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Date men and women from Ottawa, Canada. outing with my partner have good time ,movies, and having fun that all about work hard and enjoy your life i love have nice person whos everday to seatle and good looking person from outside and inside of the person must be beautiful god fear person love and kind person and social life thank you

Meet single man from Ottawa, Canada. I'll have to make up a clear mind first but generally I look for a happy and curious partner, not bound to the ground but an adventurous spirit, no career life that is just existing in the here and now

Date a soulmate from Ottawa, Canada. I am an educated, down to earth, laid back guy who spends his free time relaxing, whether I am golfing or taking in some sports. I am not a big drinker, more of a smoker. I tend to save myself for long weekends or special events because I work hard and my career is important to me, I don't have a lot of time to waste hungover.

Meet a man from Ottawa, Canada. I'm 6'5 tall and in good shape. My idea match would be a girl that like to be active and has a good sense of humor. I'm not looking for anything serious just a girl I can sit, have coffee and have some in depth conversations with. A friend with benefits would be ideal!

Date someone special from Ottawa, Canada. i am a polite guy and i am a good guy, i like to excercise to improve my body image and love to play sports, listen to pop, country and love music...and like to travel around the country and else where to see the beauti of nature and the beauti of human creation.

Meet people from Ottawa, Canada. I met someone very special through this website so I am removing my profile. This is a great site give it a chance. Best of luck to everyone! It is no fun being alone and worth the effort to find someone compatible.

Date men and women from Ontario, Canada. I am currently working overseas and am looking to meet someone I can keep in touch with while away on work and spend time with when I'm home. I'm open to what can work in such a scenario.
I'm a funny guy when I get comfortable with someone and generally that doesn't take too long. My comedic sense is obvious with a sense of sarcasm and I can be a bit of a goof too. I'm an outgoing social guy but can be shy at times if I don't know anyone with common ground. Its always good to have friends around and I pull from the energy of others.
Family is more important to me the older I get and someday I wouldn't mind starting my own. Just not sure when yet.
I enjoy an active lifestyle whether it be biking (my favourite), hiking (a close 2nd), playing softball, road hockey, paintball or zip lining. Currently my main activity is road hockey every Friday.
An ideal match for me would be an outgoing positive minded girl who is open to people's perspectives on life and enjoys a good laugh to let the stress out. She would be somewhat fit and adventurous for things like what I mentioned above and camping in the great outdoors. Oh and concerts... must enjoy live music!

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. Hello, I moved here a couple of months ago and I still haven't had the opportunity to meet the right girl. I am working on achieving my goals and it would be nice to meet someone who shared similar dreams.
I would describe myself as a healthy and a well-balanced person, although I have not been able to get too involved in the sport community since moving to Ottawa and starting a new job. I am a former university varsity athlete, coach and kinesiologist, so sport runs in my blood. I am also easy going, sociable, ambitious, respectful and well educated.
I hope to meet someone who is similar to me. I am not anxious about meeting someone... making new friends is always interesting isn't it? Last thing, Even though my native language is French, I enjoy practising and improving my English... but I would be grateful if you could be understanding please.
I hope to "read" you soon. ;-)

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Well, I am pretty much on to meet someone who has the same goals as me as far as gettin to know each other , traveling, and seeing where it goes from there, I am a health student, im also a human rights activist and i am very easy going and down to earth..

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. affectionate man, looking to meet new women to date, maybe fall in love with... i'm big on music, sciences, technical stuff and friends and family. i have alot of different types of friends and i enjoy meeting new people and doing new things. i also try to be outside and active as much as possible

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Hello. Well to start off im just an average nice guy. I get along great with the people around me. Im also kinda shy at first but give me a short little bit and then youll see the real me as i open up. I've always been describe and known as the "niceguy" of my group of boys...the responsible one, the loyal one, the good hearthed one thats there for you.
I'm looking to find some friends on here to hang out with and have stuff with like go to movies, watch movies with, go out for drinks on a patio, to some outdoor and indoor activities like biking, canoeing, soccer, bowling, mini putting, going for walks and just chilling etc. My circle of friends is getting a little smaller cause many have moved away, gotten married or lost touch with so i would like to meet a few more. Lets start off with hanging out and see what happens. I'm open to a lot....not really closed to anything. If a freindship develops...awesome....if anything else (sexual, relationship or more) ...great. Am i looking to date? yes. if the right girl comes around, not just for the sake of "dating". If dating is not in the cards, then hopefully friendship or a little fun is. Also, if your willing to show a little patience and get to know me, i know you'll be impressed, cause im one of those guys that will break their back to make the person i care about happy.
If your interested, smile away and if i like what i read, ill get in touch with you.
I'm 6 feet tall with brown hair and brown eyes, and weigh about 200lbs.
Please note, if you smoke or do baggage galore around you....your definetly not for me.

Meet people from Ontario, Canada. I am Good looking gentle man. Loking for some body to give comany, and have fun and.If she want we can go for ride , if possibe go vacation.
life is short need to enjoy.there are so many way we can enjoy life depend on the partner, that why i want met some who can share my free time

Date men and women from Canada. hi my name is douglas koksiak .im single likin for somebody. i like to go out to see movies, skateboard, hang out with my friends and play sports. i'm lookin for somebody that is out goin and have lots of fun

Meet single man from Canada. My closest friends would say I am a nice guy, and am responsible and dependable, and open-minded.
I'm looking for someone who is decent who basically does what they say they are going to do, and will be honest with me. Someone I can trust, and spend time with on a regular basis, but still have a little bit of alone time too. I'm ready to settle down, and am not into the club scene or anything like that. I do enjoy movies, music, going out, staying in, going for walks, shopping, snuggling with my special someone, gardening, cooking, and more. I suppose my interests are very broad, and I would hope yours are too. I'm a little quiet and shy at first, but I can get very talkative very quickly with someone I like. I have a great life and am always interested in learning new things and perspectives, but I feel that my life could be even further enhanced if there was someone special in it who I could share my thoughts and feelings with, so this is what brings me here. So, if you are somewhat like me, have at least a couple common interests and are looking for a long-term and monogamous relationship like me, with a loyal and affectionate person, please get in touch.

Date a soulmate from Canada. Let's see...some, funny, charismatic, loving, fun, attractive, successful... Self-reports can be problematic, but I'm definitely being objective ;) I have a wide breadth of interests. I have a passion for the arts (both in appreciation and practice) and enjoy toiling over various technical subjects - both hemispheres are firing brightly in tandem! I enjoy getting outside, to play on land, water, or sky. I've recently moved to Ottawa and lead a solitary, however rewarding, career. I'm looking to meet someone to share some excitement with.