Date men and women from Canada / Ontario / Toronto, 32 year old

Date a man from Canada. I like to have fun wherever i'm at. I'm easy-going, goal-oriented man that likes meeting new people and trying new fun things. There is much more to me than this, which you will have to see it yourself...

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I think most people would describe me a pretty easy going. I love to laugh and believe that it is the cure to almost anything. I am a huge people watcher and like a good conversation. The vast majority of people who know me would say I am a kind person with a decent level of integrity.
I am looking for someone who first and foremost values integrity in others and themselves. A person who is curious and intelligent so we can have a good conversation. additionally in order to have good conversation I need someone who is funny as well so there is good banter. I would also say just on past experience I am very attracted to people who are unabashedly themselves where ever they are whoever they are with. Thats not to say your controversial, intimidating or disruptive but more eccentric.
I will update this more later but I am tapped out for now so let me know if your interested.

Date someone special from Canada. I was born in France and left when I was in my 20's to study and work in Germany. I later came to Canada, I was curious. I really enjoy it here, lots to see and Toronto is a growing city, it's nice to be part of it. I have a membership at the AGO, I read and get together with friends. I like independent thinking people who are aware of who they are and have a sense of what they are looking for in life. I like challenges, personal challenges, the ones that make you grow.

Meet people from Canada. I live like a hurricane, love like a typhoon, am a bat outta hell on summertime bbq, a tailor of the heartbroken, the silver lining that dissolves the rain from the clouds, my heart beats out of desire not out of habit, I put my pants on one leg at a time except when wearing tearaways, the wind beneath your wings when Bette Midler is out of town, I dance like nobody's around mostly when no one's present, you can be my next addiction I won't quit unless you tend to give me heartburn, I can domesticate a wild Lohan, I will visit your heart's dark corners and live with its debris, I keep fit and have fun mostly at the exact same time, I am foraging to expose the nectar of your heart, I use a lot of commas when writing odd profiles, you are the coolest if you've read this and haven't lost your lunch

Date men and women from Canada. real. Musical, loved. Gotta be interested in something other than makeup. Gotta love the fellow man - artsy... sexual - loves to be promiscuous... Family oriented... Helpful, outgoing, likes cars (old ones) likes bikes (with motors)...

Meet single man from Canada. Looking for a nice girl, who has perfect feedback on Ebay.
Despite the 77:1 male to female ratio I'm competing with, I'm also fairly confident many male members here aren't all that qualified for public interaction, public office, and in all honesty, reproduction. I know this b/c some of my good female friends have allowed me to read their inboxes.
I'm athletic, and I love the freedom that comes with living near the mountains, and a mile high in the air. That said, I grew up next to the ocean (Oregon Coast), which isn't so bad to visit from time to time.
I am not lying about my height or my age. I have above average sense of fashion and manners. I like Essentia and SmartWater, but I'll also drink from the tap. I will not sit on the couch and watch NASCAR, but I can change my own oil and tires and cook for two without a recipe book.
Given an atomic bomb and one media target, I would have to choose Fox News, but would settle for eliminating TMZ, or the cast members of Jersey Shore.
I enjoy going out with a small group of good friends, listening to music (preferably live, and not yet discovered), watching great movies, (and get really pissed if I miss the previews in the theatre), reading classical lit, playing poker, running anywhere from 3-10 miles on a semi-daily basis, and writing down my thoughts which someday will be the foundation of a great sitcom starring Steve Carrel.
I split my free time between local coffee houses, my awesome couch, Fabulous Las Vegas, and the trails and mountains around Colorado. I love a good bbq, red meat and all, and a world without sushi wouldn't really be a world at all...if you ask me. I know that vegetarianism is a sensitive issue out there, and I'll just say this... I like road trips, and if we're in Memphis, we would have sooo much more fun together if you didn't get squeamish at the thought of ribs.
Physical attraction is as important as personality. You gotta have both. I love women that care about health and fitness. Confidence, ambition, adventure, humor, maturity, education, big dreams required. Dark eyes, and accents never hurt.
Other necessities: Loves to travel by land, sea, and air, go to rock concerts, finds comfort in the quiet times, have considered living abroad part-time, and know when to be wild and crazy. Check.
What I'm not looking for: Ex-boyfriend drama. Sporadic emailing. Shallowness. Girls with lots of pictures of cats (I'm allergic). Girls who are "not sure" if they want kids in the future. I do. Edit: Little dogs are kind of like cats, although I'm not allergic, I'm still mystified by their purpose.
If you are "BroncosGirl, BroncosPrincess" or similar in your profile, then great, but we probably aren't a match. I love sports, I've been to the Super Bowl (and watched the Broncos beat the Packers in San Diego), but my life doesn't revolve around the 50-yard line, and I'd rather go hiking on Sunday's.
If you are a lover of the outdoors, reading books, movies (and previews), red wine, medium-big dogs, top-shelf margaritas, cruiser bikes, the open road, big cities for a weekend, secluded Mexican beaches, and prefer poker to slot machines please say hi. I'd love to talk to you. Match seems to be a little like Powerball, but life is nothing without optimism.
I'm perfectly willing to accidentally meet you in a bar or Whole Foods.

