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Date someone special from Canada. I am looking for a soul mate! Someone who won't cheat on me with other guys. Who can stay faithful to me with no worries of infidelity. Someone I can trust. Someone I can later marry. Someone who wants kids and fits all the best criteria of a good mother.

Meet single man from Canada. "Dad thought laughter was the best medicine..which is why several of us died of tuberculosis". Jack Handy is my philosopher!
When people fall on their asses in winter, I laugh, it's funny. I'm a protein chemist...of the dude-scientist variety though ... I work hard, but am lazy and like to take it easy too. If you're, like, you know, "always on the go" or overly ambitious or some crap, I don't think we'd click yo, sorry. I like random roadtrips, I go to the gym, I bike, I have a dog and fish and a cat, I watch lots of movies, I even meet with a group of film dorks to discuss them... I even like boring flicks 'cause you get to make fun of them! Oh, also, my cat is retarded: he follows the dog to the park some days when I take him for walks--not kidding, it's like a show. I guess I'll put more s$&t here later, a pic etc when I'm really ready for this site!

Date a soulmate from Canada. Hey, life is about living it to the fullest, and it's about living an adventure and always experiences new things. I love traveling, meeting new people and going to new places. Making new friendships is important to me because that how all the best relationships start. I'm an avid reader, I love arts, cafes and dining out. Life is about developing your potential and living in a positive world. One Love.

Meet a man from Canada. I'm happy, good looking, healthy Man of Adventure. Ottawa (born), Miami, Los Angeles, Sydney, Montreal. Salt Lake City (NOT) & RIO DE JANEIRO! (Save the best for last) What's better than a rich doctor, lawyer/attorney, or athletic sports star? Read on. Have a picture and be exceptional if I IM you. If you have major baggage, are sexually repressed, or have issues with men, PLEASE don't contact me. I am a selfish, arrogant jerk, (I'm working on it). Picky: very. If you are gorgeous (Shallow Hal here, looks matter - read above if that bothers you). If you are looking for that someone who will kiss the ground you walk on, bring you flowers, kiss your feet and hang on every word you say, YOU HAVE THE WRONG GUY. Need a little excitement, you've found it, now earn it. YOU: Smart, clean, good looking and a nice bod. In one word, EXCEPTIONAL. I enjoy mentally stimulating conversations, sensual teasing, caressing, intrigue, fascination and building anticipation (hours or days?), Electricity if you know what I mean, and I love unusual women. I am very random, spontaneous & last minute. Catch me if you can.