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Date a woman from Scarborough, Canada. Interesting and out-going. Dynamic! I am grateful for the everyday great things in life - family, friends, good health. I like to try new things. I am passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle. ;-)

Meet a soulmate from Scarborough, Canada. I like to think I'm an easy going, fun loving, caring and loyal woman, who is looking to meet someone that I can grow a meaningful relationship with.
I enjoy reading, going out with friends, dining out, cooking, relaxing at home and watching movies, listening to music and concerts.

Date people from Scarborough, Canada. Hi There! I am a happy positive person with a great life looking to share it with just the right person! I appreciate what I have become so far, and I know my best days are ahead of me! People have described me as intelligent, focused, strong, passionate and independent - all to counter a very sensitive side. I have a playful & fun attitude and I love a great sense of humour. I enjoy my social life, working out and keeping active, but I also value my time alone: I like reading and learning new things whether it's how to do a home-improvement project, or a new theory on how the universe works :) My friends and family are VERY important to me, and I especially enjoy meeting new people and learning their stories. One way of summing up my outlook on life: when someone else says "either or?" I say "why not both?" (haha, note that does NOT apply to relationships lol!). There's always a way to make things work.
I'm looking for someone who is somewhat focused on what he wants in life, and who isn't afraid to try to go out there and get it! Intelligence is very important. I want someone who is strong and takes-charge, but who can also be sweet and sensitive when necessary. Of course I'd prefer someone who is attractive and who takes care of his body, someone who is honest, open-minded. I'm really looking for that strong physical and emotional connection - I'm not the clingy type, which is why a deep understanding and connection is very important to me personally.
It's pretty difficult to try to pinpoint who you are in just a few words! If anything I have said so far is of interest, I hope to hear from you. I also think it's pretty difficult to determine if there's a spark over cyberspace so if you like what you're reading, hopefully we'll have the chance to figure that out in person soon! I'd like to meet the people who have caught my attention in person (isn't that the idea?), so if you are interested in passing emails back and forth for a long time prior to that, you probably aren't looking for me. Life is too short NOT to get out there and make some new friends whenever at all possible!!! Life is about relationships - I look at online dating like looking for a job almost - yes, you fit my criteria and I fit yours, let's meet up and see if we were right!
Super good luck finding what you are looking for :)

Meet someone special from Scarborough, Canada. I lead a healthy lifestyle. I like to share my experiences with people and I like to listen to other people's life stories too. I like laughter. Especially when laughing at my own silliness. Friends describe me as nice, sweet,cheerful, and easy going. I appreciate nice men who are honest, sincere, fun and have a sense of justice and understanding of different cultures.
My family and friends are very important to me. After all, they are always the ones who are there. I have a great group of close friends who I enjoy spending time with.
My two passions are working with children and languages. Being a language teacher has helped me put my two favorite things together. I have a great job that I enjoy, but also realize that you have to take time out to enjoy life.
I have been lucky in life and now I am looking to be lucky in love!

Date men and women from Scarborough, Canada. Feels as though I'm filling out an application form lol.
I'm looking to find friendship that can develop into something more, if its meant to be.
See if we can get to know one another and take it from there.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. Well, here is a little something about myself…..
IРІР‚в„ўm a mature and honest person. Who likes to have fun, enjoys the outdoors and stays active. I absolutely love to travel. I enjoy seeing the world and experience different cultures, lifestyles, and food. Even though, I like to go out, I still enjoy being at home cuddling on the couch watching a movie or just staying at home and relaxing.
I'm looking for someone who has a passion for travelling, enjoys the outdoors, is adventurous, spontaneous and likes to try new things. At the same time, someone who is self sufficient and independent.
If you would like to know more and are looking for the same, please send a wink or an email my way.

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I enjoy the beach.. Cooking. I am a risk taker. I love trying new and exciting things. Travelling is one of my favorites to get me away from work and the city..
I am hoping to go back to school to learn new things and maybe lean something new and different.
I am very humble and I get along with pretty much everyone.. I love to get out and try new things and different kinds of foods.
I listen to pretty much everything.. Rock,alternative,Dance, Hiphop, spanish, slow,,,etc.
I also enjoy working out a few times during the week.. I am big on nutrition. I may once in a while sneak in a poutine..mmmm my favorite! and pass by a nice restaurant friday after work..:))

Meet people from Ontario, Canada. I am a fun and genuine woman with a very busy work schedule. Making it very hard to meet a life partner. I am successful in my career and looking for the next chapter in my life. I look forward to meeting the right man and starting a family. On my off time I enjoy going out and staying in. I like to work on my home and make improvements on my place. I like entertaining friends and family. I live in the this lovely city and enjoy everything it has to offer. I enjoy the downtown scene but I find I am tiring of it and am interested in finding new ways to meet people. I have a good sense of humor and believe in a balanced lifestyle.
Im looking for a man who is established in his career and is also ready to settle down.
If this is you, and you`re looking for the same thing, don't wait to contact me

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. My friends describe me as shy but outgoing, friendly, cheerful . . . I might be shy at the beginning but I will be talkative when i get to know a person more
I enjoy hanging out with people who are positive with energetic attitudes.

