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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. So the part about me - I am known to travel, being active and some would shout out fun and sociable. I've lived in Ottawa for the last few years, first moving here for work but now because I really do enjoy this city. I try to stay up to date on what's going on in the world and maybe it's because of living near Parliament but become more interested in following politics. Some of my pastimes include going for a run along the Ottawa River, playing ultimate, going for good food with good company, and finding new things to do and try out. My background is Vietnamese and I grew up in NS (definitely a Maritimer at heart). Travelling is definitly my hobby and passion, which I've been fortunate to be able to see a lot of neat places through work and study. What I am looking for - I really value the friendships I have but I find I hang with the same circle of friends and hence, don't really meet new people as much or potential eligible men. I think my compatible match is someone who is confident yet humble, likes to laugh and can make me laugh, and has a good sense of what he wants to go after in life. So I am putting a foot forward in the online scene and curious to see what happens.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. Looking for someone I can talk and share ideas with. I am not looking for extraordinary characters, just people who'll help you appreciate life and enjoy it to the fullest.
Everybody needs somebody he/she can confide about everything without hesitation and thats exactly what i am looking for.

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Hi and Welcome!
I'm an active, fit and motivated individual. I love my career and am close with my family and friends.
I am looking to find someone who is smart, enjoys being active, but can also sit back and relax on the dock.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I am fun, easygoing and always willing to learn something knew.
Ideally, I'm interested in meeting an equally fun and outgoing quality, open-minded guy that is confident, respectful and secure with themselves enough to compliment my personality.

Date a woman from Canada. IРІР‚в„ўm currently pursuing my dream job and pretty happy where I am right now. I would describe my self as independent, down to earth and open-minded. I love to laugh, learn and try new things.
I am originally from Montreal but I have lived in Ireland for 5 years prior to moving to Ottawa. It was a great experience and I hope to go back to visit soon.
My interests include kickboxing, working out, travel and reading to name a few. I would love to travel more and hopefully it will be with that special someone.
If you're confident, open-minded, active, and love to laugh IРІР‚в„ўd like to hear from you. If you want to know more just message me.

Meet someone special from Canada. Hey thanks for checking me out... I'm looking for someone that's respectful and confident. Someone who trusts me for the way that I am and just enjoys the moment. I'm looking for someone who's easy going and sociable...
I'm currently employed and I love my job. I'm looking forward to working hard and enjoying my time off that I use for traveling. You never know what to expect when you travel and it's a new adventure each time.
I'm upfront and young at heart if I can afford to be, especially around those who I know well.
I really appreciate people who can be polite and easy-going, makes it that much more easy to return the favour.
I'm also curious, I ask a lot of questions and I like to be able to tell stories, I joke around, I tease and I giggle... That's me 40% of the time. BUT I love my quiet time (30%), I love intellectual conversations, politics, business, current events, global environment... and I'm not kidding. That's the other 30%.
I hope to find someone who isn't awkward in social situations - it would be nice to be around someone who is confident:) Beyond that, all personalities are welcome: intellectual, or ambitious, or a joker, or whatever you are, as long as you're comfortable with yourself, I'm open too!
Now that I've gone through all this about myself, who I am and what I want, I also think that nothing is really more important than just humility and easygoing-ness(?), because everything just flows from there, bottom line, I'm not unwelcoming and rigid, and it would be great to meet similar people I guess.

Date a soulmate from Ottawa, Canada. I'm looking for a good sense of humour and a healthy sense of adventure. I'm looking for someone to camp with, travel with and basically explore the world. I'm not looking for a passenger I'm looking for an active participant in my life. I want someone who takes chances, makes mistakes and finds the joy in every minute of it.

Meet a woman from Ottawa, Canada. I've been in Ottawa since June after moving from Vancouver and here is what you need to know about me:
- I love the outdoors (camping, snowboarding, hiking, you name it - I'll do it... or at least try it).
- I work hard but also don't take life too seriously and would like to spend my time with someone of the same mindset. I have a great job that can be demanding at times but I love it. I'm established in my career and seek the same.
- I have a dog who is 11 months old. He's rad. He's a great activity partner. He's not a pocket-pooch.
- I can get dressed up like it's nobody's business but prefer to be casual (am kind of a tom boy nerd at heart).
- I clean up at most board games and also karaoke.
- I am independent and have depth to my personality; don't let the blonde hair fool you. I have learned a lot through past relationships (and life, in general) and think I'm pretty damn good at being in a relationship. I don't start drama, I'm not needy and am an honest communicator but I expect a high level of trust and respect from anyone I'm with.
What about you? IРІР‚в„ўm really just looking for someone who is caring, honest, active, established with a great and quirky sense of humour who knows that itРІР‚в„ўs okay for us to do our own thing but that when we get together, the world better look out!

