Date men from Canada / Ontario / Ottawa, 31 year old

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Friendly, responsible and professional, looking for a friendly girl for friendship only and exclusively. For the past years, I’ve been through a relationship that really transformed my life as person but has ended because of professional constraints. Now I feel that it's time again to start up, slowly, with friendship

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. I am a caring, compassionate, empathetic, generous, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, funny and insightful person and now I feel like a bit of a goof for describing myself using such words. I couldn't just say I'm a lot of fun (I think I am) and leave it at that because that would look suspicious, so I tried to describe myself using words that I have heard others use to describe me. Can I be all those things at once? Sure, probably sometimes. Can I be stubborn and difficult to deal with? Sure, at times I can be, but who doesn't have days like that. The important thing is that while I know I'm not perfect I am able to see the areas where I can improve and make an effort to do just that. Ha ha, all the reads as pretty serious, but I think I will leave it as is. I also feel like I have just completed a dating confessional.
I'm looking for someone who shares similar interests, has goals for themselves and will hold me to mine, who is at that point in their life where they know what they want, and perhaps, most importantly likes to laugh and enjoy themselves each and every day.
If anything above or below interests you feel free to send me a message. Best of luck in your search.
P.S. To all the women who put 5'10" and up in their profile - come on! I'm so close...

Date single man from Ontario, Canada. black and nice looking.very intresting and out going.strong sence of humor.enjoy women with large accademic conversations and studies.very out going and understanding.enjoy conersations about rel life sitations. dont like talking about others.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Hello there, i am a man of few words so here goes, I am a good spirited family oriented guy who is looking for a lovely Lady to spend quality time with.
I enjoy being around good natured people in which I can share laughs with.
I am looking for someone sweet, good spirited and family oriented.

Date someone special from Ottawa, Canada. Part athletic, part logical, part artistic, I try to live a balanced lifestyle and would hope to find a match who shares in these pursuits. I think at times I can be introspective but when I'm around a fun crowd I can crack a good joke with the best of them. I try not to take life too seriously and if I do, I'm sure one of my good friends will find a way to wake me up!
The kindness of strangers always brings a smile to my face and I try to be a good Samaritan whenever I can in the hopes that I can bring a smile to someone else's face.
What am I looking for in a relationship? I think it would be nice to develop a relationship with someone who likes to stay active physically, believes in a strong set of values, shares a similar sense of humor and is comfortable with having a bit of a geeky side. At the end of the day I'm looking to share some of life's little moments with someone who is fun-loving and comfortable with who she is. Hopefully she'll be looking for the same qualities in me.

Meet a man from Ottawa, Canada. No reservations, but thought to toss the rod and meet someone who is active and enjoys the outdoors (skiing, biking, etc.), great food and good movies. I enjoy traveling and would like to one day travel the world for a full year and see every continent - fingers crossed for that lucky 6/49 ticket!

Date single man from Ottawa, Canada. I'm a fairly reserved and careful guy but I'll try anything especially if someone tells me I can't. There has to be something exciting going on in my life or I get restless. I'm looking for someone with a similar mindset. If you're not up for trying new things, please don't contact me.

Meet a soulmate from Ottawa, Canada. I suppose people would describe me as a calm, quiet type - my job can be very stressful at times, so a cool demeanour is often required just to get through the day. I'm a news junkie and hopeless Twitter addict.
I'm looking for someone kind, intelligent, quirky, who would like to be wined and dined but who would also understand if I just want to stay in some nights.
I'm a huge music geek - my all time favourites are Tool, Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails - but here's what I'm running through my iPod at the moment: Grimes, Wolf Gang, Foals, The Kills, Crystal Castles, Burial, Mogwai, Portishead, The Birthday Massacre. There are countless more. I can talk music forever, and I get mad if I go to a party and either the music sucks or nothing's being played at all.

Date someone special from Canada. Here I am, back in the game after a bit of a break. I gave this a try many months ago but am ready to give it another shot! :-)
A bit of background... I grew up in Northern Ontario, moved to Toronto for the rockstar life after high school, graduated from Advertising and Integrated Marketing Comm. at St Lawrence College in Kingston and have lived in a few interesting places since.
Some of those places have included Auckland, New Zealand, Melbourne, Australia and Edinburgh, Scotland and have also visited a few other countries around the world. I feel my travels have added a new perspective to my outlook on life and taught me to appreciate the best and respect the worst experiences I have been through for what they are and to learn from each! I'm definitely not afraid to take a chance and try new things, because some of my very favorite stuff in life were discovered that way :-)
I currently have a house in the Bank and Heron area of town and absolutely love the area. It's close to all of the downtown action but in a nice quiet residential area.
As for me, I guess I could say I'm funny with an amazing sense of humor, but of course that could also be subjective... I suppose that's up to you to decide for youself! I've definitely matured and grown up in a lot of ways but have never lost that childhood mischief (in a fun way of course!)... I know when to deal with serious stuff seriously and work out a way to fix them, but most of the time I try to make life as awesome and fun as possible!
I'm musical as I play/record/perform many instruments and take in as many concerts as time allows when I'm not working for the City of Ottawa in Social Services, which keeps me pretty busy most of the time.
If I were to describe what I'm looking for I guess I would say I would be looking for a summertime companion to start and see where it takes us. Someone who would like to go to concerts and movies and grungy pubs and touring art shows at the National Gallery and random road trips... I can't say I'm very fussy about what I'm doing but more interested in who I'm doing it with!
My ideal match would be pretty outgoing and not afraid to do, say or try something new... there's always something awesome you might not have come across before! I like new adventures and someone new to experience them with. Also a positive attitude goes a long way in anyone, and is definitely a quality I could appreciate!
I believe a relationship/partnership is a team effort as we are working towards the same goal of fun and happiness... and life can be whatever we choose to make it and is TONS more fun with someone else... so let's have fun!! :-D
So send me a message when you get a chance and we'll chat!