Meet men and women from Ontario, Canada. Love living! I work hard I am self sufficient and down to earth! I am always up for anything cottaging..going out..snowmobiling,, quading, running,...relaxing....I volunteer.... love my job.... enjoy my to the fullest and stay active...good times ...balance is the key to life...
Few things:
1. Be real....
2. Must have a recent picture..I do... you are on an online dating site... I do not care what you looked like 4 years ago...just sayin..if you have had the same pic up on POF and I know who you are please do not message me.... we change as time goes by
3. Mean what you say... I say what I games... no drama...
4. Being open minded is key..
5. Anything can always happen....
6. I am down to earth so I would hope you would be too
7. You must know how to treat a lady..with respect... so please do not ask my the colour of my undergarments..thanks
8. I am blunt and where my heart on my sleeve
9.I love the outdoors...
10. I am good in any situation...
11. There is more than meets the eye.
12. I know what I want... would hope the person would become one of my bestfriends... that where the fun the
13. Go with the flow.
14. If you message me please just dont say, "hi", "how are you"? AM I gonna say not good? It's like when you go to work and every morning everyone is asking how you are doing. I'm sure you have something else to say.... a hello and something else.....
If you do write obviously didnt read my profile...instant no response.. :-)
P.S. Im dying my hair back to dark brown.
Please be offended if I do not respond (little sarcasim)..I'm not..people are attracted to various things....thanks for the message.....
P.P.S. If you read this list and still reading you are awesome... its not about the negative..but we are on a public dating website with a bunch of weirdos who are viewing my profile... kinda scary when you think of it.
I am actually very sweet and am very cool.... I do not want a man that cannot handle a strong minded woman anyway

Date a woman from Canada. As i mentioned earlier...PLAIN and SIMPLE that's who am I...grew up conservatively yet think liberally... hopeless romantic I may be and may sound absurd to some but ('d hell i!) I believe in LOVE and all its essence...
I have never wished nor prayed for anything else in this world than than to find a rightful place in someones heart...a man I can hold hands and will be by my side till the end and I am to him...pathetic me hahaahah!!! But who knows right??? I know that man is only one in a million yet still worth hoping for lol!!!
And that reason probably brought my fate here when out of nowhere an ad about this ( pop out on my screen while patiently waiting in vain for any family member to go online...i know "curiosity killed the rat.." but I'm not a rat so why not check it out right? Hopefully, there's someone out there perfect enough to match my imperfections....

Meet a soulmate from Canada. i am looking for long term partner and relationship, my actifity singing in the choir ,
truthfull, openmind , loving , honest. if meet know about us. i love camping to go for lake side too. first date should go for romantic place. i respect other religus too, i prefer long term person not for one day or week , looking for a nice person too.
i dont mind the person what job he do or how much he earned , these days very hard to find the nice person too , well
if u r interest please send me a email soon as i will reply to u. good day .

Date people from Canada. I know everyone starts by saying this isn't their sort of thing (, but it really isn't my sort of thing! I'm not above it, I just never considered it before and with how my schedule has been over the past few years it makes sense to try something that helps with meeting people. I never really thought about my ideal match - I think I'll know when I meet him. I can't live without humour (sarcasm must come naturally). I think a good sense of humour already indicates "smart", and after that all I need is a genuinely kind/caring person who is emotionally intelligent - just knows how to make people around them feel happy. This will usually mean they're generally happy themselves. These are easy and I have many friends that match the above so all that's really missing is a "spark"

Meet someone special from Canada. i love God and my kids i am a family person and i work real hard to be a role model for my kids i am honest,loving,caring and a goal getter i would say more but i prefer to say it to the one that is interested in knowing.God bless u

Date men and women from Canada. Everyone spends the whole life to discover the world, but finally they find they are unable to completely understand even themself. That's why I don't like to talk about myself here.
Yes, the people around said I'm cute, sweet, a little bit smart and quiet. But I think I only look cute in some people's eyes. I'm only sweet after eating some chocolates or candies. :-). I'm only smart for the things I am gifted to be smart or something I have more experiences, something I have been trying to improve myself. In front of my loved ones, I become more talkative.
I'm looking for someone who has the ability to talk and listen to me in the rest of my life. I know I'm not really mature now, as I always want to be as happy as a kid. If life allows, I prefer to live in a pure and simple world forever. As people can only be mature after suffering, dissappointment, sadness. All the bad things, so why everyone tries to show or prove they are mature.
I'm looking for someone who knows how to appreciate my merits and has the capacity to accept my weakness. This kind of words we heard millions of times all places from all the people, practicing this in the whole life is that easy?! I wish that is him who is strong enough to encourage and support me when I feel weak. And also, he would cry to me without worrying I will laugh at him.
I'm also looking for someone who is willing to eat my leftovers, who will share the houseworks without complaining that is the job of the wife. I also wish he is a good cooker, whatever he cooks I would like to eat. At least we can cook together, or he can teach me from now...I like reading books, enjoying movies, travelling around the world,etc... I expect I will be lucky to find him here so I will know him better. I like to share my favorites with him, also hope he will add more favorites to my items.
I can't tell exactly what I want until I meet the one. Communication and understanding should be the main key for a good relationship.
If you're really serious and want to have a long-lasting relationship, hope to see you here!