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Date someone special from Canada. Life is short and will slip by when you’re not looking. Find your passion, what makes you happy and the rest will fall into place. This definitely sounds like a cliche? but at the same time, it never gets old, so there has to be some truth to it!
It’s difficult to type what you are looking for in a person but I’ll give it a shot! Although I enjoy spending time with someone, I find it is extremely important to never loose sight of who you are as an individual. I’m looking for a girl that feels the same way, has her friends, her interests and passions. A woman who challenges what you think you know and opens your eyes to new experiences. She can go out on the town one night and stay home in tracks watching movies the next. There’s nothing wrong with keeping a person guessing!
I think the best way to determine whether or not you’ve found the right person is if simply being in their presents, encourages you to be better at everything you do.
Now on to a little bit about me! I definitely have two sides! On one hand I can be a little more reserved and laid back. At times I like to stay in the background and take it all in. Then on the other hand I can be the first person out of the plane, quick to voice my opinion and say my piece! It really depends.
I love to laugh and a girl with a sense of humour is a must! Life definitely does not need to be serious all the time!
I am a music junkie. It’s constantly on in the house, you can’t escape it! I love movies and sports (both watching and playing). I’m a pretty active guy and along with playing soccer, golf and exercising at the gym. I can be dragged out in the winter time if it involves skiing!
I’m not a materialistic guy but there is nothing wrong with working hard to have nice things. We all have our vices and mine happens to be crispy white sneakers!
Family and friends are extremely important. They hold you up when you’re feeling beaten down and they will be the first to enjoy your excitement when you’re on top of the world. No one can replace them or that history.
If you feel the same way on these topics, you know what to do!

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I'm not that good at describing myself but I'm basically an easygoing nice guy who's a bit shy at first but I'm really easy to get along with once you get to know me. I'm career driven but I also value work/life balance a lot so I'm not a workaholic and I make time for family and friends. I'm kind of old fashioned and I always open doors for girls and I don't pick up at bars or clubs. I love traveling although I haven't been to too many places it's definitely something I want to do at least couple times a year going forward. I loved Vegas and the Grand Canyon, San Francisco and the beautiful weather in Cali.
I'm looking for someone that I can share my life with through the good and the bad, someone who's supportive and considerate. Someone that can travel and look for new and interesting things to do in the city or spend a quiet night at home watching tv or movies with. I believe for a relationship to work out both parties have to share some common interest and values.

Date a man from Canada. I run a legal firm. I don’t have any pets. I like working out. My philosophy in life is that we should try everything at least once. I am easy going and romantic. I like woman that know what they want from their life. Woman that can carry a conversation and keeps fit.

Meet single man from Canada. I'm in a pretty good place in life. I keep a busy schedule and wouldn't have it any other way. I'm pretty close with my family and have a great group of friends that are there through thick and thin.I'm a little old school and still believe that chivalry isn't dead.
I geek out about food, travel, health, the arts and other random things. I consider myself fortunate to have travelled to Asia, Europe and the States and learning to appreciate different cultures. Everyday, I have an insatiable curiosity to see more, learn more, do more. I love food and I'm usually game to try new things at least once or twice. I believe life should be lived with unconditional regard for others. That belief has shaped where I am personally and professionally, to be there for someone when it counts the most.
I'm looking for someone who can keep up. Someone who understands the value of giving back. I'm looking for someone who takes care herself physically and has a good head on her shoulders. I need someone I can trust, be honest with and who will push me to be better; and she'd let me be the same for her. Bonus points if she is well-read, compassionate and has a silly streak.

Date someone special from North York, Canada. Who am I? . . . I know who I am! Would you like to take some time and learn who I am? . . . .
I would describe myself as having that small town quiet confidence, stable in my career and like to think I am goal oriented. I enjoy laughing and making people laugh, consider myself intelligent (you may think otherwise :P ) and even though I may sometimes look like I am not interested, I am capable of carrying on a meaningful conversation :) haha
I am looking for that special someone to laugh with, smile with, hang out with, be spontaneous with, basically just have fun with. Someone who has a similar qualities and desires someone who they can connect with . . .
I feel there has to be a mutual physical attraction for there to be good chemistry between two people. Lets be honest, I may not be the worst thing you have set your eyes on today. Having some similar interests helps but at the same time it is always nice to learn new things. I enjoy live events (theatre, concerts, sporting events), exploring the city, playing sports, cuddling :), and spending time with my family and friends.

