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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. He needs to be loyal.
He nees to be faithful.
He needs to be loving.
He needs to be sensitive.
He needs to be a family man.
He needs to accept the truth.
He needs to be able to open up and enjoy life.
He needs to make me laugh.
He needs to have some sense of humor.
He needs to be compassion.
He needs to be understanding.
He needs to be caring.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. Well my story is like everyone else... unique but the same, complicated but simple,but definately worth shareing when the time is right.
A Muslim Man
Someone smart, with a good sense of humor and a very and I mean very strong character; a realistic person with a clear sense of objectivity and judgement, someone who will make my life much more enjoyable.

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Easy going and fun-loving is how most of my friends would describe me. I work hard to be able to play hard and enjoy the fruits of my labour. My friends and family are super important to me. I believe honesty is the best policy, and trust is super important as well.
Looking for someone who can make me laugh and someone I can have fun with....even if we are just laughing at our own jokes. Someone who is secure with where they are at in their life and confident in who they are. Manners are good too....throw in a sarcastic sense of humour for bonus points :)

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I'm truly a fun loving, family oriented, kind and gentle person that loves to have fun, but knows when to get down to business.
I welcome new adventures and always keep an open mind. Life's too short and I'm a firm believer in trying new and different things at least once.
It would be nice to meet someone with great intellect, ambition, FUNNY, family oriented, adventurous, loves to travel and is established in their life, looking to some day settle down.

Date a woman from Canada. I love to laugh and I just want to enjoy life. I tend to be a bit of a homebody, but it's always great to explore new places and see new things. Also, God is an important part of my life and I'd love to talk about how He is working in yours.

Meet someone special from Canada. People who know me have always described me as someone who is genuine, honorable, reliable and extremely loyal. I value those qualities in a person that I keep close to me whether they are a friend or more. I am family oriented and genuinely spiritual. The simplest of things in life show me and fill me with the truest beauty and worth which transports into the most significant moments of heart filled memories of laughter and joy. I cherish and try to always share those special moments that last forever with those that mean the most to me. The love, happiness and health of my loved oneРІР‚в„ўs is what I most value in my life. I want to laugh, learn, share, teach and grow with someone that is my equal, with my best friend.

Date a soulmate from North York, Canada. I always smile and have the positive attitude. My friends describe me that I am a nice girl, I am a warmhearted person, and they believe and trust me. I would like to keep in an open mind to know new friends, and I would like to listen others opinion and suggestion to solve problems. I hope I can find a person who is right for me.

Meet a woman from North York, Canada. I like getting to know people, whether we've just met or we've known each other for years, there's always something new to learn. I love the arts because thats a medium through which one expresses themself and allows others to see them for who they are. I love working with children and contributing to their lives positively. I am passionate about living and enjoying life!
I have a resilient and positive personality which helps me get through the tough times without becoming negative or bitter. I have a relationship with God that protects me through the hard times and refreshes me through the good times. The three things that I value the most are:
•Making art and culture an ongoing part of my life
•Being a good friend and companion
•Finding pleasure and contentment in simple things.
Being genuine, honest, compassionate and kind are important qualities that I am looking for in a partner.

Date someone special from North York, Canada. Hi, my name is Jaz
I have a very upbeat bubbly personality.I love cars and motorcycle shows. I enjoy action movies and going out for dinner, or making it at home with good company. I love rock climbing , and I love baking and walking my two dogs peaches and Freddie. I also love to travel when I have the time. ") and I am looking for someone who enjoys all of these things to. And last but certainly not least I enjoy trying new things. ")

. .....and that would be you! I've done my share of traveling, excavated a prehistoric site in BC and have volunteered my time to teach children so street smart that they can put any teenager to shame. However, I don't think anything can compare to the excitement of meeting my better half. My motto has always been "coffee first" and we shall see if Cupid strikes.
I'm a teacher working on her Master's. I'm studying an education related field that combines my interests so that I can explore more opportunities-I feel like I've come full circle in my career. I was born and raised in small town Canada and couldn't turn down the opportunity to study in TO. There's one more year left for my Master's and not sure what will happen next, though I am very excited for the future. I do see myself living in the GTA in the future and keeping my fingers crossed.
My philosophy in dating is that you can't demand something from other people, you can only offer what you have instead. So instead of making the usual wish list, I'll describe myself:
-I take care of myself by walking everywhere as much as possible and going to the gym whenever I can
-Pubs over clubs, they serve better food at pubs, yum!
-Total night person. 1 am is my usual bedtime at the moment and that's early. Never understood morning people, sunsets are just as beautiful as sunrises
-I've traveled to London, Paris, HK, Beijing...Scarborough and my own backyard. If you're a person who would prefer to spend their money to explore the world than on gadgets, we could get along
-I must warn you, yoga class is my idea of sport. What's soccer? JK :)

. Three words that would best describe me: witty, athletic, and Geeky.
I love horror movies and slow moving zombies. I find there is something unnatural in a fast moving zombie. My favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption. Love anything written by Richard Laymon.
In my spare time I enjoy working out, but I'm not a member of any gym. Reading various books. Writing the odd poem or story. I'm currently unpublished. Maybe one day though... I like to sing and dance as well.
My spelling and grammer suck. Probably because English is not my first language.
I'm tiny and feisty!!! :p
Myself in a nutshell. :)

. Hornest and intelligent and cheerful but not playboy and handsome than my ex boyfriend and make me happy.
Im now staying toronto as working holiday to improve my english.
Im a little plump and short and my face is like mouse and rabbit.
I love talking with many people and like enjoying spend time with them.
I wanna meet destiny person.

. Happy, loves to travel and try new things. I'm looking for an ambitious soul mate who keeps me on my toes. Honesty, trustworthy fun to be with......very passionate and sexual. Likes to entertain and go out. Is opened to new things.

. hey guys im looking for someone that i could share my thoughts with. And to have someone that could make me laugh through those sad times. Its very important to me to have someone thats loyal but not clinngy and sense of humor is a big plus for me

. hi, i am a simple girl, i love boating, camping, playing games like badminton or volleyball, im honest, patient, understanding, friendly, and sweet, i am the youngest to our family. i wanna find someone who has a good heart, down to earth man, and ready to love me all of his heart. i wish my dream will come true. thank you so much, God bless us always................