Date men and women from Canada / Ontario / Thunder Bay, 32 year old

Date people from Canada. I am a fun loving, easy going person who enjoys getting out in life. There is so much to explore and do! Having said that, I certainly don't mind staying in for a beautiful meal, a bottle of wine and relaxing.
I come from a family of 6. My mom, dad, and three sisters (The only boy, I know its terrible right ;) and I pride myself on having a strong sense of family and friends. I have a strong core group of friends and make sure to spend quality time with them.
I am looking for a girl who is down to earth, yet knows how to have a good time. She would definitely need to be into the outdoors in some capacity. Someone who loves food, cooking ( or at least keep me entertained while I cook) and a bit of night life once in a while. I really want to just feel comfortable with someone and then everything else will fall into place.
If I have made any connection with you in this short description than perhaps we should find out if there's more to it.

Meet someone special from Canada. I keep myself occupied most of the time with projects, I like being active and getting things done.I like country living but live in town for now. I have travelled and don't mind travelling but don't mind staying home either. I am looking for someone with common interests , easier to communicate about things like that than write it all out . Long term outlook is the best deal going. If interested contact thanks.

Date men and women from Canada. Sweet and amiable are the two words I would say sum me up quite nicely. When I help make others happy, it makes me happy too, and isn't that what the world needs most?
I enjoy so many things, it's tough to know where to start... though I would have to say music would be the best place. I love to sing and dance (sometimes at the same time!), and every so often I'll pick up an instrument, start playing something and see what develops! I also love the simple things in life, like sharing a pleasant conversation over a cup of tea or a glass of wine, spending time with friends and family, enjoying a good rollerblade or run outside in the fresh air, or even just curling up on the couch watching a movie (though curling up with another person is always preferable).
I pride myself on being a gentleman, and will always treat a lady with respect, whether it's opening the door for her or pulling her chair out, for example. I also consider myself a romantic, and I believe simple romantic gestures can mean as much as big ones: a single rose delivered to work, a short phone call just to say 'hi', a little note that says 'You're beautiful' in your lunch bag... the small things really do add up. Also, when I'm with someone, their happiness is my happiness, and when they're feeling down I will be right there to pick them back up - everyone deserves support and needs to know that someone cares.
What am I looking for in a lady? I'm glad you asked! She has to have a sense of humour, a fun personality, and love to laugh; she also has to have a good head on her shoulders, and be able to carry on a conversation - stimulating discussions on different topics are a wonderful way to get to know a person. Booksmarts aren't necessary (though I do appreciate them), but I like a woman who offers informed opinions.
Being in the education field, I am at the same time a teacher AND a student. I love what I do, and I love to learn as much as I can about things that interest me. I'd like to learn more about you... think you could teach me a thing or two?

Meet a soulmate from Canada. i am an out door and a inside kind of guy,open to anything,try anything once.lookin for someone to have good times with,gettin to know one a nothier. i only have a few friends because i only like to suround myself with good people ,maby you can be one of them

Date a man from Canada. LOL I spend hours in walmart, or stores. LOL I have children also and like people say they are the most important part of my life. Unfortunately got out of a relationship with there mom and they aren't living with me fulltime as she took off with them. So fighting for custody and gee that takes forever lol.. I'm pretty well looking for some one that can be there as a friend for support and to have fun with, need a change of friends. However, if something more comes out of it, and we both connect I'm not the kind of person to say no to a good thing. I work also, I'm a facilitator, and really love my position.
I have a passion for music. One thing I have always loved to do, and do play some instrunments, but unfortunately never played guitar. I've always wanted to learn to play though. I love Metallica, one of my all time favourite bands. I like all types of music however except country.
Movies- I would say my all time favourite would have to be Lord of the Rings. Yes geeky, but hey the affects, storyline, and suspense they produced in that film have to be the most amazing. Plus I'm geeky and enjoy movies and stuff like that. LOL However, I have over 500 dvds lol and would say my second most favourite thing to do is watching movies.Yes even the Twilight series.
I barely watch tv, but when I do which is really only two nights lol I watch vampire diaries, grey's anatomy, secret circle, Once upon a time and Supernatural. Lol the more I read my typing the more i think I'm a chick lol.
Well in 10 years I have two options that could happen, but depends on how the projects go for the position I have now. So either if this project I am doing continues and becomes more of a huge seccess and becomes self sustainable, then will be the Provincial lead manager for the project. If it doesn't, then I will be attending University and getting my Bachelors degree in Business and Major in Accounting, then hopefully land a good accounting job. Be married, and hopefully have my kids on a fulltime basis. That's where I see myself in 10 years.
So anyways, hope this appeals to you. Talk soon.

