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Date someone special from North York, Canada. I am fun, good and a happy woman. I need company, i want to love and i want to be loved back. I sincerity and above all no lies. No matter how bad the situation may be. I will always prefer to know the truth.
I need a man that will be my best friend. We could be real close pals. No betrayals and then, we date and fall in love for real. Am tired of all the fakesss... Lol

Meet a soulmate from North York, Canada. What I like:
red wine (robert mondavi), getting things done (sense of accomplishment), funny movies (forgetting sarah marshall), strange books (abraham lincoln the vampire slayer), an awesome workout (trx & hot yoga & heavy lifting), fun getaways (I heart Cuba), hard work (100% at my job & my life), my son (he is the funniest & most incredible person EVER), burritos (I just found burrito boyz - LOVE), elephants (they seem to just 'get it')...... there is soooo much more!
What I don't like:
stupid questions, smelly people, lack of ambition, contradiction, the news, people who hate their jobs and make it clear while at work, humid weather in toronto, ignorant children, fish & birds, liars, sore hamstrings...... again, lots more...
Things I don't really care about:
cats, daisies, the 407, wood carvings, the Gap, frozen yoghurt, tiffany ball bracelets, the city of hamilton, non scented candles, zellers, blu-ray, recumbent bikes....
So, thats about it... thats me!

Date a woman from North York, Canada. I'm a girl who enjoy the life day by day, friendly, funny, beautiful and good mannered. I would like to find a person with who I can share all the great moments of my life, day by day, hour by hour, second by second, a relationship where for the words is no place...

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. Well... After my pervious relationship ending three years, I am starting looking. I just want to find someone whom I could share with----sharing the interests, the stories, and the good days or the bad days in our life.
I enjoy my quiet life. I love reading, but most of the books are Chinese ----I am a little bit lazy to read in English. Travelling, either in the city or the countryside always becomes my favourite activity.
I am a typical Virgo. Please bare my perfectionism sometimes.
I also love listening. What is your story?

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Bit of a nerd at heart with a wild streak. Love to golf and do crosswords. Also love a fun night out with friends.
Looking for someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously, who knows what they want and is looking to have it all.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. Adventurous and Easygoing! Loves to hang out with friends and enjot the life to the most. Hard-working and when it comes to fun, I just can't stop lovin' it. It could be a nigh out, dancing like no one is watching you, cooking my favorite food, dining out- love food- enjoy the sun in summer, making snow angels in winter. That's me!
Life is just so easy to make the best out of it.
And about you... I'd love to meet someone funny and romantic, never too old to dance and drink... we all have a baby inside, eh? someone who values life and knows how to love and appreciate being loved.

Date someone special from Canada. Lived in Toronto most of my life. Family and friends are important to me. Friends describe me as energetic. Travelling is much enjoyed. Easy going personality is a must. No drama please. may be opinionated at times, but open minded too.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Smart, funny and independent. Decided to see what this site is all about. Will most likely be attracted to someone who's mature, intelligent, succesfull, funny and family oriented. It's all about chemistry though, so at the end of the day whatever traits he's got, it comes down to the spark.

Date a woman from Canada. I'm looking for someone that is kind, and compassionate, that doesn't take things for granted. I'm looking for a someone that compliments me, and someone who I can learn new ideas from and have new experiences with.
I am thankful for my family and friends. I go to my parents place every weekend to have brunch and spend time with them. This is something I always make time for.
I spend a lot of time with friends, checking out restaurants or bar/lounges or hanging out with the group at someone's place.
I truly enjoy and value being active. I am a big tennis fan. I play tennis once a week and am in a co-ed baseball league in the summers. I enjoy snowboarding. I enjoy watching all sports, and love going to a Raptors game and you will see me each year at the Roger's Cup tennis tournament.
I enjoy my job, and keep working to improve my skills, abilities, and confidence to ensure I am not on a stationary bicycle. I am always striving to be on a bicycle that is going somewhere.

. I am an outgoing reach for the stars kinda female. I believe we are all here for a reason and life is a blessing regardless of how tough. It wouldn't "happen to us" if we couldn't handle it. I am on a spiritual path for personal growth and contentment. I believe truth and compassion cultivates love. If we have love around us...we have it all! I'm looking to meet my Life Partner. A Man who is open-minded and see's life as an the same time, understands balance.

. I'm a student and a mom, life is busy but I'd like to make time for someone who is sweet and good fun. I'd like to meet someone who is responsible and mature but doesn't take themselves too seriously.

. I am quite the woman. Confident, to the point open minded individual who like to watch sports, listen to all types of music and loves stimulating conversation (other than sex). I am attracted to men who can 'think outside of the box', and who are also not insecure. I may seem simple but I keep a lot of observations to myself. I am not afraid to let someone know exactly what I am thinking. I believe in honesty and self respect...both ways. I like men who do not lower themselves and give in too easily. I like men who desire the same.My ideal match is someone who is open minded, patient, intelligent, sarcastic, honest, dependable, good with money management..LOL and knows AND understands how to treat a woman. The kind of guy that doesn't baby me but let's me know that he'll be there if I fall. The type of man who understands the importance of individualism in a relationship as well as team work. I like a man who keeps some things to himself....some observations...doesn't say things that don't need to be said. A man who can analyze his surroundings and support his opinions. He must be interrested in current events. He must have a natural interest in his community and social economic issues. A man who's lived poor and done or is trying to do something for himself. A man who understands the struggle...and the hustle (not in it now though). I want a man with an eclectic my own.

. Easy going, bubbly girl with a sense of humour. Eternal child of thd 80s Always studying something, but make time for Sunday football - GO COWBOYS! The suburbs are my stomping ground, but every now and then jet off to some amazing locale. Love me some good music and can and carry a Britney tune with the best of them ;)
Looking for someone who can roll with the punches, has wicked sense of humour and is a real guy's guy.

. simple,kind,loving,independent,reliable,sweet,affe
ctionate,compassionate,harworking, proud of as i finished my college w/my own life is quite.a person who accept what you have and who you are.

. most people say am smart and witty with a sense of humour.
love to be of service
love to converse about anything and everything under the sun.
family oriented
i am looking for the person who can be my friend and partner.someone i can talk to and communicate with.