Date men from Canada / Ontario / Richmond Hill, 31 year old

Date single man from Ontario, Canada. I'm the type of guy that loves to laugh and make others laugh and have a good time. I'm super down to earth, and am up for just about anything.
What I'm not looking for is someone that parties non stop and has no limits. Those days are in the past for me. I'm more into the scene of travelling, going new places and being around great friends.

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. I'm used to meeting people the old fashioned way, but I'm single and I've been persuaded to try this out!
A little bit about myself:
I'm a graphic designer based in Toronto. I have my own business that I've been running for a few years. So far, so good, but I'm currently looking at going back to school to get my MBA in September.
Some things I like: music, movies, the internet, science, boxing, art, photography, and playing the guitar. (I also like other things.)
I'm looking for good conversation with someone intelligent, ambitious, thoughtful, and honest. A positive attitude and a good sense of humor are both a big plus.
If you think you can handle that, let me know and hopefully I'll talk to you soon.

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. My friends describe me as someone who is genuine, caring, funny, good listener, and reliable.
Enjoying good times with family and friends are the best moments that I enjoy the most. Being able to share moments with them make me feel happy. I'm grateful to have good friends and a caring family that will support me in my life through thick and thin.
I'm looking for something to build into a serious relationship. I'm looking for someone who is honest, caring, good at communication, and can enjoy a good laugh but knows when to get serious.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I'm laid back and shy. Probably the reason I'm giving this a shot, I hate trying to pick up at bars, and not just because I'm bad at it!
I'm looking for someone who likes the simple things in life. I love the idea of a family. I have a little girl and unfortunately her mom isn't around anymore. I would hope someone would see that as more of a positive then a negative.
My favorite thing in the world is skiing! I like to mountain bike in the summer, a little golf with the boys, patio's with friends, I could probably live at a cottage! I love being by the water. I really enjoy cooking and entertaining at home. I'm at the gym 2-3 times a week and I'm starting to get into yoga and Pilates. I listen to all kinds of music.. Rock, R&b, Country, old school stuff too, I always have something playing. I love to travel and have been to a few interesting places so far in life and still have a few more on the list.

Date single man from Richmond Hill, Canada. A good woman is like a breath of fresh air to me. The woman who is up to the challenge of keeping up with me has to have a bit of a tomboyish streak. I'm always up for an adventure and I love sports and outdoor activities (especially if they involve water). She has to be genuinely kind, which is something you really can't fake. It's there or its not. I like a woman who is strong without being obstinate. We need to get where we're going but we can't get there if we can't work together. She has to have a love for music and cultures. I love to immerse myself in all types of music and I live to experience the food and traditions of other cultures. She definitely shouldn't take herself too seriously. I love a girl with a clever sense of humor and a zany side. My humor is a smart mix of wit and sarcasm.

Meet a man from Richmond Hill, Canada. I'm a classic style man, that has been focusing on my business for the past several years, and now looking for someone to share my passion for life.
I'm an easy going person in general, with high standards for myself. I like the challenge of always improving myself and getting the most out of what life has to offer.
I love to laugh and have fun. Family and friends are very important. I have a wide breathe of interests and hobbies, and enjoy trying new things and going to new places.
I'm compassionate, and looking for someone with similar a mentality. Inspire me!