Date someone special from Ottawa, Canada. I'm looking for someone that can make me laugh and with whom I can spend a nice / fun evening either going out or staying in and relaxing. Family and friends are very important to me, I'm looking for someone that can shares these values.
I love travelling, it is one of my biggest passions. It is definatly a great way to learn about new cultures, places, people and all in all fun.
I also enjoy trying out different sport, not that I'm good at them ;o) but its fun to try them out, this summer I've taken up volleyball and kickboxing and if I'm still motivated I'll be even trying a little yoga, dont get too excited ... my bar is set pretty low, as in let's touch my toes!!!

. A little bit about me:
- I like watching Bruce Lee movies, I think he's kind of awesome.
- I could spend days in art galleries, and not be bored.
- I love coffee, good coffee. No Tim Horton's for me please.
- Enjoying a nice glass of red wine makes me happy.
- I love a good Saturday morning cartoon.
- Some of my happiest moments have been spent surrounded by breath taking landscapes in different parts of the world.
- I competed in the World Rock Paper Scissors championships some years ago. I made it to the top 64.
- I was challenged once to make an Origami Ninja. I succeeded.
- Some friends of mine figured out how I am six degrees from Kevin Bacon. I guess that makes me kind of awesome.
It's important to me to take in the world around me every chance I get. I truly appreciate the little things and try to surround myself with people who can do the same. I can be pretty sarcastic and tend to find a quick wit pretty attractive. I am looking meet someone to spend my time with exploring this city and laughing until our faces hurt.

. Funny, smart, bit of a klutz, single mom of a 3 going on four little girl, that I adore, I have plenty of love to go around. I am seeking for somebody that do not mind tagging along two pretty girls. I am not sure if looks matter but I have been told inside and out. I am looking for someone that is true in this world, and looking for tackling the future.

. OK!!! Here we go.....I am a single woman, who spent a little too much time working on getting her career on the right track. Yes, I will admit that work was my focus for a long time, but now that I have finally become a full time teacher I am ready to turn my attentions to other aspects of my life.
A little about me...... I am a laid back, weekends at the cottage; go with the flow kind of girl. I am passionate about Teaching; I am thankful everyday that I get to do something I love, also, the fact that I get to make a difference in the life of a child makes the stress worth it. My friends and family mean the world to me, they make life truly interesting. Finally traveling, I was bit by the travelling bug at an early age. I love exploring new places and learning about new cultures. There is so much in this world that I haven't seen yet and I am excited to learn more.
OK, enough about me…..I am looking for a good guy. Someone who is passionate about something, it can be anything but you have to have a drive in life. I want someone who is confident and self aware, who knows who he is and is willing to share that. Finally, and maybe most importantly I want someone who is willing to take the time to get to know the real me.

. Hello! Here is a little about me:
I am an honest, kind, and genuine 'girl next door'. I care very much about others and those who are close to me. I would like to share my time with someone with similar values.
I love to laugh and have fun and spend time with great friends...some might say I'm a bit silly!
I enjoy exercise very much and make an effort to be active each day. I hope to meet someone who is also interested in keeping fit, healthy, and happy and enjoying life to the fullest.
My true ambition in life is to be a loving wife and mother and to raise a beautiful family.
I didn't think I would ever come online but how else do you meet people these days? :)
P.S. I also like cats!

. I am not crazy about "this writing" about myself and i think that getting to know each other grows over time but here it goes....
I am a pretty handy independant girl, love walks on country roads, going on tour, 4 wheeling,hunting, fishing (there's nothing better then being on the water) or the outdoors, camping (love the smell of crackling firewood and the sky lite with stars), love lounging around a pool, soaking my feet in the sand and sipping maragaritas on the beach as well; definitely got the travelling bug in me. Playing sports is a must in my life; crossfit, weight lifting, running but i also have the "homebody" in me; I enjoy staying in cuddling on a cold winter night by a fireplace watching movies, playing cards, board games.......baking home cooked meals and entertaining family functions, my dog/friends/family mean the world to me, they're pretty entertaining!
The most important things to me in a relationship is honesty, communication, chemistry/attraction, and friendship! I know what I don't want, and I figure the rest will sort itself out. I've never done this online dating before I thought I'd give this a try, wanted to see what the hype was all about, I guess you never know what might happen till you give it a try!

. Im looking for someone who is kind, sweet, faithful and is honest, i mostly go for personality, looks dont matter as much. Im shy at first but once i get to know the person im more outgoing. I like trying to new things and meeting new people.