Date men from Canada / Ontario / Oakville, 31 year old

Date single man from Oakville, Canada. Hi,
I'm a fun and enthusiastic person who seeks to get the most out of life. I believe that balance is key in life especially when juggling one's personal and professional interests. I always make a point of finding time for family, friends, health and culture even when my professional life gets busy.
I've recently moved to Oakville from the Ottawa area (job transfer) and am looking to meet woman with similar interests to mine. Those include traveling to places with unique landscapes and thriving cultures, being active outdoors, health and stimulating conversations. Another hobby I've taken up the last few years is swing dancing (loads of fun and a great workout!).
Of course I’m always up for learning something new from that special someone.
If this speaks to you then drop me a line. Who knows we just might be that perfect match!

Meet a man from Oakville, Canada. I guess I’m supposed to tell you the kind of music and movies I like that way we know we are soul mates. Because that’s what all great relationships are built on is music and movies?? Sorry but I won’t waste your time with that stuff but I will tell you the things I feel are truly important in a relationship…
So about me, I’m:
Honest, Independent, Grounded, Employed, Educated, Non Judgemental, Sane, Can admit when I screw up, Sarcastic, Easy going, Open minded, carring, a good listener, Secure
And I: Own my own car, Don’t do drugs, Tell it the way it is, Don’t have a criminal record, Live on my own, Love to laugh especially at myself, love to travel
All my pictures are recent (oldest is about 1 year) Yes there is one picture that I am not wearing a shirt but it has a MONKEY in it (that’s gotta count for something) sorry they are pretty much all vacation pictures but I refuse to do the pose in front of a mirror thing…
If you are interested in messaging me please don’t use the “add to favourites” or “meet me” option. Take a few seconds and write a message that consists of a little more than “How’s it going??” Odds are its going great!!
Ps I'm not looking for a "hook up" or another texting buddy

Date a soulmate from Oakville, Canada. I would describe myself as stable in my career and goal-oriented. I enjoy making people laugh and having fun :)
I'm looking for someone to laugh with, hang out and have fun with! I'm looking for someone who has similar qualities and is more in the "glass is half full" and is positive and likes to smile.
I feel there has to be mutual physical attraction for there to be good chemistry between two people. So being fit is important, Having some similar interests helps--some things I enjoy are heading out to dinner, going to the beach, watching movies, traveling, going skiing or snowboarding, day trips, patios and wine tasting.
Not taking this online stuff too seriously - but if you like please send me a message.

Meet someone special from Oakville, Canada. About me? Well, I'm your average nice guy who runs dollar store business full time, and looks for fun ways to spend the rest of my time. A typical day for me would involve: work, gym (or some other related activity), socializing (hopefully over some good food), and some sleep (I tend to be a night owl). I love playing ice hockey and enjoy outdoor activities like beach volleyball and rollerblading. On weekends, I like to enjoy the sun from riding my motorcycle, on the boat at the cotage with friends and family or walks downtown. I like trying new activities to keep things interesting.
Random facts about me... I'm:
Very honest and open
Somewhat hilarious (at least on person)
Waiting for you to ask me about other things you'd like to know about me :)
I'm looking to meet a great woman, and get to know her as a friend before committing to a serious relationship. I hope to meet someone who is fun, energetic, smart, attractive, and loves to laugh. A classy woman will always be more appealing to me than a woman who dresses provocatively or is over-flirtatious. Also, straightforwardness is a plus! I see myself with a woman who takes good care of herself, has a good heart, likes to travel, and who believes that marriage is forever.

Date single man from Canada. Okay so here we go....I am out-going, adventurous, spontaneous, dedicated and driven...not necessarily in that order.
I subscribe to the mantra "You Only Live Once". I don't really have a blueprint for a 'perfect' match....I DO know that I want to be challenged and surprised.
I love the outdoors, learning, travelling, exploring, laughing and ambition. I have lived all over Canada, with the most memorable days spent in Whistler, B.C.
Looking for someone with a unique perspective and set of values, not afraid to speak their mind.
Don't know what else to say about me (not fond of narcissism) so let me know what you want to know...and I will be happy to share.

