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Date men and women from Toronto, Canada. When you first meet me you’re definitely going to notice a big smile on my face. I’m a fun, easy going guy who also has a lot of determination and drive. I’ve worked hard to reach this stage in my life and feel that it was worth all the effort put in. I’m in a good place right now and managed to have a lot of good times along the way to achieving what I wanted career-wise.
I’m extremely family-oriented, have the best friends anyone could ever ask for, a career that’s challenging and rewarding, all while still being able to make time to fulfill my passions and interests like playing guitar and traveling. Now while everything is going well, at the end of the day I know there’s that major piece of the puzzle missing and that’s being able to share it all with a woman who will understand me more than anyone ever has.
As a partner, I feel I have so much to offer. I’m happy, confident, successful, and love to laugh and have a good time. I’m a man of integrity who values commitment and honesty. I know the importance of communication and compromise in any relationship and am ready to put the effort in for the woman who’s right for me. I’m seeking a relationship that’s based on common core values, similar interests and friendship. I want us to be able to have fun together, have some new adventures and inspire one another to grow, just by being ourselves.
So what am I looking for in a match? Initially, physical attraction is of course important, but what matters most is the person inside. My ideal match will be a woman who is happy within herself and confident in us. She’s loyal, a person of integrity, ambitious, and knows who and what’s most valuable in life like family and friends. Like me, she’s goal-oriented, but knows how to balance her life. She’s someone who can brighten up my day just by being there and can have me cracking up without even trying because she just gets me. She’ll have dreams she’s not afraid to go after and one of them will be to begin a relationship with a man who will appreciate her for the incredible person she is inside.
If you think we may hit it off, send me an email and let’s see where it goes from there!

Meet single man from Toronto, Canada. Rather than write about myself... here is what my friends girlfriend said about me...and no I didn't pay her!: "you are insanely humorous and have an addictive personality that makes ppl want to be around are incredibly kind and have some mysterious calmness about you that just puts ppl at ease. You're obviously smart and talented and don't take no for an answer when you want something or think someone can do something. You don't care what ppl think of you and tell things exactly how they are." My most relaxed places are being either in forests or out on the water and I go boating every chance I get.
I was a corporate lawyer, but took that training and built a national business. I got out of a long term relationship last year and haven't had the fortune to meet the person I'm looking for yet... so I thought I would try this out!
I live a very ambitious life and I'm looking for someone who will be my partner in crime. Someone I can connect with on a different level. Someone who isn't perfect but is perfect to me. I want someone who takes care of themselves and likes dressing well, but when we're hanging out on my sailboat or on vacation can be relaxed too. I would like someone who is kind, classy, beautiful in more ways then one, intelligent, easy going and driven to accomplish whatever it is they love. If you're those things send me an email, I'll respond!

Date a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. I'm a new-in-town bachelor looking to connect with interesting people. Originally from London, I do know the area somewhat, but I've been working in the arctic as an air ambulance pilot for the past few years. I have a wide variety interests and enjoy dining, talking, live music, and movies.

Meet a man from Toronto, Canada. Hey there girls,
My name is Mauriece and I'm on here trying to see if i can find find a nice normal girl, beautiful both inside and out. I want someone who's easy to get along with just like myself and likes to live somewhat of a healthy active lifestyle.
I currently work full time as a honda technician. I also have my own innovations company that I run part time as well. I hope to make it my full time gig soon. I love to use my creative side.
My roots come from the Carribean but I was born here. I have no accent at all, I hope that doesn't upset anyone. I'm like a Will Smith type of black guy I I like to stay active playing hockey, tennis and basketball. I want a girl who has hobbies of her own. If you think we maybe get along, don't be afraid and message me.

Date people from Toronto, Canada. Hi. Im single and looking and interested :)
I love to laugh and joke with all of my friends and family. I believe that being happy and positive in life is very important and healthy. I am an outgoing person who likes to spend time biking, walking, boating, camping, bar humping on the weekends lol and trying different restaurants as much as possible. I also like to stay home some days to watch movies and do crazy cooking .lol
Love to travel anywhere in the world. Alrady been in many places and visited some cool sites. I like to exercise and try to stay healthy.
Im looking for someone with similar charactiristics and activities or someone who can teach me other things. I love to learn and im always open to new ideas.

