Date men from Canada / Ontario / Petawawa, 32 year old

Date single man from Petawawa, Canada. I am very passionate about my job, love it but wished a few things would be a wee bit different. I tend to go to the gym after work for a bit but, I do a work out every morning for work. I also love to cook and bake as well. Always would like to try new dishes out but sometimes I can be very picky on what I eat. As for desserts my favorite is Cherry Cheese Cake and no I will not give out the recipe for either. Now if any family or friends invite me over I tend to bring one. Naturally they never turn it away. I have accomplished a few goals in my life so far but not all of them. The ones I have finished are, graduating college, getting into a career and visiting a good amount of countries.
I don’t have a very big family because most of them live in another country and I do visit them when I can and the rest of them….well let us just say a bad divorce split my family up really bad. Mind you the family I do have I love everyone and will try and make time for them. My father and I are very much alike and I will spend a good amount of time with him but not every minute. We will start to get at each other a little.
My normal week minus work is a little predictable and is not the greatest. I tend to go to the gym if I am not at the gym I am sitting back relaxing at home or over at a friend’s place. Friday nights are the nights I head out for a few drinks and meet up with friends. Now the rest of the weekend is not known and I tend not to plan much for Saturday or Sunday. Most of the time if I am not driving down to visit my family/friends I tend to sit back and relax.
The relationship I would like to find is one that will let each other have their space. Then again I don't want to call her and book time in just to see her and the same goes for me as well. It would be a little better if I was to have a friend before having a girlfriend. Because if we can’t joke around or do something fun. And one last point I am little allergic to cats, and I can be around some but there are a few that I can’t be near.

Meet a man from Petawawa, Canada. Looking for some fun, nothing long term. Looking for a girl who wants to hang out! Looking for someone who wants to be an astronaut or president someday, something amazing so I can brag to all my friends, lol