Date a soulmate from Richmond Hill, Canada. OK, I admit it. I’m a jigsaw puzzle. Turn me over and all these pieces fall out. Ooo scary!
Let’s see what the first piece looks like. Hmm, it’s pretty weird looking with me racing down all the bends and turns of my life on my racing bike and F1 sports cars. But it’s a kind, environmentally-friendly piece that fits well with other pieces that have the right curves and turns. The next piece has the colour of adventure. It looks like a best-selling book on Amazon, its pages filling in each year with all the laughter, joy and intimacy of a story told in bed late at night between lovers.
Here’s another piece that calls itself religion but it keeps falling through my hands. (I know this piece and it’s a little too arrogant for me.) I see I don’t need it and pick up a piece called spirituality instead. This piece is magical and immediately spreads its sincere light calling out to other pieces joined with it – friendship, loyalty, trustworthiness and one that looks like a soul patch under my lip.
The next piece is my Persian flying carpet. Up up and away I go like Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen. I am James Bond with my martini and gal as I swing from a ladder off a helicopter and prepare to jump into my million dollar hot car and drive off with her hair flowing behind us on a California coastal highway… No. Not really. I’m athletic but it’s hard to cuddle after a hard day’s work when you are hanging from a helicopter. Besides, Bond’s hard liquor, coffee and smoking style are not part of this puzzle.
So now that I have (and you have) all these pieces, what do they mean when you put them together?.. Yours to discover... :) :) :)
WE ARE THE NEW RENAISSANCE:::: At age 30, I have looked at the world to see myself. Like the web, the global village and modern love, our generation is a wave called the New Renaissance. Tough, competitive, open-minded, dedicated to those in our care and like our fellow soldiers of the heart and mind, we have each other’s back.
Earlier generations thought they came out of the Garden of Eden and lost it. Today, we live in the Garden of Multi-tasking and we will live there for a long time. This Gardener loves all fruit and the passion of climbing, capturing, enjoying and becoming so intensely joined with it that all tastes and sensations explode together. I love orange juice, pineapple juice, mango juice, Chinese juice, Christian juice, Catholic juice, Jewish juice, Hindu juice, Muslim juice, Buddhist juice, Canadian juice; in fact all juice and smoothies too.
What is a New Renaissance Man? I don’t know. But as a man of the New Renaissance, I know what I bring to the table. Exotic wines. Master of 11 human languages and several spoken by computers. Note to aliens: Call me. I can speak your lingo. Italian suits are a passion but I want to design my own line that’s better. And when I wear a brown belt it’s for my tai kwon do class. Did I mention I can do yoga, cook a gourmet meal, recite Italian poetry and make'out, all at the same time? No, really, I’m in the Guinness Book of Records. At least that’s what they told me it was for when I started taking off my clothes by holding my breath for twelve hours... LOL
And when I’m not performing miracles like causing the water in my shower to suddenly turn off when I start singing, I do volunteer work for those with worse voices than mine. In the past, I have served as a Goodwill Ambassador in Asia and Africa for organizations like UNICEF and the Red Cross on projects like AIDS, poverty, health care and education.
I want to be a tourist on the moon. I practice for this in the summer by sky-diving and bungee jumping and in winter by skiing in Whistler, Mont Tremblant, Banff, Salt Lake City, Davos Ski Resort, Chamonix Mont Blanc, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Gstaad, Z?rs & Aspen.
While on the moon, I will see the barren landscape and think how fortunate I am to be alive in this time and to have been blessed with a good family and close friends.

Meet someone special from Richmond Hill, Canada. I have a great sense of humor, and I’m looking to make friends and I’m looking for a relationship also. A person who can laugh about anything, in any situation, a sense of humor is the most important quality to me. I 'm very easy to get along with, I’m open minded, down to earth, I 'm very social . I’m open to trying new things. I'm looking for a new adventure, to meet new people, to meet someone I can share my life with.

Date single man from Canada. Someone who is serious that I can share my thoughts, opinions and happiness. Vise versa.
Someone who will allow me to be there for them when I am needed.
Chat me up if you want to know more about me =P

Meet a man from Canada. i like to enjoy my life with a nice woman .i know how treat with my woman and make her happy.....i love take her to trips and spand time togather.....i love watch movies with her while we sit infront of tv and she laydown on my legs

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am an Asian guy who is looking for a woman who can enjoy and share life together and have some fun. I want a long lasting friendship. I want a girl who can be my partner and also my best friend. I will love her forever

Meet someone special from Canada. I have been single for awhile now and want to get back into a realationship. i work in the construction field so meeting people is hard through work.
Making music, and playing drums is my life. I work as a supervisor for a construction company, but thats just what i do during the day. whenever i can, you'll probably find me in my studio working on something. a new cd for a band, practicing new parts for a song, jammin with friends. Im hoping to find someone that is at least really into music, cause i love it so much. Going to see live shows is one of my favorite things to do also.