Meet someone special from Toronto, Canada. My closest friends describe me as the guy their girlfriends tell their friends about. Unfortunately, I have not had luck with the whole "friend set-up" thing.
I'm most proud of my determination to be successful. I have had many people stand in my way, and I did not let them stop me from achieving my goals. Of course, I could not have been successful without great family and friends. Family and friends are very important to me.
I would like to find someone who finds pleasure from the simple things in life. For example, someone who wants to take my arm while we stroll down the side-walk downtown or waterfront trail.

Date men and women from Ontario, Canada. Easy going, down to earth and a good sense of humour. My friends would describe me as a very honest, loyal, and caring person. Big sports fan, enjoy playing and watching sports - golf, hockey, football, basketball, volleyball.
In my free time I enjoy going to the gym, running, and spending time with friends and family. I like roadtrips, travelling, live music, and the outdoors. Originally from a small town but have lived in Toronto for several years now.
I've worked hard to get where I am today, but I feel fortunate to live a pretty good life. The only thing missing at the moment is someone to share it with. I'm looking for a fun, easy going girl. Someone who is athletic, enjoys the outdoors, and has a good sense of humour.

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. I'll keep this brief... well, not that brief because I need to hit the 200 character minimum. So I guess I should say something about myself... hmmmmm... no, I'll leave it at that - I got my 200 characters anyway...

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Lover of life, love, beauty, truth, honor, justice and other virtues worthy of recognition.
I would have listed the seven virtues of Greek philosophers - Aristotle and Plato, but I am a conscientious objector when it comes to chastity and temperance - life is really too short to suppress such urges! And yes, it is possible to be a lover of love - lets discuss.
Ideas and opportunities. Divergent and convergent. Yin and Yang. Zen or bliss - call it what you will, but life is pretty amazing and deserves to be spent with the amazing pairing of someone you want to wake up for just to spend more time with - notwithstanding sleep-in Saturdays and/or snuggly Sunday mornings.
Yes, I'm talking about a woman who who makes your pulse beat faster, who engulfs you and who you want to envelope with acts of kindness, passion, care and consideration.
Now I realize life can also be a bit less glamorous than described above, and, so, it goes without saying that this same person would also be the person with whom you would like to go grocery shopping with, share a bathroom and perhaps raise off-spring with -- but why get ahead of ourselves? Love's the only engine of survival and often it all just starts with a drink.

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. Don't like to brag about myself so I guess you have to ask but basically I'm a simple guy that works too much to meet interesting women. Hope that this website can change that. Send me a message and lets see what happens.

Date people from Ontario, Canada. My closest friends describe me as motivated. That makes me smile. I'm proud of what I have achieved, but I'm also proud to be in a position to re-imagine the future and what that can mean for the next generation.
I'm creative, so I'm looking for other with whom I can share this excitement.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I love life and all I want to do is find someone who feels the same.
I love life and all I want to do is find someone who feels the same.I love life and all I want to do is find someone who feels the same.I love life and all I want to do is find someone who feels the same.I love life and all I want to do is find someone who feels the same.

Date men and women from Canada. I would like to say i'm a creative person who is shy but once you get to know me I will definitely surprise you. I am honest and if you are really looking for someone to get to know and have some fun i'm your man.

Meet single man from Canada. My friends would descride me as a great guy. I do alot for my close friends all the time. The best accomplishments for me I guess would be working for my self. In a relationship, lets be honest we all are on match to find someone we all want the samething the problem is that some people just don't connect I get that but what I want is someone that is not a pretender you are who you are im not going to try and change that. It will work or not just that simple. :)

Date a soulmate from Canada. Life is too short and time leaves you behind. So live for tomorrow and see what's to find. I am content with who I am and always keep hope that good things will come whether I wait or pursue. I love music, song and sound all around. I am real and appreciate and respect a person with nothing to hide. Who isn't afraid to show who is inside.