Meet single man from Canada. i would like to meet someone similar to me who has the same interest likes to try new things is exciting and adventorous likes the outdoors sports travelling and just having fun hopefully i can meet the right girl on here

Date someone special from Thunder Bay, Canada. Fun witty smart giving very funny
I have 2 kids that I'm so grateful for
I'm looking to find my best friend someone to enjoy life with and share good times. Someone who enjoys spending time with my kids and friends, someone who likes the outdoors and likes to travel and try new things.

Meet men and women from Thunder Bay, Canada. I am a single mother just looking to see what's out there, I don't usually go on these kinds of sites but I thought to myself, why not? I like to do any outdoor activity, like meeting new people. Like trying new things.

Date a soulmate from Thunder Bay, Canada. How are you? I am doing great! A lot of changes going on in my life now and in the near future so I have to say that I am pretty excited with what the next chapter of my life has to offer. What would make this next chapter even more amazing is having someone to share it all there is to do now is to put myself out there and see what happens :)
I'm a pretty laid back person, my job can be demanding and stressful at times so when I come home I like to be reminded of the simpler things in life. I like to keep busy hanging out after work with friends and family, going for walks and experiencing different trails Thunder Bay has around, working in the yard, heading to camp, road trips, and reading when I get into a good book. I enjoy fishing, although I rarely eat's more about the person I'm fishing with and the great conversation two can have when all external stimuli is removed.
What I am looking for is a partner in life. Someone who is as important to me as I am to him. I am looking for mutual trust and respect. I will give my all in a relationship and I look forward to spending my life with someone. I love to have fun and laugh with my partner as well as cuddling and enjoying some one to one time. I come from a great line of love and have a good understanding of what a relationship should be about. I don't have a specific type of person that I am looking for, just a good guy with good values and a good job.... I'm sure I'll know it when I see it.

Meet a woman from Thunder Bay, Canada. Just wanted to see what is out there. I am a funny, smart and good person just looking for someone who is the same, I guess. I am looking for someone who will make me laugh and also someone who I can have a conversation with. I also love to travel, so finding someone who likes to travel would be great.

Date people from Ontario, Canada. .I would describe myself as a very ambitious, hardworking and sincere girl. I am enthusiastic about taking upnew challenges in life.Friendly and joyful is what my friends would describe me as I am happy with my life, I am a nurturing person, I am always trying to help people in need even when I know they won't appreciate it, I can't help it. I am strong minded, I am the person everyone comes to to cry on my shoulder. I am a good listener. I think I am an overall good person. I try to be the best daughter, friend, and lover that I can be and that is all I can do.I love life! Everyday is a new experience! I love to help others and enjoy laughing and watching others have a good time! I am a very honest person who will bust my butt to achieve goals in life! I am very into nature and will pull over on the side of the road to move a turtle so it doesn't get run over. I don't like watching people get hurt and I will defend people that can't defend themselves! I don't like people who lie or are high and mighty! People who purposely hurt others are scum and should be put away forever! But for the most part I am a content person who believes that we should all stop and enjoy life when ever we can because we are only here a short time and letting life slip by without enjoying it is a waste! I could go on and on but you get the idea of how I am

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I am a woman who is adventourous, i love to try new things and explore.. I love to go on trips, camping, hiking, skiing. I like to play badminton and the occasional soccer game. I have travelled to several places within the world... This year I am going to Italy.. I love animals and have two. I am seeking a man with simialr interests.

Date men and women from Ontario, Canada. I'm fun and easy-going and looking to find someone who is kind, ambitious and enjoys life. I enjoy speding time with friend/family, camping and travelling....all things I would enjoy with good company!
I also enjoy listening to music, going to concerts/movies, or going out dancing. I'm pretty easy going and enjoy having a good time!