Date women from Canada / Ontario / Pickering, 31 year old

Date a woman from Canada. I am driven and I know what I want.
A little about myself. I actually really love my job, I buy stuff for a living who wouldn't love that! I enjoy travelling and because of my work I get to travel more.
I like working out. I completed a triathlon for the first time last summer. I enjoy biking, going to the movies. I have a great sense of humor, and family & friends are very important to me.
What I look for in a guy is someone who likes to travel, work out, has a great sense of humor, loves to cook, is kind and who enjoys life.

Meet someone special from Canada. He's a man of his word and oh so fun to be with that I can't resist. His ambitions make him strive to be a better person for all around. We would have silly talks and great conversations to spice up any mood. We would both be so excited about each other to grow together as a team.

Date a soulmate from Canada. Hey,
So I am taking a leap and looking to meet someone to share some laughs with. I am an out going girl who loves hanging out with friends and family and enjoys sharing good food and conversation.
I am looking for an open minded someone who is easy going, ambitious and of course...has a great sense of humour.
Hope to hear from you!

Meet a woman from Pickering, Canada. Who's that girl? Why that would be me!
Me: easy going, passionate, driven, responsible, loyal and most of all fun!
My most embarrassing moment: I have many but the first thing that comes to mind is walking straight into a pole during rush hour at a train station. Yay, I definitely wasn't watching where I was going :S
My proudest moment: climbing to the top of Mt. Fuji which took over six hours.

Date someone special from Pickering, Canada. I am a young, intelligent and attractive woman of Caribbean descent. The best adjective to describe me would have to be “crazysexycool” (don’t know why bootylicious can be in the dictionary but that isn’t) lol
I love to travel and plan on doing more in the future.
Really, IРІР‚в„ўm looking for a partner in crime. A man who is intelligent and not afraid of going after what he wants. A man who knows how to roll with the punches when it comes to the many ups and downs that life will dish out.
A man who is honest and will be as attentive with me as I will be with him. A man who is interested in building something strong. It would also help if he enjoys spending quiet evenings all curled up on the couch watching movies with me...
If you are that someone, then you already know what to do –
Talk to you soon ;-)

Meet a soulmate from Pickering, Canada. I'm so happy that I come from a good family, and have great parents. I don't think a lot of people get me some times. I come across as a hard ass some times but in fact I'm not. I've worked hard my whole life and all I want is to be happy and to be with someone that get's me. I want to meet someone that will put me in my place when need be, but at the same time know how to treat a woman. I don't as for much, but I do expect to be treated proper. I have a lot to over and I have a lot of love to give. At the end of the day I want a partner to be my best friend. I look at my parents and I want what they have one day.

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. For the most part I'm a chill person but intense when I need to be. At times I'm a social butterfly but I mostly prefer intimate settings. I live by the saying "Tomorrow is promised to no one" and try not to put off what I can do today.
As for my match....
I am seduced by intelligence, it's important to me have a partner I can learn from whose opinions I respect. A little intensity is always good, a warm smile and stimulating conversation will knock my socks off.
It's attractive when a man shows up and he is cool with being himself. Good Chemistry and depth are undeniable. I love the kind of connection that allows me to talk to my man from across the room with my eyes and a warm flash of my smile.
A body and soul connection is what I am looking for.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. Let me start by saying that I never know what to put in these here's my best. People closest to me describe me as outgoing, loves to laugh and laughs at everything, even things others may not find that funny(...oops) and really easy to talk to. People always notice my height when they first meet me. I'm 5'10 which I guess is tall for a girl, but I don't really see myself as being that tall, I guess it's just always how its been.
My family is really important to me. I don't have a big one, but we are really close. They make me smile and inspire and help me to get through some of the curve balls that life throws my way. My friends are also important to me. I have a close group of friends that I know will always have my back and I will have there's. Life just seems a little less crazy when you have friends around to vent to and help put things in perspective for you.
I really love what I do for a living and my career is important to me. I am always striving to learn more and be better at what I do. That being said, it is a job, a way to make a living and there are things in life that are just as or more important. I believe that there is a work life balance that needs to be achieved.
Socially, there isn't much that I don't enjoy doing, depending on the mood that strikes me. Everything from staying in watching a marathon of Quentin Tarantino movies, to going to a bar/club type of setting and spending the night on the dance floor and all the stuff in between. I love going to live events, concerts, sporting events, etc. and love to be outside in the summer months either on a patio or for a walk/hike, just enjoying the weather to the fullest extent!
I am looking for someone who is easy going, honest, funny and is not afraid to communicate honestly, even if he thinks it might not be what I want to hear. I feel that honesty and communication are so important in every relationship and both parties in the relationship should not be afraid to say how they feel. Its not an easy thing to do, but in the end, 9 times out of 10 its best to express yourself.

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I work at a law firm in the city, which can keep me pretty busy at times. In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my family & friends and staying as active as I can.
I am looking to meet new people, and seeing what happens.
If you are interested in knowing more sent me a message.

. People say I'm sweet, thoughtful, fun and a great person to have around. I hope to find a guy who will love me the way I deserve and I'll do the same for him. I love romance and really love being goofy and laughing... there is a time and place for everything I guess :)

. I am on here just to chat to people and see if there is an interest to meet and see where it goes from there. Not interested in guys who want to play games. Only an honest, responsible, loyal, caring man who can give and deserves respect reply please. Oh and good hygiene and common sense are a must :)

. ...are you the perfect yin to my yang? I'm looking for someone who complements me in every way. I'm a smart, attractive and fun-loving person who likes the finer things in life; good restaurants, good wine and good conversation. I hope your out there.
I also enjoy travelling to any extent and think theres something missing in your intellectual makeup if you don't feel the same. It may sound harsh but I've just found that to be true in the past.
Sense of humour is a definite must and so is the art of conversation soon...