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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I am laid back, fun person looking for the same (except in a girl of
Just trying out something new. I am at a good place in my life and i am having a blast right now. I wanna meet new people and see where things go. I LOVE riding my motorcycle, tinkering around cars and bikes, snowboarding, watching moves and just hanging out. Going out every once in a while doesnt hurt either. I do have a career in the finance industry but my job doesnt define me or who I am...well at least I dont let it.
Drop me a line...lets see what happens, I mean, what could go wrong?
Best of luck to everyone

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I'm 31, Italian, with an athletic build, 150lbs...just looking to meet new ppl for friendship, fun and hopefully find what I'm looking for. I like fast cars, money, and women. If u ladies are interested in knowing more..

Date single man from Ontario, Canada. I rather describe on first date. But I am down to earth, honest, intelligent, loyal, funny person, looking for love. Serious inquiries only. Thanks everyone for checking my profile! Good luck to everyone. Napishi mne na Toronto bachelor gde est' goryachaya pochta.

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. My friends say i'm a laid back, funny, good-looking, caring type person. i would say they are correct for the most part. I am not good at talking about myself. All I can say is that I'm a real person who cares a lot about others.

Date someone special from North York, Canada. I am a very calm, patient guy. I enjoy music (Spanish), and exercising. I am looking to put myself out there and meet someone.... Someone special...
I enjoy the simple things in life, a movie, a coffee a smile.. Friends say Im a good listener, fun and easygoing. I do admit, I am very shy but once Im able to break the ice, you will meet a great guy

Meet a soulmate from North York, Canada. Hmmmm never done this before. OK lets started. My name is Serge. I have eastern European background. I'm 6'9" ,white, around240lb. Full time employed(working for big telecom company as field technician ).
About my date:smart,funny, sense of humor and employed. Race, hair color and ..........doesn't matter.

Date single man from North York, Canada. It is difficult to describe yourself! However I can say I am passionate, loving and caring. I am looking for same things in a girl. We might get to chat first then meet. We have to know each other before proceeding.

Meet a man from North York, Canada. "There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it."
Everyone wants a handsome, witty, athletic guy, but I raise my left eyebrow when girls say they want an ambitious guy.
The thing with ambitious people is that they're motivated. What fuels this motivation? It's basically a desire -- an *incredibly strong* desire. For what? Who knows! It could be a childhood dream to be rich, a subconscious desire to be famous, or it could be a desire to help people and feel useful and wanted.
Whatever it is, it's a strong desire.
Now, there are many people out there who desire things. Heck, there are many people out there who *strongly desire* things. I mean, who out there doesn't *really want* to be famous. Who doesn't *really want* to be successful? But, we must remember, these are just desires. These are just "wants".
What separates desire from ambition, is ambition is desire plus action. Ambitious people are ones who act on their desires. They don't wait around until something great happens to fall into their lap, they figure out what "life machine" needs to be built, builds it, and then pushes this machine to get its wheels in motion. When things get difficult or when problems arise, they don't freak out, they don't make excuses, they don't put their arms up in the air, and they don't point fingers at people.
They figure it out, and move on. They keep going, because they want to move forward. They realize that once they stop pushing, their dream machine stops, progress stops, and they're no closer to attaining their desire.
And yes. They get dirty, they get tired, BUT... pushing this machine forward isn't seen as work.
It's not seen as work because they love what they do! To them, they're playing.
That's why they don't quit. I mean, who wants to quit playing?
Now. How does this relate with people who are looking for an ambitious person?
Firstly, the person I just described above would have a very difficult time developing a meaningful, deep connection with a person who didn't follow their dreams themselves. This person has placed value and "purpose of life" in pursuing what they love. How would such a person resolve the dissonance of being with someone who placed no emphasis or value in doing the same? An ambitious person would find it very difficult to connect with someone who, was say, a couch potato.
Secondly, many have problems with how to deal with feeling second-place when it comes to time spent together. They don't understand how somebody would want to spend more time "working" than spending time together. But remember, this ambitious person doesn't see their efforts as "working". Nor do they see it as a "job". When it comes to ambitious people, they're passionate. And many times, significant others don't understand this intensity, so they feel unloved or unwanted. Unfortunately, more often than not, this is usually what happens when a person who isn't ambitious themselves gets involved with an ambitious person.
This is why my left eyebrow rises.
I don't know if many people have actually thought this through. I don't know if they understand that these are all the implications of being with someone who is ambitious.
A relationship with an ambitious person would be very difficult, unless the the other person was ambitious as well.
So that's who I'm looking for -- a spontaneous, adventurous girl who has the courage to follow her own curiosities and interests, which happen to match my own!

Date someone special from Canada. i m looking for nice and friendly women between 27 to 33 yes old.. i dont mine she has kids or not... i dont mine she speaks good english or bad english.. soon is she is nice and friendly i m fine for that.. anyone interested pls send me a text.. tnx.. and have wonderful day.. chaw babyyy


Date single man from Canada. Once you get past the self-deprecating humor, you will soon learn that I'm a raging egomaniac. Nah, that's not true. How do you just say that you're a nice, successful guy looking to find someone and explore this great city? I guess I just did.
So here's the deal... I have recently completed my education aspirations (for now...) and I've settled myself into the working lifestyle. I'm looking to find someone with similar interests... bonus points if you like Stanley Kubrick movies, retro sneakers & old school hip hop.
I'm an extremely easy going person looking for the same. As for interests... music is number one for me, but I also enjoy graphic design, movies and the other usual stuff people put in these profiles.
Drop me a line...

Meet a man from Canada. someone sweet, caring, not-judegmental, able to get along with people easily. Someone who is equally comfortable in yoga pants when chilling and high heels when we go out somewhere nice. I'd like someone who is independant, not necessarily financially, but emotionally and mentally independant.

. I am the most interesting person I know. Can you change that for me? I'd love to find someone that is truly unique! Do you awaken every day observing every moment and never stop asking why, what if, and how? Do you seek the answers to that of which you don't yet know?

. I love sports and hope the gal I meet would too. I have a few projects on my plate and would need someone who is understanding. I would like to meet a driven and caring women; yet at the same time, she should be independent.

. "A True Travel"
Nazim Hikmet
"The most magnificent poem hasn't been written yet
The most beautiful song hasn't been sung yet
The most glorious day hasn't been lived yet
The most immense sea hasn't been pioneered yet
The most prolonged travel hasn't been done yet.
The immortal dance hasn't been performed yet
The most shine star hasn't been discovered yet.
When we don't know any more what we are supposed to do
It's the time when we can do true something
When we don't know any more where we are supposed to go
It's the start when the true travel has just begun."
I'm Korean.
I like soccer, boxing, cooking, poem, music and travel.
I hate liar.
I like to look in your eyes while you talk.
when I lived in Korea, My life was very busy until last year.
now in Toronto, I hope to meet a true person.