Meet a man from Canada. Hi! My name is Jack, and i am looking for someone with whom i can connect.
I like nature and i am outdoors type of person ,that doesnt mean that i dont enjoy the city life and the advantages that living in the city brings.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I'm here and looking to see how this turns out.:) I grew up in the Suburbs and always had a want for trYing to learn new things. I love my job although it can be challenging at times, but hard work has always been my thing. Im quite at first but once you get to know me that all changes. I love to laugh an find my energy is driven by keeping an open mind and being honest with others ,not to forget also having healthy eatting habits . The simple things in life are most important besides my good friends and family. I do keep an active lifestyle and I find it hard to sit still. Im always doing something, there is so much to explore an there's endless possibilities. I'm hoping to find someone sincere an true and that likes to keep an active and healthy lifestyle . Well im off and ready to get started . All the best in the new year and good luck with ur search for ur better half. :)

Meet someone special from Canada. I'm at the point in my life that I want to find someone to settle down with. I know that may sound like the obvious answer as to why I am here, but its the one thing I am missing in my life. I have my health, a great family and supportive friends. Just looking for someone to share my experiences, accomplishments and challenges with.
Any questions? ask away!

Date single man from Ontario, Canada.
I'm a fun loving guy who is spontaneous, funny, and who enjoys keeping active by participating in all kinds of sports. I really like going to sporting events and concerts. I've completed 3 half marathons and my goal is to complete a full marathon one day. I try to get away to travel at least twice a year, backpacking across Europe is definitely my favorite trip so far. I would still like to visit Australia, Hawaii and Japan one day. Friends and family are very important to me and will do anything for them. I don't know what to expect from here, but I thought I'd give it a shot.
I'm looking for a woman who has a sense of humor, is active and loves doing things outdoor, someone who likes being spontaneous, caring and fun to be around.

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. Thanks for checking this out.
I'm a down to earth and laid back at home yet intense at work. I love music, I listen to a wide variety as well as play guitar. Artists I always have on my iPhone: Beck, Arcade Fire, Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan, The Hip,old blues mucisians, and many more.
I am grateful to have a fulfilling job and a wonderful family. I am hoping to find a likeminded gal to spend time with, hard to describe here I guess! But can normally tell pretty quickly. I value my time and won't waste yours, contact me :)

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. i like honest, sweet, caring but sexr women. willing to live wit me forever. I want very simple and knows how to take care of her man. She is very charming and a bit exotic. I am a nice guy withe very nice house too. I can cook for my women someimes and i can buy her a house, car.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. im very calm , open minded , i see every think in big view or big picture , im allso very easy going person , i like to get along with every one who i will be around me , specially to hot girlssss lool

. Hello
I am here to possibly find a long-term relationship, but I like to start slowly and I am open to being friends too. I like to take things easy and I feel I have alot to offer. I am outgoing, open minded, adventurous,non judgmental and I like to see the good in people and try to make the best out of things. I have a zest for life and want to make each day count. I can be playful, but I can be also serious when need be. I have been told that I have a good sense of humour. I have been told that I am creative, innovative, passionate, determined, I know what I want and I am willing to put my best effort into it. I am opinionated, but yet respectful of other peoples point of view. I am not afraid to take chances and I am goal oriented, and I try to make the best out of things and always be optimistic and positive. I am willing to be the best person I can be for my mate and in general, I am looking for someone who shares these beleifs. I am a person that accepts others as they are, I am easy to get along with and I ussually am one to give people the benefit of the doubt.
In some ways I can be said to be emotionally literate, and willing to take risks. I don't know if the woman I am searching for is here, but I figured it is worth the time to find out. I don't know how effective the internet can be compared to real life, but perhaps this may be how we are destined to meet.
I am a giving person I find as it relates to showing compassion,love,affection and care for others. I can be shy at first , but I open up quickly.
Something that my heart longs for is a lady that will be willing to get to know me and see me for who I am....that is what I have to offer, I don't play around, I really feel that true beauty ultimately eminates from within the persons heart.
I am not really picky over physical attributes, frankly those come secondary to whats on the inside, it's the person inside that ultimately I fall in love with. Just be who you are and be happy with how God made you and I will be too. I also will say that I have a wide range of "types" that I find attractive, I mean I guesse I just know how to see the good in people.
I have brown eyes, am 6'2 in height, I have dark brown hair, I wear it short right now, I change the style depending on season ussually, I shave it at summer times or in hot weather. I like to smile because I feel a nice smile can brighten anyones day, it has with me and it works with others. As for music, I am tolerant of most kinds of music.
I would very much like to meet my "other half" and be with someone whome I can grow together with and just have that affection and love getting stronger and stronger. I am also open to making friends , so I don't rule that out either.
I like helping others and I love life and just living each day to the fullest. I like to be dependable and trustworthy and honest with people, I say what is on my mind and I can be quite opinionated. I like to encourage others when I can and when they need it and just show the person that I am there for them and I feel it's important to show the person how you feel and be open with ones emotions.
Family is very important to me also.
Well I wish everyone the best of luck here
If you would like to get to know me some more, Feel free to contact me.