Meet a soulmate from North York, Canada. Its funny how I cant get my head around this thing although I am in IT. About me, Usually I like to say it in person and its odd to tell a box what I am, how do I feel and What am I looking for!!
I am new to Toronto, just completed 1 year. I cant say I have a lot of preferences as to where I hang out or what do I do, all that matters is having good time.
I like quiet places like alone on beach at night etc when I need to think about something important like making a decision or if I am upset about something!!! But otherwise I usually tend to be sorrounded by loud crowd.
I work out sometimes a week and I like to play soccer, Chess, Pool, Squash etc..
I am a shabby cook, although I dont mind taking a shot at making something even if that means it might not turn out good... What is fun in giving up before trying right!!
I am not much of coffee drinker unless I have a good company.
Rest I think I should leave it for further discussion..

Date a man from North York, Canada. I would describe myself as honest, down to earth and very understanding. I believe trust is the most essential element in a relationship on which all other aspects can be built. I am looking for someone who is caring and simple and with good sence of humour.

Meet single man from North York, Canada. Hi, I am Daniyal and I am new to the web date line. Anyways, I know what i want in life. I am caring, Independent, Dependable, Trustworthy and rest for you to find out. I don't want to keep talking about how good of person i am. It's very easy to write then be one.
I like travelling. I have been to most of the places in caribean
I am looking for someone special. I am not in to any drama's and do not get in to any either.
I am a family guy. Most of my time goes towards work but when i do have some i do spend with family or with friends.

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Most people would describe my personality as witty and sarcastic with a good sense of humour. I enjoy women that can enjoy a laugh as I am not necessarily a very 'serious' person. When the time comes I certainly know how to be responsible and mature, as my career and the fact that I live on my own depend on that.
I'm looking for a women who is goal-oriented but is not totally wraaped around her career. If you can have entire meal without checking your BB and can take a joke as well as dish one then there's a chance we'll hit it off. I find trendiness and intellect a huge positive in a women's personality.
I am definately a person who prefers going out to staying in, but I have no problem relaxing on the couch for an evening and watching a good movie. My friends are important to me and I am not one of those people who deserts them when I'm in a relationship, I would expect the same in a mate.
As far as it goes now, I'm looking for someone to spend some time with and potentially grow into a relationship.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Hi,
I'm 33 years old, educated fun to be with. have sense of humor and love to enjoy the life
I'm romantic person and quite but has sense of humor. I finish my college and working in a company full time time job while I also has has my own business on my free time.
I like to meet serious people but not too strict

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. Now i am wondering if a SteakSause was a better nick name... oh wait, its already taken.
Well, here is incoferent extract amalgamated from figments of randomness. Would it really be that hard to just spill out a textbook example of my life's passions or favorite colours and TV shows...


. I am at a point in my life where I definitely know what I want, I've been waiting a good while for Mrs. Right and for an adult relationship without the games. I have to admit I am extremely picky but I am also a sucker for a cute face.
I enjoy playing all kinds of sports, hanging with the crew and drinking, pursuing my hobby and just working hard for these prime years of my life.
Are all the good ones gone? Or can I be proved wrong

. Hi there! I am currently a dental resident at a hospital in New York, and loving my experience there. I meet patients that range from toddlers to the elderly and work alongside a great group of residents so it’s a very interesting job. I enjoy TV shows like Castle and House and cooking a meal after work. I like spending time with my family when I can and talking to my brother about soccer. I also hang out with my friends often for eating out in restaurants, movies, or a good game of bowling. That being said, I am a private person and prefer intimate settings over loud clubs or gigantic parties. As for hobbies, I enjoy reading (books, news, and funny pages), music, watching soccer, and playing squash.
Personally, I like to maintain a lighthearted attitude. I have a steady temper and very little gets me upset. I am also loyal to my friends and people I care about. I believe in standing by your word, even when it inconveniences me or puts me at a disadvantage. I am also very courteous, and I try to look after the well-being of others (so feel free to smack me if I forget to open a door for you!).
The girl I am looking for is caring and what people close to her calls a “down-to-earth” or “sweet” girl. She is also intelligent and educated and helps me to learn and grow. I also appreciate that she can be independent, and keep herself in good shape and health. If this sounds like you, I would love for you to contact me!

. My friends describe me as an outgoing ripe of guy and also hard worker, live to take walks along park trails watching nature,love to have a good time, dancing , movies dinner ,very easy going, opened minded to a lot of things that would be interesting to others any ways come chat with me or meet up we can chill and enjoy good company