Date men from Canada / Ontario / Ottawa, 32 year old

Date a man from Canada. Often described as being very generous. Take much pride in my work and being there for people who I consider important in my life. Active social life which includes a range of activities including movies, sports, music and books, I love to travel and have been to Europe twice in the last year.

Meet someone special from Canada. Hello my name is xxx, and I am the best man of the groom
Here to send my farewell to my friend who well is doomed
xxx and I have been friends for 12 years I think
Time has passed way to fast like eyes when they blink
I remember one time up at school when I was stuck
I ran over to his apartment were I kind of took his truck
That’s how good of a friend he has been to me
But now I am glad to see that he got down on one knee
You can finally say xxx is your wife
Now she will always be part of your life
I know your marriage will be filled with love
Just as a cold hand goes into a warm glove
Also, I like to thank the parents of the groom and bride
You can tell they were standing today with a lots of pride
So please raise your glasses and congratulate these two
Wow I am glad this is over I can’t believe I pulled thru
10 months ago

Date single man from Canada. First, my user name is supposed to be Tweedle Dum, the extra E was a typo when I signed up, not sure if it can be changed now. Genuine, I have nothing to hide, nor do I bother lying or trying to pretend to be something I am not. I'm a guy from a small town, living in the capital. Love going for a ride on my motorcycle, or just spending time with friends. Looking for someone to hang out with, if more comes from it so be it, if not, then I look forward to just adding a new friend.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I would like to meet someone who I can share my time with doing things that interest us both and enjoy each others companionship.
I enjoy dining out, hiking, bowling, pub nights, running, soccer... I enjoy watching documentaries, reading about current events and most live sports.

Date a man from Ottawa, Canada. Stuff about me:
- I've moved to Ottawa from the UK. I've been here about 6 months, just long enough to survive a Canadian winter without losing any toes, and am now enjoying the summer's festivals, patios, and getting out of the city a bit more.
- I intend to see as much of North America as I can over the next few years, and would love to meet someone who wants to share in road trips, camping trips, city breaks, and other adventures. I started with Newfoundland a couple of months back, and should have ticked off all the eastern provinces by the end of the summer.
- I'm beginning to go native! I took up skiing in the winter, and am starting to get into hockey, though my first love is still football (although of course by 'football' I mean soccer - I'm not entirely native yet!)
- I love live music and music festivals. I've been going to Glastonbury every year in the UK, and I've got tickets for Bluesfest and Osheaga this summer.
- I go to the cinema frequently, and will enjoy watching pretty much anything - blockbusters, comedies, indie/foreign. I'm a member and frequent visitor to both the Bytowne and Mayfair. I also particularly love bad films. I therefore hold Nicolas Cage in questionably high esteem.
- My laugh is loud enough that my friends use it to locate me in crowds. My humour swings between very dry and very silly. If you've seen either The Thick Of It or The IT Crowd, you'll know what I find funny.
- I'm dedicated to my work and my career is going well - getting to come out to Canada was a big goal, so I'm pretty chuffed to be here. That said, I'm able to leave work at the office and enjoy my free time.
- I will surprise (possibly alarm) you if you ever get me on a dance floor. Reckon you can keep up?
Stuff about you:
- Obviously you find the British accent irresistible. :)
- Everyone sees that you have a touch of class about you, and you and I will be the only ones that know it's a complete lie as we giggle at the same stupid jokes. You don't take yourself too seriously, and give us good as you get.
- You're smart, and you have a curious mind. You delight in taking in some random band, film, show, exhibition, sight, whatever just because it's there.
- Like me, you're quite easygoing, compassionate, and open-minded.
- You've decided you'd quite like to get to know me further, so you're writing me a message now. Good plan!

Meet someone special from Ottawa, Canada. I'm a very contrasted person. There's a part of me that's adventurous and always looking for new places and people. Because I was born and raised in a small town, I love the outdoors. Hiking, hunting, fishing.... I love traveling and I consider myself a foodie as well.
There's my lazy side too. I love TV, movies and video games. (Big tech hound!)
I love a conversation that revolves around politics, philosophy, psychology, sociology and government. Basically anything that involves the nature of people and where the world is going.
Respect, trust, openness, honesty and family are very important to me.

Date single man from Ottawa, Canada. Hi!
Let me tell you a bit about myself.
I'm an outgoing, artistic type, who cooks and loves photography.
I have a great sense of humour, I love to laugh, and especially make people laugh. Double rainbows make me smile.
I also love to travel. I spent last summer working at the International Criminal Court and backpacking through Europe by myself. I also spent this past January studying in Puerto Rico.
I value my friends and family, and would do pretty much anything for them but eat chocolate (I'm allergic, so luckily for you, I won't ever steal your stash!). That’s not to say I don’t have a sweet tooth, in fact, I have a weakness for cupcakes.

If you are looking for someone that you can laugh and have fun with, or just relax and hang out with, take a chance and message me!

