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Date a man from Canada. i my personal exp life is short we have to share and care with respect and dignity .no burnout keep relex all time .if there is a doubt through it out . My priority to make sure that i have to access to support need for long -term success in life.I dont believe on autopilot.seducing a partner is work and just like work schedule we schedule at leat 30 min each day to talk (share core feeling)

Meet a soulmate from Canada. i like to have fun and they like to have fun too i was told that im a nice guy and i can be a pig at times but is all fun i hope we can get together and have fun i have brown hair and brown eyes and i work i have 2 kids and they live with me so please get back to me and let get together

Date single man from Canada. i love my best friend my mom my dad. i like to stay home watching movie. i like to play score.
i like to eat taste food.i like to enjoy my weakend .
i like long drive very much in nice weather any time.

Meet someone special from Canada. I am 6ft green eye brown hair avg build 180lbs.enjoy sports concerts hang with friends and spernd time with my 3 nephews.if u like what u hear contact in toronto work full time my own place.looking for a long term relationship.looking for a women with good sense of humor caring and trustworthy

Date a man from Scarborough, Canada. I AM HONEST AND STRAIGHT FOWARD PERSON
calm and relaxed, i dont get worked up or stressed very much at all. curious and inquisitive, i have alot of interests, in some many different areas of life, i believe life is a great big adventure with so much to discover and many opportunities.
i am resilient, i have come through many hardships and have become quite a tough old nut, takes a lot to get me down.
i geuss these are ll my better qualities i must have some negative also, but apart from being stubborn i cannot think of any right now.

Meet a soulmate from Scarborough, Canada. Life's too short...relax a bit and take it easy...stop on the way to look at the river stream and enjoy the wild flower...listen to the tiny little bird singing on the other side..who knows where it'll be in the next summer.

Date single man from Scarborough, Canada. I'm a laid back guy I don't really rush things. I love movies...all kinds. I like to sit back with a book or watch television for hours and not care. I like to eat. I like to cook and try new foods. I don't like to party too often but every once in a while its nice to cut loose. I smoke occasionally and I'll have a drink or two but I try not to over do it. I'm looking for someone who has has similar interests doesn't mind sitting around the house in really comfortable clothes and watch t.v. and do nothing but who is also motivated to do something with their life.

Meet someone special from Scarborough, Canada. My Ideal Person: I am a man who Reluctantly knows what he wants. Thus in turn i ask you ladies what can u do for me that i cant do for myself!
I pay my own bills. I take care of my household without any help...., I am a man STRIVING for PERCTION in every ASPECT of life!
I am striving for perfection mentally because i need the conversation and mental stimulation. NOT someone who is closed or simple-minded.
I am striving for perfection spiritually because i don't need to be unequally yoked. Cuz u know...believers mixed with unbelievers is a recipe for disaster!
I am striving for perfection financially because i don't need financial burden....especially if i want to retire by the age of 40!
Like all...I am striving for perfection sexually on both and receiving because in the end being 'FULFILLED' is the closure/satisfaction we all look for!
I am sensitive enough to understand the needs of a woman and strong enough to keep her grounded but in order for me to be submissive to her needs,a respect factor need to be in place/there! I cannot respect some one who is not respectful and does not know her place!
I have no problem being submissive..she just has to be worthy in every way!!
I cannot be submissive to a woman who isn't taking care or her business!!
If this sounds like PERFECTION I'm looking for....Then it is PERFECTION I'm seeking!!!