Date a man from Toronto, Canada. Me - easy going, friendly, active, slightly nerdy, down to earth. I am also kind of a hopeless romantic but that is something you will only see if the sparks are flying! I value honesty and straight forwardness, in that respect I try to be both of those things in every aspect of my life.
I work for myself/family business, where we been here for 111 years of business. I live very close to my family and work with some of them, so family values are very important to me.
I am a good guy and not in that I say nice things way but in the I actually try to do good deeds from time to time. I ran from Calgary to Vancouver as part of the One Nation Run a charity raising money for children in poverty last year. I am a big brother. I like to give back but it isn't an obligation in my life just when I have time. I am looking for someone who is similar, tries to help people but hasn't devoted their life to it.
I am fiscally conservative but socially liberal which makes voting interesting for me as I have to weigh the options.
I am active but not a health nut and looking for the same. That being said I guess I am comparing myself to people I know that ran a marathon six days a week for half a year to run across the country... so maybe I am very active, it is all ones point of view. Coming up I am doing the Tough Mudder in August and a half marathon in Oct.
Stand up comedy is great! a good laugh is something everyone needs.. sarcasm and quick wit are probably my favorite but vulgar has its place if delivered properly. I am a closet nerd, my friends and I have games weekends from time to time where we play strategy games... it is fun!
I enjoy travelling and have been to England, France, Italy, Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Holland and Russia. I will always be interested in seeing more of the world and I really enjoy wildlife.
Side note: If you know what this means definitely contact me "I tap three islands and cancel that" haha friend told me I had to add that.

Meet a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. Do women actually read these descriptions? The irony is men don't write the elaborate description of their entire life that you'd like to read in detail and obsess over! Then ladies, when you write a novel about your life, guys don't read it because it's too long! haha
Charming athletic educated guy, looking for an easy going girl who's fun and knows what she wants in life. I work downtown T.O. for one of the banks, and live downtown as well. I lead an active lifestyle, and am looking for someone to share my life with.
Responsible and reliable - Dynamic social life - Motivated with a strong work ethic - Good sense of humour - Likes to travel - Easy going - Caring and considerate - Active lifestyle (sports, outdoors) - Understands the importance of family and friends

Date someone special from Toronto, Canada. Here are some excellent questions!
How would your closest friends describe you?
With words.
Who or what makes you smile?
The muscles in my face.
What accomplishments are you most proud of?
Pride is a naughty sin. So the naughty accomplishments, I suppose.
What are you grateful for?
What type of person are you hoping to attract?
A female one
How would you describe your social life?
With my voice.
What types of things make you laugh out loud?
Funny ones.
What are you looking for in a relationship?
I wasn't.. but now im looking for smaller words..
there's SHIP.. and ION.. and IONS.. and HIP..
What are the things in life you're most passionate about?
writing detailed and meaningful answers to standard sensible questions.
oh.. and cupcakes. They're just the right size!

Meet people from Toronto, Canada. f-it, i'm gonna quit my job and open a t-shirt shop
fun, witty, adventurous girls welcome. screen-printing skills a bonus. must come with heat press.
more info available by email.
...does this feel like a used car auction to anyone else?
"1979 Dodge Scruffy Nerfherder for sale. Gets good mileage. Ink in excellent condition. Still has original hair. $900 obo"

Date men and women from Toronto, Canada. I'm busy living life and have a lot on my plate. Did I mention that I love burgers ?
I try to have a tower of Babel from Priest burger once a month and then I burn it out with a run on the lake just to get rid of all the clot forming fat. So, if you are a burger lover ... you are out!! I don't want anybody stealing my precious food.. especially my precious burgers :)
However, if you are a good dancer then you and I have something we can do. Forget coffee or drinks, that's a waste of time. Just bring your cardboard floors and we'll kick it live at the Spadina subway!
Then we can split the change 60-40 because I own the business.
So, If you have something smart to say, then maybe I'll cook you lunch. BUT you'll have to wash the dishes and do my laundry
And by the way, I'm disease free ;)

Meet single man from Toronto, Canada. Hi there. My name is Shawn. I'm a former music critic and freelance writer whose put out 3 volumes of poetry in my life. I'm currently a freelance editor who does odd jobs on the side to make ends meet. I've recently enrolled to George Brown College to become a Child and Youth Worker. I also volunteer with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Toronto. I'd like to think I'm a pretty laid back, easy going guy. I like a lot of affection and a girl who's confident in who she is and where she's going. Music lovers are a must. Animal lovers are a definite plus. Must be tattoo friendly (as I have quite a few).

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. My friends would describe my as passionate and energetic. I am the kind of person that enjoys challenges and I live by the motto "work hard play hard"
I came to Canada two years ago and I just finished my masters. I have found good friends here and a great city !
As many of you, I am fed up with looking for someone special in clubs or bars...that just does not work.
I would like to meet a great woman who is also ambitious and determined. Someone to share many good things in life.
I work in the banking industry and I have many passtimes, such as rock climbing, golf, soccer, sports, going out for dinner with friends etc.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I care about the people around me,always try to keep em happy.I am looking for someone who is honest about her feeling and willing to speak out her mind,has a responsible and healthy lifestyle.
I will try my best to keep happy.....

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. … I can hurl baseballs at small moving objects with deadly accuracy and have translated sexual innuendos for Canadian refugees. I have prepared extraordinary four course dinner menus using only mouli and a microwave. I can divide by zero and can turn off street lamps using telekinesis, but only after eating humus.
I believe depression is merely anger without enthusiasm and can recite the writing credits of all the major Shakespeare plays from memory. I long to live in a world where the chicken doesn’t have to get its motive questioned for crossing the road…
Have you ever wondered about your life and asked: isn’t there more than this? I believe a healthy relationship is two emotionally complete people who choose to be together because they enjoy each other’s company, none of that “I need you I’m so empty without you” stuff that’s really just addiction masquerading as love.
Would you describe yourself as educated rather than street-smart, clever rather than cool, and cute rather than hot?
If you believe that the best way to predict your future is to create it, don’t be shy and say hi. I’ll take it from there.
****** THE END ******