Meet a man from Canada. I'm driven, honest and loyal! I have enjoyed some amazing experiences thus far in life and am looking for the right girl to share it all with. I'm fairly new to the area, and have had a difficult time meeting new people with my schedule. I am the type of person who makes the girl in my life a priority rather than an option. I am looking for someone who is motivated, genuine and caring.

Date single man from Canada. Dont have an ideal match.. Only time can determine that. But someone who has a brain on their shoulders..faithful and loyal.. likes to laugh and have fun. A day in the park once in awhile and likes movies and dinners

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I consider myself an active person. I actively crack jokes and try and find humor in every situation, no matter how dull it might be! I guess it's my way of relieving tension. You can label me a laid back person, but I do have an assertive side that I normally use to channel my focus.
I share a close bond with my close friends and family. I never shy from helping friends in need. I go with the flow rather than plan to make a plan. Best experiences take place in most spontaneous fashion! Some of my fondest memories are random trips to the beach, sitting around a bon-fire all night, cracking a cold one, listening to great tunes and better company.
It's rather unfair to say I look for someone who shares similar interests than me, because then we'd have nothing new to discover. I guess my Ideal partner would be someone who is willing to partake in some of my hobbies while opening my eyes to a whole set of new ones.

. I'm very laid back and open to new ideas, always willing to try something once. I can be sarcastic sometimes but I’m generally a happy, optimistic person. I have never agreed with the adage of “An optimist is a man who has never had much experience”. The more places I’ve been and the more people I’ve met have made me an optimist. I have always found any and all subjects interesting and willing to listen and learn new things when meeting people but I can be shy at first.
I'm looking for someone who is quirky, intelligent and cheerful. Who doesn’t shy away from what she likes even if it isn’t mainstream or trendy. Someone whose music playlist has all types of music on it, not just top 40s. Someone who is as comfortable in a club as an expensive restaurant. I am not looking to jump into any relationship just because but if the right person were to come along who am I to fight it. Assuming the conversation on the first date doesn’t devolve to asking me my favourite colour, we’ll get along just fine.

. I describe myself as down to earth, easy going, sometimes goofy and a bit sarcastic.
Being healthy and fit is very important to me so I spend a lot of time in the gym, play sports, go outdoors and I jog to stay in shape. On the other hand, there are a few TV shows that I like to watch and I absolutely love movies so I go to the theater at least once a week.
I'm originally from Europe and I have lived in Canada for about 13 years. Canada is a beautiful country and I could not imagine living anywhere else. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do and thankfully I have relatives all over Europe so I visit them as often as I can. This is probably something I should not admit about myself but I'm a bit of a clean freak and a bit of a computer nerd (weird combination, I know).
I believe in living my life to the fullest so I'll try anything once. Also, every weekend I go somewhere new and do something fun.
I can't stay indoors for to long so If I'm not working, or being busy with something, I love to take walks or just hang out with my friends.
At the moment, I am very happy with my life because I have great friends and family. I've achieved every goal that I have set for myself, except one and that is to find that special someone.
I am looking for someone who has things in common with me. Someone who likes to travel, try new things and enjoys the outdoors but also likes to stay in and watch a movie. She must be kind to people and animals, have a good sense a humor and is generally a good person. If you think that is you let me know.

. Hi my name is Harley. I'm very new to online dating and I'm just checking this out to see how it all works and maybe meet some cool people to hang out with...Beyond that, we'll see! I'm a country boy but I've lived in the city for a long time now. I am a very career motivated person with a great job and a great house and a great car so my chickens are all lined up. I like to spend as much time as possible outdoors, I went snowboarding over 50 times this winter and in the summer I'll be out rollerblading on the canal, playing softball, rock climbing, wakeboarding, and whatever else gets me out there! I've done a lot of travelling; I've been to 27 countries so far. I love roadtrips to NYC and want to do one soon to Washington DC to check out the museums. I'm fantastic at Trivia and have a head full of random knowledge. My friends say I'm a pretty smart guy. My relationship history has been one of serial monogamy...Three five year relationships in a row. This summer I'm thinking i'll meet people but probably stay single for a while and get to know myself a little better....although there's no real solid plan. I'll let the chips fall where they may.