Date women from Canada / Ontario / Ridgeway, 31 year old

Date someone special from Ridgeway, Canada. so, i'm a dork. it's something you'd find out quickly anyway, may as well not hide it. and when i say 'dork'.. it's a pretty broad-spectrum word... ask, you'll see. all good though :)
really i'm pretty basic.. if i could live in jeans, a hoodie and flipflops 90% of the time, i'd be a girl in heaven. i listen to music constantly, be it country or r&b phases.. i always wind up back at the basics, the standards: pearl jam, NIN, disturbed, soundgarden, 311, rage. movies are always great.. though i haven't taken much time for them lately, my scary movie issues are problematic (when i say "scary", it's the psycho-killer kind... vamps 'n zombies rock). i'm working to get past 'em. as of now, i can watch most things as long as it's the middle of the afternoon, i'm not home alone, and i have a blanket to hide under if i get freaked out. :D yup... sad.
there.. i've covered the "here, talk about these topics" portion of the profile :)
the most important thing i'm looking for here though, if it finds me... is someone to make me laugh, it's a necessity. i'm a goof, ya need to be too, or at least be able to shake your head and smile at it. cuddling on a couch needs to be JUST as much of an option as goin to the bar, which.. by the way, i'm totally game for too.
alright.. anything further, ask. i'm here.... here... being five minutes from the buffalo, ny border... amazing how that causes such an issue with people :P