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Date single man from Canada. Who am I:
I am a father first
I am a designer
I am a specialist
I am driven by faith
I am a man
I am independent
I am for the people
I give
I write
I love
I hate
I cry
I laugh
I understand
I pray
I meditate
I medicate
I am honest
I am passion
I am will power
I am me and that's what I do best

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I am just looking to meet some interesting people. I will update this soon. I just wanted to change my profile.
I am looking to meet some interesting people and see what happens.
I like sailing, and wimming, etc.
If you are interesting send me a message.

Date someone special from Canada. "Easy going, Trustworthy & Talented" is what my friends call me. I am a well educated professional working in Toronto. I believe in love and i am looking for a girl who would love to be a part of my life!
I value honesty and commitment. If you want to know more about me, please feel free to give me a shout...

Meet a man from Canada. i m new to toronto, the place i been to people there are usually very honest and luving, so i wish my partner should be like that, i m very simple wid simple wishes of my life. i think this is how life should have to be

Date single man from North York, Canada. l am looking relationship in Toronto, l am happy man and looking to more happy, l am chef can cook for you nice foodddd to :))))))) l am looking some one very sirios and easygoing life, lets got a meet than, if you like , Thanks, Chef

Meet a soulmate from North York, Canada. I'm an easy going, fun loving guy that wants a woman who will compliment, not complicate, my life and her own. I don't do drama or jealousy and believe strongly (but not fanatically) in karma.
I enjoy all types of music, more of some and less of others but there really isn't much that I won't listen to. Movies go about the same way for me, I'll watch just about anything... Why do so many people have a problem with subtitled movies?
I am not a religious person myself but believe everyone is free to follow what faith they choose... So long as it doesn't negatively affect the lives of others around you. I believe we should all be decent to one another regardless of ones chosen beliefs.

Date someone special from North York, Canada. I guess the way I live my life is by these 3 main keys:
1) Enjoyment --- try to get a much joy out of life as possible
2) Challenge --- always strive for more in everything, and try to improve in everything, to keep hungry and excited in life and for the challenge.
3) Fulfillment --- try to make the world a better place, even if it is just planting a tree (but of course the more the merrier) so this way I have a sense of fulfillment.
If I could find a girl who likes what she sees, that would be great. And if she has other things that she finds interesting to bring my way, I'm all ears. I always like learning new things and having new ideas and new approaches brought to me so that they could expand my horizons.

Meet a man from North York, Canada. I've been told that I am loyal and caring. Some would say that I have interesting views of the world and the way that it works. I would like to meet someone who is also caring and who is down to earth.


Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am newcomer and i have been here 6 months . i am studying english in school and i am living with roommate . i haven't found any job yet but i am looking . I am looking for somebody who is easygoing and outgoing .

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. i am handsome and funny. i like working out in my free time. i am very hard working and love enjoying my life with people who love me. i am proud of my one and only daugther, she means the world to me and i love her every day of my life. i am grateful for everything i've been blessed with and i tank god every day for life.

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. Someone who enjoys life every day gifts, works smart, independent, honest, articulate, patient open to new ideas and loves to laugh and loves to travel. I'm also looking for a good listener and communicator.

. Lately I've been thinking that the line, "nice guys finish last" is true. I read an article in the paper a few weeks ago that people who are mean (pricks) get further in the corporate ladder and make at least 10% more than someone who is nice and more qualified. I guess that may be true for life in general..... dunno..
A little about myself. Unfortunately I don't meet as many people as I wish in my life with work and all, so I figured I would try this online stuff and see if I could meet some people whom I would never have been able to meet. I am quite the laid back kind of guy who is always looking for a good time, but don't mind a nice quiet day/night staying in with a bottle of wine or some alcohol. I think I have a good sense of humor in myself as I do need smiles and laughter in my life. I try to stay positive whenever I can and be as nice to everyone I encounter. I was brought up to treat ppl as you would want them to treat you. I never judge a book by its cover and would hope people do the same. You never know what will happen. I live my life believing that chivalry still exists and that manners are very important. I am somewhat active during the summer playing baseball. For work I currently am a department manager for a large retail company.
I am looking to meet someone to get to know them and have a good time and go from there. Someone who is up for enjoying life with good company and having a great time at it. Life is too short to waste, live everyday to its fullest. Looking for someone hopefully with some common interests as myself and is willing to care as much as I do. Life is about compromise, you need 2 ppl to do that. I don't have any expectations as how could someone in this position? We'll see how things go. If you want to know more about me, just msg me and I'll be sure to msg back. Hope to talk to you soon. =)

. Was up !
Yes I'm cool guy ) yes I want to have fun and good relationship ;) ,, and I love to go out and have watch movie travil I love to sleep with big huggsss.;) I work 5 days ! But the 2 days when I'm off I like to have fun ) we can make the scuhdal easy for us ;) I'm waiting for u to be nice !!!!!!!!

. I'm easy going guy. Looking for friends and my second half. I work a lots. I love sports and all kind activities. In relationship I'm looking for to find somebody that likes me, that we would have common things.