Date men from Canada / Ontario / Richmond Hill, 32 year old

Date single man from Richmond Hill, Canada. Im a kind, caring thoughtful person who always treats my partner with the most up right respect. Im looking for a girl who is independent and has responsibilty in her life. I also work hard to try and get ahead in life but i also like to make time to have fun and relax when needed.

Meet a man from Richmond Hill, Canada. I am an out going person who loves life and loves to go in new adventures. I am a fun person, loves sports, traveling, exercising and I will try anything once.
I am looking to get to know someone and take it from there.

Date a soulmate from Richmond Hill, Canada. I'm a driven, ambitious person forever seeking to improve myself in every way I can. I am open to any kind of relationship at the moment, but ultimately seeking a long term partnership. I work hard, play hard and love to have fun.

Meet someone special from Richmond Hill, Canada. Charming. Intelligent. Cute. None of these words really describe me at all... just kidding! You can add “Funny” to the list if you cracked a smile or “Weird” if you're planning your exit strategy.
I love to travel (Monaco was amazing), shop (yeah, I said it!), play sports (baseball is my favourite and yes, it's a real sport) and try new things (skydiving was incredible!). I'm very ambitious, outgoing and I love to dance. Volunteering is also a big part of my life. The characteristics above are all true, but there’s more depth to me than this short blurb.
I’m looking to meet someone who is intelligent, honest, down to earth and has a sense of humour. Bonus points for … well, I guess you`ll have to find out;)

Date single man from Ontario, Canada. Finished law school in Australia and was living and working in Singapore and Philippines for the past 4 years. I just moved back to Toronto. Looking for someone new to hangout as I get back into the Toronto routine.

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. Random Ramblings about myself
1) My grandma can do more damage to me with but a whisper than any dude with a baseball bat
2) There wasn't many Chinese kids living in the area where I grew up, so from time to time, a kid would ask me to show some of my Kung Fu moves. As if EVERY Chinese person new martial arts or something.
3) I'm a competitive alpha male
4) I had a car fall on my arm once when I was changing a flat tire. (I still have that arm surprisingly)
5) I have a love/hate relationship with 90% of my work clients. LOVE that they bring me business HATE that some of them are idiots!
6) I can polish off an entire bag of Ruffles in one sitting.
7) fleece is a vile material. Me no likey.
8) I believe I'm 25, but my body tells me otherwise
9) I work out to eat, thus I have to work out REAL hard to keep up.
10) Words of wisdom "Keep calm people, and KILL people in your mind!"

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I want a beautiful funny girl who I can trust. I like a girl who is attractive and is very grateful such as a girl who can make me laugh or a girl who can tell me stuff. I love sports and I am very very strong and muscular. Ps I have a six pack and I love camping out with my friends.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I'm a busy professional looking for an arrangement type relationship where we meet a few times a week for fun and maybe trips here and there and I will cover a portion of your living expenses...
No games, no drama, just fun...

Date single man from Canada. I am an optimistic, fun loving and energetic guy looking to find my female equivalent. I enjoy a wide variety of activities such as movies dinner dancing arts and entertainment. I love my career and hope to find the final piece of the puzzle.

Meet a man from Canada. I've lived abroad, travelled around the world, now beginning to plant some roots and focus on my career. That's not say that i'm done travelling, I love to do it and will continue exploring different parts of the world.
I'm fairly laid back but keep very active. I enjoy a variety of activities, going to the gym, sports, cooking, dining out, movies, pretty normal stuff.
Life is pretty great right now, no NEED for anything, but if I end up finding someone to share this with, it would be a pretty sweet cherry on top.
Currently working on my goals for 2012 and getting pretty excited to tackle them !!!
You CREATE, PROMOTE, ALLOW things that happen in you life

Date a soulmate from Canada. My Story ...
I love traveling. The more culture shock when I get to a destination, the better. I love the adventure and challenge that comes with being in new and different cultures, interacting with the people, and seeing the world through their eyes. This is my passion in life. Even if I had millions of dollars, I think my backpack would still be my best travel friend. It's been a while since my last adventure though - which was to Egypt and Jordan. My travel goal - to see the new Seven Wonders of the World (I've already go half of them crossed of my list). And I would love to find someone to join me - think you're up to the task?
Some other bits about me:
All about the simple things ... cooking, food, wine, gin martinis, movies, music, anything that involves playing outside, and road trips! I enjoy getting to the gym as much as possible and pursuing my interest in different martial arts - especially Muy Thai.
Your Story ...
You're up for anything from adventure to lounging on the couch. You challenge me. You aren't afraid to get dirty once in a while, whether that means hiking in the mud or sleeping next to baggage carousels at the airport (this has happened before ... but it's not the worst place I've had to sleep - you'll have to message me to find out what that was). Maybe you're a country girl who moved to the big city, or maybe you're a city girl who's not necessarily too caught up with all the hustle, fakeness, and shallowness that sometimes goes along with that. Through these adventures we'll travel side-by-side.
Whoever you might be, you're fun, kind, caring and sweet. You'll have a great head on your shoulders and a beautiful smile!
And whoever you might be, I'm definitely looking forward to hearing from you.

Meet someone special from Canada. Ok, talking about me, where to start??
Background: I'm from Argentina, 31 years old, but been living in canada for a few years now, very close knit family.
love the outdoors, good music (guess that is open to discussion right?) motorcycles (have a big one, it's my fav toy), animals (all of them except spiders and Snakes), the sun that brings me up every time, walking in the park or along the lake, although the beach will beat all of it every time! Adding a little of adventure to my life is important so I do it every chance I get. The last one was a round solo trip on my motorcycle to Miami. Quite impressive what you can learn from yourself when you just decide to go out and explore the world!
Can really enjoy a good glass of Red, a good meal, or a good conversation; anything can be fun as long as I am with the right companion.
I'm a bit of a chameleon when it comes to my hair; had it really short most of my life, one day I decided to let it be and see what happens (a big afro happened), then kept it long but straight, and now it is back to short.
Big soccer fan (then again, few latinos aren't), brand new here at match so bear with me for a bit.
Love going for a swim as well.
I guess that is me in a nutshell.
You? Well, i'm not going to build a list about what I like; time has proven me wrong when it comes to the ideal that I had in my mind and the people I got to love, which taught me that we can have an ideal in our head that isn't necessarily what we need. (for a lot of women these days it seems to be "Tall, Dark and Handsome").
The Rolling Stones got it right, " don't always get what you want, you get what you need..."
What I'm trying to say is that I'm truly open to what's out there, regardless of colour or beliefs.
Hope to hear from you soon!

. I'm fun loving guy, someone who is easy to get along with, caring and sensitve willing to listen to any all problems.
Looking for someone who is bright, full of life, into trying things, someone who will show me love and like me for who I am.

. I am passionate about creating a family that lives life to its fullest! I love life’s lessons and growing from them. I have been fortunate enough to travel and experience different cultures. And would like to share and experience new adventures will my own family. My biggest desire is to have a close family that grows together. I value the closeness of my extended family because they are all so kind, caring and supportive.
I am looking for someone that shares some of my dreams and has similar interests. My intention for joining eHarmony is to find that somebody that is compatible to me and hopefully form a serious romantic (life-long) relationship.

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