Meet a soulmate from Ottawa, Canada. I'm an easy-going guy that enjoys a good adventure as well as cozy nights at home. I'm looking for someone that I can share my life with: a true partner that would be just as excited about me as I am about her.
So, a little bit about me: I really enjoy being active and exploring the outdoors. For the past several years, I have been walking, cycling, and rollerblading along the various pathways in Ottawa. I started running last year and ran my first half marathon in May at the 2012 Ottawa Race Weekend. I will be running my first full marathon at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October.
I enjoy traveling and would love to do more in the near future! Right now, I am planning trips to Hawaii (Dec 2012) and Florida (Jan 2013). It would be amazing to experience those places together, don't you think? :)
When I'm at home, I enjoy watching movies and TV. I really like listening to music and podcasts (both at home and on the go). I try to eat healthy and I can cook but I have to admit that they aren't the fanciest meals in the world. LOL! I do make an awesome cheesecake though! :) I recently hired an interior decorator to help me furnish and decorate my condo, which is quite exciting! I also enjoy dining out at nice restaurants, going to the movie theatre, and museums.
The past few years have been really good to me. Well, except for that one time that I went head over handlebars on my bicycle, lol. That wasn't a feel good moment but it was funny (we're talking YouTube-worthy material here ;). My point is that I have a great job, own my home (mortgage / debt free), and plan on visiting some really nice destinations. All that's missing is that special someone. Could that be you?
Thanks for reading! If you like anything you've read here, feel free to send me a message. Or, send me a wink! ;)
I hope to hear from you soon! :)

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. I am at a point in my life where I am looking for a partner to explore, travel and grow and have fun with. I am definitely ready to enjoy my thirties with someone special who I can make laugh, who will challenge me and who will also be their own person.
Let's see if this thing works as I don't check out bars or talk to people when I am grocery shopping.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I am a introvert person , I don;t like to speak alot , but I am a person who you can trust me to go anywhere, and have fun. I like traveling and adventure new places. I am an engineer and I like to know somebody who knows some thins about engineering. that's it ;)

Date single man from Ontario, Canada. Hi!
Do you like to have fun? Stay active and healthy, enjoy nature? Then, you might want to contact me ;)
A little about me, I am independent and I love to have fun, live life and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. I have a successful career, and I enjoy what I do (plus I'm really good at it ;). I like going out for a drive, or patioing (it's a new word ;) , hanging out with friends, learning new things, healthy eating, rollerblading, gym, traveling, camping, hiking, yadi yadi yada... lol... pretty much anything you can do in summer and I like to stay fit anyway I can (Right now I'm doing the INSANITY program from BeachBody). I also like to travel, I usually go somewhere south (Caribbeanish) at least once a year in the winter, to have fun and relax, as well as other trips here and there. I also like quiet nights at home, watching a movie, and just relaxing or playing with my little kitty. My first language is French, but I'm fully bilingual.
I am looking for a long term relationship, but of course, everything starts with dating and I'm also fine with casual dating for now. I'm looking for someone who is honest, emotionally/mentally/physically healthy and that has dealt with their past. Hopefully you like to have a healthy lifestyle, but can also let loose and have some fun!
If you think we are a match and/or just want to know more just send me a msg! Winks are nice, but I appreciate a the effort of a message a lot more ;)

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. So I was big into martial arts for several years, but after one too many injuries, I decided to use my repertoire of brightly colored belts to build a series of kites for my latest hobby: Asian kite fighting.
Okay, so that may be part fiction, but I really am a natural born innovator and doer. Right now I'm juggling three careers – one as a computer programmer, one as a business entrepreneur, and one as a property manager for the family biz. I was the youngest guy in my entrepreneurial program, and I brought my code wrangling skills with me. I've never been very good at being a follower, so I figured it was time to stop building what everyone else envisioned and start building something from a vision of my own.
But my passion for my business doesn't keep me from getting away from it all. I love the excitement of taking off for a new destination with a (very) loose itinerary, even if it's just going to visit my family for the weekend. Next big trip: Oktoberfest.
I'm looking for a girl with a sense of adventure and passion to match mine – an intelligent, active girl with ideas and opinions all her own. Someone who’s got a sophisticated mentality, but is still playful enough to go swimming in the river on a nice day without hesitation. Think you might fit the bill? Drop me a line or a wink and let's see where things go...

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. Im a easy going guy who likes to try new things and live life to the fullest.
My favourite job is being a dad to an amazing son who teaches me more and more each day and I couldn't imagine my life without him.
I am very settled in my career and love my job. I've been very fortunate to travel all over Canada and parts of the USA with it.
I love to travel, being active, and hanging out with friends. In the winter you can find me skiing both downhill or cross country and in the summer wakeboarding, running, cycling, and camping.
Im hoping to meet someone who likes to travel, stay physically active, and likes to try new things....

. I see my self as a down to earth gentle man, no drama, don't want none, i work hard and play harder . career oriented,i have taken the time to work my self and grow as a person, I am a very happy person and believe in the power of sourrounding my with positivity...
I'd like to meet a girl that's beautiful both on the inside and on the outside.knows what she wants out of life has a career, family oriented. and wants to share all of that with that special some one.. lol and the lists goes on...
but on a serious note, if we click we click if we don't we don't . I am not in a hurry to find some one even though it would be nice, i'd rather wait .
and i am really 29 not 31