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Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. This is always a bit of a drag for me but hopefully this sparks your attention so you'll continue to read on.hehe. What my friends and family will tell yo about me is that i'm fun, loving, and caring. Sounds cliche i know but it's true. I have a wonderful 8 year old son whom i truly love deeply. He's my life, i can ramble on about him for hours but i'm here for me, so as i continue...hmmm. thinking, i love God myself, then i love my son and my family. I'm looking for a smart funny, open minded family oriented man who's looking for a good woman to enjoy and share life with. The good, the bad and the ugly as the Clint Eastwood movie are not perfect..we are meant to screw up once in a while as long as we have that person to forgive us, right? I'm not looking for Fabio here, an honest average man, you don't need to have Warren buffet's bank account either. As long as you make a decent living and have a job is all i care about. Let's face it, money is important but its not the be all and end all.
My match would like to cuddle, enjoy a nice home cooked meal, go out from time to time, for walks, ice cream, a drive, a movie outside or indoors, be forgiving, not abusive(i had to put that in there), i don't tolerate ignorant men. we are adults and can talk about any disputes. i'm a great communicator. I love to talk also. I'm looking for trustworthiness, integrity, ambition, honestly, monogamy in a relationship, and hopefully he's funny and not stuck up. Life is too short for all that nonsense, right?
I love to travel, i like to cook, i love to dance(i think i'm pretty good at it), i love to laugh and will make you laugh, hopefully, hehe. I'm alot of fun, quirky, spontaneous, and of all things, i'm genuine i don't pretend to be someone that i'm not. The truth will only reveal itself in time and i get easily embarrassed.I believe in working for what you want. I'd like to build a future equally with that potential partner. I believe in togetherness. If we work well after a few dates then why not give it a try? We only live once.
I will probably change this in the future. I've rambled on enough. I'm an open book, ask me whatever you like.
Good luck to all. Keep smiling:)

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Somewhere out there is a great guy who will not only want to introduce me to new things, but will also like to try some adventures that are new to both of us. He will not only put up with my wacky moods, but he may even think they are cute, (even if he won't admit it.) The man I would like to meet is confident and self assured, but isn't cocky with an over-inflated ego. I am looking for a guy who can keep me on my toes both when it comes to intellect and energy. There is nothing that I won't do to support the people I care about, but if I think you are wrong I will tell you and I hope that you would do the same for me. Are you a man who is filled with surprises? When you hold me in your arms, are you the type of man that will make me feel safe and warm? Have you made it all the way to the end of my profile? Then what are you waiting for? Drop me a line and let's plan our next adventure

Date men and women from Ontario, Canada. I'm not picky. All I am looking for is affection, honesty and respect. Liars and cheaters or men who don't know how to treat a quality woman need not apply. If are honest, respectful and affectionate I will show that good men don't always finish last.

Meet people from Ontario, Canada. I'm an easy-going, optimistic, friendly woman. I live a balanced lifestyle and I enjoy the simple things in life. My family and friends are important to me and I spend a lot of time hanging out with them doing anything really...going to dinner, parties, concerts, bowling, lounges or staying in watching movies.... especially cheesy horror films! :)
I love traveling and I enjoy taking baking and yoga classes. IРІР‚в„ўm a pretty adventurous person and I love trying new things.
I'm looking for a guy who is also easy-going, open-minded and has a great sense of humor.

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I am a down-to-earth girl next door and an eternal hopeless romantic. I'm looking for someone who's genuine and capable of loving another person deeply. Someone who will not only be my partner but also my bestfriend. There's no perfect relationship so there will always going to be conflict along the way. As long as the person will always stay willing to work things out to give and take depending on the situation. The person who can be like this with me in a relationship is who I am looking for.
I'm at a point in my life that I have my career going and I'm ready to find the person who I can look forward to seeing and talking to at the end of the day; to share my passion, my thoughts, my fears and who will always or will at least try to be there to support and understand me and i will do the same wholeheartedly.
I am kind of the shy type but that doesn't mean that I'm not sociable. I'm quite sociable and can carry a conversation about anything..I may tend to be quiet at first but once I warm up to people they soon realize that I have a pretty easy going personality. You just have to stick around a bit to get to know me :)

Meet a woman from Canada. love to dance shopping and hang out good friend and family enjoy weekend getaway I love a man that smile a not smell good dress good talk nice have a great mind Must be very handsome and shy loves to take a walk art museum .I love a man with expediences tease that loves fast sport car Lamborghini,Porsche,Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce corvette speed boats Lear Jet helicopter and lot of good toys I love to play

Date a soulmate from Canada. im sexy pretty ,kind and honest person. I work as a live-in caregiver Im looking for a guy who is thoughtful and caring and Godfearing individual. If you are interested to be my friend pls see my profile and im willing to answer & be youre friend too.

