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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I,m so calm.But every people is not calm.Smile is a good topic in my life.Because I like everytime smiling.I think smile is most favourite topic in the world.Because most peoples are like smiling everytime.

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. i'm a real down to earth, athleic, shy guy, who loves eating, sleeping and playing ball. i have a very open mind when it comes to all subjects excluding sports because i know it all. looking for that someone who has the same kind of passion i have for life.

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. just looking for commitment and someone who i can cuddle with and pilliow talk. Im a great listener and i wear my heart on my sleeve,i speak my mind and yes i do not look my age i hear it all the time...if your interested just hit me up
and of course i love my son best thing in my life he's my lil chulo lol ...... What im looking for hard to say ive been single for 5 years just wanted to find myself a little soul seraching but she has to be sweet and understand that im very thoughtful i give it my all i dont hold i know im all over th place well ill update my profile soon so if i dont hit you back up or email just hold tight i will......

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. "Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy. Here's my profile, so (eventually) call me, maybe."
I earned a degree from U of T in biological sciences. I’m a certified science teacher and taught at a private school. I tutor on the side, but I've been screenwriting over the years and as of this April onward my projects are to be presented to studios, investors etc. Any questions, just ask.
Anyone that knows me will tell you I’m an athletic nerd with multiple interests and an infectious laugh. I play volleyball and baseball regularly, and, so I don't fall apart playing those sports, try to get to yoga once a week.
I am 5'10 (which does not mean I'm really 5'8), 160-165 pounds, and I work out to some degree almost every day. I don't have tats, don't wear muscle or MMA shirts, dye my hair into a fauxhawk, have a dark tan or a shiny sheen to my skin. I also don't punctuate every sentence with "for real", "true talk", or "you know"...I read a lot on everything, which leads to a decent showing on Jeopardy on the occasions I watch it.
Music is all over the map from Mathis to Linkin Park in any decade...personally I care more about your personality than your tunes.
I’m looking for someone who is drama free, relaxed, in control and does not believe maturity and fun are mutually exclusive. If a long-term relationship happens, terrific, but I’m not willing to force a situation that’s not working for the sake of accomplishing it.
If you are looking for someone who generally wants to experience an interesting life and just doesn't say it, than send me a message.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am a caring boy. Love to hang out, clubing, travel a lot with my gf. I like to share bed from the 2nd day. So any girl like to share bed and love me a lot can knock me. I love to do sex regularly. So now you decide if you want to be my gf or not

Meet single man from Canada. Hi,
I am easy going, hard-working and helpful.
My hobbies are hanging out with friends, traveling, going to the gym and watching/playing sports, mainly basketball and soccer. Also, I like to read about current events and business news.
My goals are to experience new and different things, travel everywhere and look for a lady, who is cool/confident, smart and has a great sense of humour.
I love listening to house/electronic music as well as retro and some hip hop music.

Date a man from Canada. I enjoy to have fun and can make people smile. I am looking for someone who likes similar activities as me. Some one who is not selfish and enjoys life.
I value honesty, loyalty, and trust. I feel that it is very important to have these values in a relationship.

Meet someone special from Canada. iam a out going guy i like the outdoors like camping fishing going on my boat and i like to play hockey and watch it i like all sports and iam looking for somone that likes lhe same things i do i like to go out on the weekend somtimes and stay home and relax

Date a soulmate from Scarborough, Canada. i like cooking for and taking care of my lady and attend to her needs as much as possible. i would like some one who can appriciate me for who i am and not only what i can do for them.the same way i can put out a lot of love, i would like some of that comming back to me as well.

Meet single man from Scarborough, Canada. laidback, easy going and a good listener. I enjoy spending time with those i care about most and i enjoy all the simple things in life. nothing pleases me more than just cooking some diner and going for a quiet walk on the beach. i love hearing about all your interests and hopefully helping you achieve your dreams.

Date a man from Scarborough, Canada. I currently live in the eastern part of Toronto and I am 32 years old. I like to watch movies, play video games, reading books on setting goals and cars. I like to be around people who are always positive and open minded in a conversion.

Meet someone special from Scarborough, Canada. looking for a similar personalities, mabe hot and spicy too enjoy sex, fun easy going coz happy create life styles.. over all she has to have good sense and outgoing too, she should have her mind too at the same time she dun get angry easily yet independent. happy go luck too..

. Hello out there! I’m giving this a shot because I’m hoping this will help me find my match :)
My friends would describe myself as happy, funny and optimistic. I have a very challenging and rewarding career that I enjoy. I love to laugh, and making others laugh is even better.
Physical fitness and sports are a passion of mine. I enjoy boxing. I train quite regularly. Good for the mind and body. I also run boxing and boxer-size camps all year round. Its great to work with people and help them build self confidence as they learn and see for themselves what they’re capable of. Jogging, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, you name it, I play it, and always enjoy the challenge and competition.
When it comes to movies, comedies all the way. I am at heart a goof, but only when appropriate of course. You can't go wrong with a good Will Ferrell freak out lol. I LOVE music. Always have music playing in the background, and I respect and enjoy almost every type. I enjoy playing guitar and a few other instruments as well. I really enjoy eating at new restaurants. Tasting different cuisines over a bottle of wine with some stimulating conversation is my idea of a great night out.
My ideal match would be someone who is confident in their convictions. Strength and confidence are wonderful attributes. I truly enjoy great conversation over interesting topics, and I love learning new things and conversing over different points of view.
If you like what you see, send me a message or a wink ;) Good luck to everyone out there.

. I am a simple Brazilian guy, honest and hard working. I'm looking to meet someone who knows what they want out of life. Someone with clear goals. Someone who can be themself and not fake. I'm looking for someone who likes to have fun but also someone who can stay in and watch a movie or just relax. If this sounds like you and you are looking for something similar in return, send me a message. I'd really like to chat and meet up with you. Hope to hear from you soon!

. Hey there!
I'm looking for someone who I can talk to, and relate to on an intellectual and emotional level. Reading, writing, and learning new things rank the highest on my list of enjoyable activities.
I'm very interested in traveling, and love learning about other people's cultures, interests, hobbies, and lives. I would eventually like to settle down, start a family, and be able to call somewhere home.
I completed my Enginnering in Elecetronics, and working as a Pre-sales Engineer I am a supportive, loyal, family-oriented individual, and would do anything for the people I love.