of things. Sports and keeping active is an important part of my life. I'm very easy-going, a good listener, funny (or so I have been told) and like to take things as they come.
In my spare time you will usually find me having coffee, reading, hanging out with friends, playing some sort of sport or just being random (it keeps people on their toes, hahaha). When I'm not doing the above, you will usually find me planning my next trip out of the country.
I'm at a happy point in my life with work etc. Ideally, I'm looking for someone who is sane/normal (and of course, that is subjective), down to earth, easy-going and of course...funny!!
Talk soon!
Good luck.

Meet a soulmate from North York, Canada. I set a high bar for myself and either achieve my goals or learn from my failures. I'm the person who everyone underestimates, but when things need to get done, I'm always the one that steps up. I'm full of surprises at work, in sports, or just when it comes to getting to know me. When there is something or someone that I want, it gets my full commitment and attention. I'm pretty laid back when it comes to the more serious things, but have a competitive side too. Despite my opening paragraph, I'm actually very light hearted and fun seeking.
My ideal day would be a good mix of something productive, something fun, something active, and something chill. I'm a Libra, so it's all about balance. I like lots of sports, but my favorite is baseball. I love my blue jays, but I'm not fanatical about them, and like most Torontonians I'm undecided as to whether I love to hate the Leafs, or hate to love the Leafs. I'm a big movie buff, somewhat handy in the kitchen, and I like a good diy project even though they usually end in disaster and humiliation. I'm a bit of a homebody, but enjoy a good night out or a fun day outside too. Restaurants, theatre, shopping, or something outside sounds good to me, but it's also nice to do things a little less ordinary from time to time. I work pretty hard as a teacher, but really enjoy it and it would be nice bonus to find a fellow teacher here, but it's far from a deal breaker.
The girl that I'm looking for is someone that knows how to keep a smile on her face and roll with life's punches. She is independent enough to have a good time on her own, but committed enough to build a great relationship with me. I want to be proud to call her my girl, and have her proud to call me her man. We share a lot of interests, laugh a lot, and enjoy each others company.
I'm athletic, thoughtful, patient, bright, funny, easy going, and looking to start living the good life. Normally I'm more modest, but what kind of a personal ad is modest? I've got a great, but small family, amazing friends, satisfying career, a good heart, and a good head on my shoulders. All I need now is the right woman.

. Real is knowing........ that the look in your eyes is meant for me alone ,that your gentle kiss says everything will be okay ,that your warm embrace keeps me safe ,and that your hand will always find mine.Real love is believing......... that we know each other better than anyone else can, that hopes and dreams and secrets are shared and kept betweeen our hearts , that no matter where we are ,the deepest part of you is always loving with me.

. Welcome to my profile,
I am a tall and confident, curious, dynamic easy going man. I have a passion for sports, cinema, cooking and nutrition, skiing, travelling, comedy shows. I enjoy making jokes, I like to have deep chats and good convos! I am interested in meeting an independent, sporty/dynamic, spontaneous woman with a good sense of humor.
I enjoy different types of music like electro, jazz, dub, My lifestyle is a mix of work, sport, socializing with my friends as well as travelling. I am curious about others and things that I am not familiar with. I enjoy being in a city as well as a weekend in the country side!
I've worked in 5 countries, Ireland, Australia, UK, and studied in France, I know well Europe and enjoy travelling in Spain in Italy and France.

. My ideal match is strong woman with direction. Someone who is curious about the world, and wants to see it.
I'm the above. I love to travel and do all the time. I love art, music, food and life. Japan and Jamaica are two of my fav places in the world. I have lived in over four countries and feel privileged with friends, family and experiences.