Meet men and women from Canada. I'm a simple girl leading a simple life,looking for the right one who puts honesty in priority and is willing to share and support each other down the road.
He doesn't have to be Mr. Charming,but his respectful manners and lovable attitude would fully convince me that he is worth my trust and investment of my whole life to fight with for our common benefit and future. I'm not big on a party boy who lingers in night clubs or whoever is good at bailing out from a one-night stand.
I'm picturing a normal family life with house,kids and dogs,which is not necessary to be really wealthy but financially well covered;I'm dying for a stable relationship that's free from cheating or gaming;I'm dreaming of a man who can be my rock any time. Some small surprises would be a good spice to daily life,and some travel plan(s) annually would be a good way to fasten our bond as one union.
If you are looking for a passenger or a companion just for one stop of your life journey,then filter me out--I'm not the one for you.

Date people from Canada. My closest friends describe me a considerate, sweet, thoughtful and mature person, who always look after other's benefits before mine. I can smile for simple pleasures and jokes if I get it :)
I am grateful for having a good health, a job and being around with family; especially my mom and friends. My social life? currently doing my part time studying full time work, but will always find chances to catch up with friends when I can :)
I am looking for a person who would like to be in a serious relationship with me. Together, we are able to inspire/guide each other to become a better person. I hope that HE knows how to respect people, showing sympathy and can make me feel very comfortable with laughs and tears and that HE will always be there no matter what (as I will do the same as well :) )

Meet someone special from Canada. Hello there!
I like to think I'm a pretty easy going lady. I live a small life, but a good life. Time spent with friends is at the top of my list, whether we're hanging out on the dock at the lake, entertaining at home, or exploring the many fabulous events in the city. I like to surround myself with positive people.
I work with children who keep me on my toes, make me laugh, and remind me to take things one day at a time. I genuinely make every effort to do so.
I like to be active -- cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, swimming, cycling, running -- anything really, that gets me outside.
I'd like to meet someone who likes to laugh, enjoys being active, and has an interest in seeing the world. I've done a bit of travelling, but think it would be much more fun to have a partner with whom to share the journey!
Above all else, I'm looking for a man who is good natured and kind. If you think you fit the bill, why not drop me a line and say hello?
Best of luck with your search!

Date a woman from Scarborough, Canada. Hi well here goes :) I'm single and looking.for that special one :) I'm happy with my life so far but someone to share it with is nice too! . i am a single parent ( lets make this clear im not lookin for a father for my kids !) im very happy, I love the outdoors, skiing, jogging, reading the latest book online,. I love food and trying new foods. I'm kind, loving, cute and playful, 5'0 ft hazel eyes 105lbs.
what im looking for is L T R with that said .:)
A good strong man one who can take charge of any situation :) . Good convo and likes to listen too! Clean & fresh. Good looking, beautiful smile, sweet soft lips. Down to earth, open minded, funny, caring. Adventurous. Most of all honest.
i know i left somethings out just ask :) :) ????
bless and hae a great day ! xoxo

Meet a soulmate from Scarborough, Canada. The light of my life is my 3 year old. I am looking for someone to have a little fun with and unwind from a stressful work life.
I am finally in a place in my life where its okay to have fun and I am comfortable with who I am and what I will accept and what I wont.
This summer I am ready to get out and have some fun instead of watching Disney movies and repeating them line for line:)
My friends and coworkers would say that I am funny and out spoken but I am actually pretty shy. I am looking for someone who wants to come out of their shell with me and begin to experience life and all that it has to offer.

Date men and women from Scarborough, Canada. Do you have some sort of bucket list either on paper or in your head?
Well, I do and I look forward to and am determined to check off majority of them in my lifetime and be able to share the stories behind them with my eleven year old daughter and maybe more children to come in the future. Luckily, I have managed to check off some of the list, but I still consider myself young with a lot more to add on to the list as I grow in life. Some outstanding items on the list include learning how to swim, learning how to play the guitar, singing karaoke in a crowded bar, traveling to Hawaii, Australia and Greece, plus many more that you can learn about when you message me! So if you are a life guard/musician/world traveller who loves karaoke, you may just be the perfect man that I am looking for and I would highly encourage you to message me. Just joking! I'm simple. All I am looking for is someone to share these experiences and adventures with in life and hopefully that someone would have some of their own things that they would like to experience with me too.
So if you are interested, please do not hesitate - feel free to message away!! I look forward to it!

Meet people from Scarborough, Canada. I am easygoing, funny, smart and otimistic. A guy with a good sense of humour can always make me smile. I am proud of being independant and I make a living for myself. I am grateful for having close friends when i need them the most and my health. I would like to attact a sincere guy on this not a joker. My social life is not up to par the i want it to be because i work so much. I am looking for a long term relationship someone who wants to be a partner, lover, friend and father. I am passionate about my wellbeing of myself and others, art, fashion, music and new technology.

Date someone special from Scarborough, Canada. There is little to life that i don't enjoy and the really simple things i find are what makes me happiest. I love my job and my daughter; I love to laugh and i hope my partner does too. Keep an open mind about everything so you don't miss out on anything- my words of wisdom that i like to share with the world and qualities i'd love in a guy.